IBC Poem...
By Jim Knox CHS 60

A subject quite dear, is the drinking of beer.
That we love it, there can be no doubt.
From the robust ales brewed in faraway Wales,
To a keg of the best Guinness stout.

Sometimes there's confusion, there's such profusion.
So many beers that need to be tested.
A beer that's not tasted is a beer that is wasted,
Just look at the money we've invested.

With an eye on our health, and the preservation of wealth,
We avoid all legal enforcement.
While that part is sportin', we rely upon Morton
To provide us our medical endorsement.

There are no surprises, we come in all sizes.
Some of us are robust and round.
We could all be in tatters and none of it matters
As long as we all share a round.

We assemble each week to gather and speak
On the merits of various brewing.
Since we're past our prime, in the interests of time,
We've abandoned the topic of screwing.

The rotation of crops, varieties of hops
It's a matter of degrees and discernment.
For as long as there's brew, we'll never be through
What reason is there for adjournment?

Muncy likes San Miguels; I cherish the Pil's.
That makes our opinions are divided.
I don't think he cares beans for the beer of Philippines
But it's the only beer they provided.

“Oly” hauls barley on the back of his Harley
Strapping a keg to the rear.
You may think he's crazy, but really he's lazy
He's always in reach of his beer.

“Barley is fine, but wheat beer is divine!”
Poses Howard opposing the heat.
In defense of his thesis, carving critics to pieces,
“ Rome conquered the world using wheat.”

On he would prattle about Romans in battle,
“They laughed when stabbed with a spear.
Fighting with a slur and drunk though they were,
They died with a belly full of beer.”

Gimmie a frosty mug and a beer to chug;
Hell, pour it in a used plastic cup.
I like a lotta head on my hydraulic bread
Don't force me to ever give it up.

Never late bloomers; we're ahead of the boomers
Everyone else is left far behind.
It's perfectly clear; throw in a little beer
With alcohol and friendship combined.


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