Island Beer Club Member Profiles...

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Listed in order of achieving membership status.

How does one become a member? Buy a keg of hand-crafted beer.

Upon joining, members get their MSD, which is the date of their keg purchase as it is recorded in the official .

After the MSD is the coterie or clan into which each member is associated. It's a group of five to ten members who joined at approximately the same time. The names of each coterie are derived from naval traditions, periodic table elements and a quip to frequent flier or credit card member statuses. See if you can figure it out.

Member Since Date. The date the member purchased his/her first keg of beer (Kinda like a born-on date).
Honorary Member Since (date).
Date of permanent sobriety. (The date the member died).
Coronado High School.
Apprentice Since (date).
Mascot Since (date).
After Bones

Jeff Wilkens: Mbr #1, MS: 22 Mar 04, DOPS: 7 Jul 19, Founder, CHS60, VP of HR for TRW (Ret), life peaked at 14 when he pitched a perfect game in Pony League-been downhill ever since.
Sponsor: Founder
Likes: microbrewed beer (Coronado Golden Ale his favorite), positive people, gorf and golf
Loves: My family (Wife: Loie, Son: Matt , Daughter: Paige)
Dislikes: negative people, clowns, mimes, audience participation, broccoli
Nicknames: Bones, Dom (for Dumb Old Man), Van Gough, Radiation Man, Notch-o
John Morton John Morton: Mbr #2, MS: 22 Mar 04, Founder, CHS60, Ex doctor. Attended school thru 23 grades to get an MD. Learned useful facts, but none to properly advise patients. One hot day 15 yrs ago I got a bone-breaking fever. I was bed-ridden under quilts in the 90° heat. I needed fluids. I had Corona beer in the refrigerator, and though this is not an endorsement, I drank one and immediately felt better and after two I was cured. There was an epiphany. From then on my only advice was this: “Take two Coronas and call me in the morning.”
Sponsor: Founder
Nickname: Old Doc
John Muncy

John Muncy: Mbr #3, MS: 8 Apr 04, Founder,CHS60, Vowed to escape the “Rock” after CHS. Partially succeeded by living in the back streets and bars of SE Asia for over 30 yrs. Stays in motion between Coronado, San Francisco and other points to keep creditors and tracking agents at bay.
Sponsor: Founder
Likes: A San Miguel brown bottle on the streets of Mabini, a Kloster while taking a Thai B course, a Tiger at the end of a good Hash and draft Carlsberg at the HK 7’s.
Dislikes: Long lines at border crossings.
Nicknames: Called "Sir" by my former Filipino maid, but more unprintable things by lesser mortals.

Wayne Oldendorph

Wayne Oldendorph: Mbr #4, MS: 4 Jun 04, Founder, CHS60, Ops Director for Teledyne Ryan Aeronautical (Ret), ex-Naval Officer, Husband, Father, Brother, Uncle.
Sponsor: Founder
Likes: "The Rock" since 1947, retired life, my best friend (my wife), Harley Davidsons, scotch, rum dummies, cold beer, camaraderie of the IBC, VFW, installation of the IBC urinal
Dislikes: People who "can't", frustration, grouches, grumps and snitches.
Nickname: Big Oly

Rob Crenshaw
Rob Crenshaw: Mbr #5, MS: 7 Jun 04, Founder, CHS60, USNA'66, husband, son, dad, grandad, friend, Naval Aviator (Ret), entrepreneur, webmaster.
Sponsor: Founder
Likes: Beer, Women, Airplanes & Rock 'n Roll
Hobbies: golf, computers, photography, technology
Dislikes: whiners, skunky beer, road rage, okra, gardening
Nicknames: Shaw, Tweety, Robbo, Crenny, Crenballs, Deadwood, Crash, The Hairy Buffalo.
Paul Plumb Paul Plumb: Mbr #6, MS: 30 Oct 04, Plank Owner, CHS60, Old Navy Frogman/SEAL. Recovered catcher and rugby player.
Likes: Good friends, good food, good drink, skiing, and the Rotary Club of Coronado.
Sponsor: Jeff Wilkens
Dislikes: Smoking, obesity, laziness, and bad knees.
Hobbies: Trying to stay as fit as all IBC members. Close up magic.
Nicknames: Jean-Paul Spiderman, Vice Admiral; wanted to be "Big Daddy" but John Muncy already has that name.
Bruce Dyer Bruce Dyer: Mbr #7, MS: 27 Nov 04, Plank Owner, son, brother, significant other, import, Navy SEAL (Ret.)
Sponsor: Rob Crenshaw
Likes: good beer, San Diego weather, my feet, oldies R&R, Red Sox, exotic travel (geographic and psychic), Karen S. (!!)
Dislikes: whiners, stale beer, pretenders
Hobbies: skiing, kayaking, sailing, cooking, gardening, reading
Nicknames: Beep, Bru, sweetie (special users only)
Dan Gensler Dan Gensler: Mbr #8, MS: 20 Dec 04, Plank owner, husband to Chris, father of Lauren & Brooke. Owner of Wealth Management & Financial Life Planning Firm, The Gensler Group with world headquarters on “The Rock.”
Sponsor: Jeff Wilkens
Likes: Coronado climate, time with my kids, ice cold IBC microbrew, Rotary & charitable efforts, good book, warm beach & quiet time with my wife.
Dislikes: whiners, bad attitudes, lazy people.
Nicknames: D. G., Danl
Pat Howard

Pat Howard: Mbr #9, MS: 24 Aug 05, Plank Owner, CHS60, Ran several Telcom/Tech companies. Now retired doing consulting.
Likes: Airplanes, helicopters, boats, cars, rain, sun, tennis, water, wine and yes, beer. I am only IBC member man-enough to admit to the preference for wheat beers.
Loves: My son, his mother, our country and my dog, Lilly.
Dislikes: Plaintiff trial lawyers and their “victim” clients.
Nicknames: Howie,

Jack Purdum

Jack Purdum: Mbr #10, MS: 31 Aug 05, Plank Owner, CHS58, selected to the Beer Club based on my age so that we would not be sued for age discrimination.
Likes: All Mexican beer, Mexican food and Mexico...especially Baja. Also likes volleyball and anything on the beach.
Dislikes: Cold weather and hot weather.
Nickname: Goldylocks (likes things just right).

Mike Herlihy

Mike Herlihy: Mbr #11, MS: 26 Oct 05, Plank Owner, CHS63, Homegrown.
Favorite Beer: Coronado Brewing Co Pale Ale
Dislikes: Lack of time to investigate some of the pondering questions that come up every Wednesday during IBC meetings.
Nicknames: Bad Manners, Trash Talker

Bob Kipperman Bob Kipperman: Mbr #12, MS: 23 Nov 05, Plank Owner, CHS59, Father, Son, Husband, Brother, Friend, President Kippys...Still!
Likes: Family, friends, sex, mexican beer, cooking, 72 & blue!
Dislikes: Complainers, aggressive loud people, I don't like okra either.
Nicknames: Bob, Kip, Kippy, Yum, The Kipster
Bob Totten
Bob Totten: Mbr #13, MS: 7 Jan 06, Platinum Prime, Old frog, Special Ed teacher, father of one. I believe the golf swing is a form of bi-lateral meditation and I practice it for relaxation.
Sponsor: Rob Crenshaw
Likes: Tecate with a lime and salt is hard to beat. Golf, a good book and backgammon online.
Dislikes: Al-Qaeda, sirens and bathroom fans.
Nickname: Tots
Holly Ferrari: Mbr #14, MS: 26 Jul 19, Platinum Prime , Daughter of Founder #5, Stellar mom of two college kids and free from the confines of marriage, California 4-ever!
Sponsor: Crenny
Loves: CBC Orange Avenue Witt
Likes: Family time; reading and funny, educated, good-looking men
Dislikes: Stupid men
Nickname: Ferrari... duh
Carole Gaasch Carole Gaasch: Mbr #15, MS: 26 Aug 06, Platinum Prime, active-duty CAPT USN JAG Corps, wife, mother, doting grandmother, sister, aunt.
Sponsor: Rob Crenshaw
Likes: Quality time with family and friends; reading home magazines and designing retirement dream home; the Northwest; animals; Dopplebock beer, a dry Riesling wine, an ice-cold Tanqueray 10 martini up/dry w/olives or a twist - a great way to end a stressful day.
Dislikes: Getting older.
Nickname: What's up with the Rock's obsession over nicknames?
Ron Dotson Ron Dotson: Mbr #16, MS: 8 Sep 06, Platinum Prime, CHS59, Gardener, fruit tree grower, jam and jelly maker, married 43 yrs, first grandson Oct 2006.
Likes: Naps, Sam Adams Pale Ale, Mexican food, all good food, Tequila Gold
Dislikes: tofu, pickles, well done steaks.
Nicknames: Dotson, lefty, hands
Phil Papaccio

Phil Papaccio: Mbr #17, MS: 11 Oct 06, Platinum Prime, COL USAF (Ret), VP of TRW (Ret), The guy from Bayonne, New Jersey.
Sponsor: Jeff Wilkens
Likes: Fosters
Dislikes: meat, whiskey, light beer
Nickname: Phily

Wayne Strickland Wayne Strickland: Mbr #18, MS: 22 Nov 06, Platinum Prime, Coronado Firefighter (Ret), with a beautiful wife & a backyard view of IBC (life is good), I can crawl home.
Sponsor: Jeff Wilkens
Likes: People helping others and making a difference, the babes that pass by IBC, cool beer & cold beer.
Dislikes: Apathy, frozen beer and warm beer
Hobbies: Sailing, golfing, skiing, surfing, beer canning, RVing and most other things that end with ing.
Nicknames: Wayne-o, Waimea Wayne, Uncle Wayne
John Crawford

Jon Crawford: Mbr #19, MS: 8 Dec 06, Platinum Prime, CHS56, I was born at a very young age and then went to Coronado High. I am a beach person, sports person, wine maker, teacher, coach & Mexico traveler.
Sponsor: Bob Kipperman
Likes: 4 seasons---summer, summer, summer & summer. Our island in the sun. All sports. I became a skier, tennis player, and a lover of fine beer and great friends.
Dislikes: Marine layer, violence & rude, disrespectful people.
Nicknames: Flying Gringo (in Mexico), Jimmy Buffett.

Chris Kleber

Chris Kleber: Mbr #20, MS: 29 Jan 07, Platinum Prime, DDS in “Nadoland”, still drillin’, fillin’ and billin’ daily, ex-Navy tooth jockey at NASNI, ex frat boy, homebrewer.
Favorite Beers: Oktoberfest, Witbeers
Likes: Travelling, Beer (drinking it and making it – Klebbeer Brewing), BBQ’ing, Tabasco, being an empty nester & Dad to kids away at college, internet surfing
Dislikes: speeding cars at 5 AM on Alameda Blvd, Deep Bass Boom box car stereos, RAP music, beets
Nicknames: Klebs, Stretch, Doc

Gregor Shanks: Mbr #21, MS: 25 Jul 07, Platinum Plus, Sales Manager~Latin America for International Paper. (I sell lots of corrugated boxes!), Husband to Bridget and Father to Madison (7) and Piper (4).
Sponsor: Rob Crenshaw
Likes: Spending time with my girls! Traveling around the world... especially Latin America. Oregon Ducks!
Hobbies: Golf, gardening and computers. Golf is my favorite!!
Favorite Beers: Stella Artois, Coronado Golden Ale, Idiot IPA and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.
Mike Simpson: Mbr #22, MS: 25 Aug 07, Platinum Plus, recovering Black Shoe (USN), part-time consultant... full-time hedonist.
Likes: tolerant, easy-going people, visiting new places, biking NADO, the Coronado Library (best Govt service), good beer, good wine, good scotch.
Dislikes: nasty drivers, bossy people, lite beer concept
Nickname: OJ, Maddog
John Garrett: Mbr #23, MS: 26 Sep 07, Platinum Plus, Airline pilot (ret), ex-Navy helo pilot, aspiring golf pro, & long time Australiaphile.
Likes: golf, USS Midway volunteering, traveling with Bonnie, a glass of good Guiness.
Dislikes: beets, bad wine, stale beer.
Hobbies: golf

John Clampitt: Mbr #24, MS: 10 Oct 07, Platinum Plus, CHS54 dropped out of school in '51, joined the Marines and became a trained killer, member of my notorious Jr High, and feared, gang known as the Dorks.
Likes: War
Dislikes: War
Hobbies: watercolor, ceramics, stained glass, and wood working.
Nickname: Preacher

Frank Ingram: Mbr #25, MS: 25 Nov 07, DOPS: 2 Jan 11, Platinum Plus, Ex professor with Jun, Jul & Aug specialty Married 48 yrs to Elizabeth Taylor: 16 kids/ grandkids.
Likes: All beer, getting around on a bicycle any and every where, including across USA. Crown City Cyclists. Summer with family in Les Cheneaux Islands of N. Lake Huron. Mr Fix-it projects, Cincinnati Reds, dogs, especially beagles.
Dislikes: Cars, soft drinks, loud noise, red meat, scrabble.
Nickname: Lucky (from middle-name LeQuellec)

Steve Fisk: Mbr #26, MS: 18 Dec 07, Platinum Plus, CHS62, Flew planes (all too briefly), drove ships, married way over my head (33yrs), Dir. Marketing & Sales computer svcs co, private investor.
Likes: PMA people, music you can dance to, ladies you can dance with. Real Mexican food, Tecate back in the 60’s and Hectors Place. Spending “Cinco” at Hussong’s.
Dislikes: Spending on this bio with nothing to show for it.
Nicknames: Fisker, Buff (short for buffalo)
Jon Ryan: Mbr #27, MS: 26 Jan 08, Platinum Plus, GHS60 (Conn), OCS64, T.G.Y.C., Xerox exec, 1031 expert, nado city volunteer, best part; Cathy, Shannon, Joe,and Matt
Likes: micro brew, Santa Claus, Rush, Dale Jr., Padres, water (anywhere)
Dislikes: light beers, PC propaganda, politicians, estate taxation (actually most taxes)
Hobbies: spinning, Porsches, boats, body surfing, local brew beer testing
Nicknames: Jonnie, "nugget","xeriod", "J.R."
Mike Turner: Mbr #28, MS: 12 Feb 08, Platinum Plus, CHS62, Married, Barbara, two children, Billy & Mike, one granddaughter, Bella Marie. USN (Ret) 26yrs & GS 11yrs. Last 17 yrs focused on Aircraft Carrier maintenance on USS Independence, USS Kitty Hawk and USS Carl Vinson and other PACFLT carriers
Likes: Truth, good friends, warm weather & good beer.
Dislikes: Taxes, cheating & lying.
Hobbies: Sailing, bike riding and gardening.

Vince Flynn: Mbr #29, MS: 8 Mar 08, Iridium Prime, CHS56, raised on the Rock since birth, married 21 yrs to Pat Moyle, semi-retired urologist, 3 kids.
Likes: Beer, good weather & beaches.
Dislikes: Whiners, deadbeats.
Hobbies: Aviation, fishing, boating.
Nicknames: Vince

Mike Woiwode: Mbr #30, MS: 2 Apr 08, Iridium Prime, Navy Reservist (ret), Defense contractor. Father of five...all with the same wife, Kathie's husband.
Likes: Travel, family, friends
Dislikes: Petty stuff
Hobbies: Running, biking, working around house.
Nicknames: Wode, Woody, Mike

Steve Ashworth: Mbr #31, MS: 24 Apr 08, Iridium Prime, CHS58, PO, DA, Judge.
Likes: Money and retirement.
Dislikes: POs, DAs, Judges.
Hobbies: Guns & coins & the filthy women who have them.
Nicknames: Slughead
Goal: Moving my son here as soon as he meets the filthy women.

Tom Ashworth: Mbr #32, MS: 14 May 08, Iridium Prime, been struggling in the business world & want to retire early.
Sponsor: Steve Ashworth
Likes: Beer, beer &
more beer. Family. Slughead.
Dislikes: Working for the man.
Hobbies: Beer & mototcycles - a good combination.
Nicknames: Road Toad
Ultimate Goal: Move to Coronado as soon as Dad buys me a house here.
Tom Mustin Tom Mustin: Mbr #33, MS: 6 Jun 08, Iridium Prime, CHS58, USNA 62. Formerly Navy, formerly lawyer, now retired sportsman/financier (see, e.g., Porfirio Rubirosa; Lance Reventlow). Married to Jean since ’94; four stepchildren, six grandkids. Enjoy skiing, loafing, daydreaming, fascist hyena politics, vodka. Current illegal substance of choice: genuine Cuban Monte Cristo No. 2, “The Torpedo.” Cured of all ambition by age 23.
Sponsor: Steve Ashworth.
John Wells: Mbr #34, MS: 18 Jun 08, Iridium Prime, CHS52, Retired optometrist and naval reservist. Wife Sara & two daughters.
Likes: Listening, investments, nutrition.
Dislikes: Owners of barking dogs and drivers who don’t signal.
Hobbies: Photography, puttering in home/garden, fishing.
Nickname: “Thunder”
Jon Sanford Jon Sanford: Mbr #35, MS: 9 Jul 08, Iridium Prime, CHS58, married to Mary Ann, Five children (Becky, Molly, Matt, Brian and Amy), 4 grandchildren. Retired from 33 yrs of teaching.
Likes: Food, you name it , I'll eat it! Lager beer and Margaritas, friends, retirement, traveling, camping.
Dislikes: Phonies; slackers; hot, humid weather.
Hobbies: Reading, RV camping, Vespa, woodworking (models).
Nicknames: Mr. S, Cosgrove
Lane Fridell: Mbr #36, MS: 28 Jul 08, Iridium Prime, Navy JAGC (Ret); now Nav "dependent" of "Plat Plus" Carole. MN boy; Hamline U, Golden Gopher, U Dub; iTwin; GOLFER, ANCC.
Sponsor: Rob Crenshaw
Favorite Beers: I am Hophead! All kinds, esp. KleBrew, except (See dislikes.).
Likes: Coronado seaside living; Semiahmoo @ Blaine WA; dogs & cats; Whisky - single malt ISLAY (Scapa, Talisker, Highland Park 18, Laphroaig, Lagavulin, Bruichladdich); Wines - trocken Riesling, Albarino, steely Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Frog-styled Rose, Cab, Zin; Martini; Prime steaks, Salmon, Carole's meatloaf & chicken fried steak, pasta, salsa, popcorn.
Dislikes: Amerikan Standard pee-water beer!
Dan Orr

Dan Orr: Mbr #37, MS: 6 Aug 08, Gold Exquisite, CDMHS '67, USC '71, USC Volleyball letterman, Beta Theta Pi frat, recreating self as a banker @ CFB, President of SD Trojan Club, quit drinking 15 yrs ago: A New Year's resolution went horribly wrong!
Likes: USC Trojans, Triathlon, all college football; Oh, & Cathy, Carson & Annemarie, and Rotary.
Dislikes: Bruins, nitwit liberals
Hobbies: Cycling, running, reading
Nicknames: Twit (horny toad handle)

Fred Buck: Mbr #38, MS: 17 Sep 08, DOPS: 14 Dec 17, Gold Exquisite, 30 yrs US Navy, Masterchief (Ret), married 37 yrs (widower), 5 children (all CHS grads), 9 grandkids, one greatgrandkid, native San Diegain, Grad from St Agustine HS.
Likes: Caring for and spending time with grandchildren.
Nicknames: Buck, Freddie "V"
Other: Awarded Jason Robards "Honorary CPO," Stood on the podium at the 1998 Republican National Convention. Currently Marshal and Back Nine Starter at Coronado Municipal Golf Course (8yrs).
Megan Richmond: Mbr #39, MS: 1 Oct 08, Gold Exquisite, fun blonde
Likes: beer
Dislikes: liver
Hobbies: hunting, golfing, surfing, fishing
Nickname: "The Megan"
Eric Dawson: Mbr #40, MS: 16 Oct 08, Gold Exquisite
Likes: Bread, everyone in the U. S. Navy, ocean breezes
Dislikes: Brussels sprouts, fundamentalism, hot and humid weather
Hobbies: Yoga, surfing, hiking, computers, walking the dog
Nicknames: Baigui (Mandarin for "white ghost")
Robin Bellas: Mbr #41, MS: 22 Oct 08, Gold Exquisite, SPFHS'60, USNA'66, Navy crew, nuclear submariner, Stanford GSB'73. Entrepreneur, venture capitalist. Husband, dad and granddad. Lately a beach bum in Kailua, Oahu.
Sponsor: Crenny
Likes: Cold beer, Irish whiskey, red wine, good jazz, the Golden State Warriors and TerrBear, my first wife.
Dislikes: Braggarts, pretenders and short hitters.
Hobbies: Startups, rowing, reading and grandkids.
Nicknames: Robin, Trobs, Darlin' (only at home).
Comments: Willing to work for cold Stingray from CBC.
Amy Haines: Mbr #42, MS: 22 Oct 08, Gold Exquisite, CHS'72. Coronado resident off and on since 1963. Married to Robbie Haines; son, Brian-25 and daughter Molly-24.
Likes: Thunderstorms, boogie boards, sunny days, bike rides, the Coronado Library, dogs, sailing, and cold beer!!!!
Dislikes: Okra, jet skis, crabapples (grumpy people), and fancy clothes.

Steve Bowden: Mbr #43, MS: 26 Nov 08, Gold Exquisite, transfer from Santa Cruz via La Jolla
Likes: golf, fishing, guitar
Dislikes: Beater golf courses.
Hobbies: Golf

Mike O'Connor: Mbr #44, MS: 10 Dec 08, Gold Exquisite, CHS84, Wake Forest Univ. grad, owner Island Sports & Spirits Grill
Likes: Michelob Ultra
Dislikes: Slow golfers, Socialists
Hobbies: golf, wood widdling, playing the harpsichord, spending time with wife and dogs
Nicknames: OC
Gregg Smith Greg Smith: Mbr #45, MS: 7 Jan 09, Gold Prime, Born SD county, lived here most of my life -- Grad UCI -- Econ, 78. Wife Sara, daughters Megan & Liz - all U of A grads.
Likes: duck, quail, pheasant & dove hunting, fly fishing, Mexico & "the tropics."
Dislikes: Obama and everything else that follows.
Hobbies: Serious bird hunter and fly fisherman.
Nicknames: Gregor and "Joe Petotz."
Tom Smisek Tom Smisek: Mbr #46, MS: 4 Feb 09, Gold Prime, CHS62, Navy flyer, Airline Pilot, Civil Pilot-All retired. Lots of Coronado civic stuff... Retired.
Likes: Beer & wine, my wife & kids and their "main squeezes" plus Olivia & ?
Dislikes: Boring, "half-empty," pessimistic folks.
Hobbies: Snow skiing, jogging, travel and golf wanna be.
Nicknames: Smiz, *?!-t.

Steve Farguson: Mbr #47, MS: 11 Feb 09, Gold Prime, Passionate about great beer, life is too short for cheap yellow fizzy stuff. Favorite beers: Absolution "The Wicked" CBC "Stingray", Mission "Shipwrecked."
Sponsor: Mike Turner
Likes: Long board surfing, Body surfing and even Boogie boarding, basically love the water!
Dislikes: Grumpy people.
Hobbies: Great beer, Great waves need I say more...
Nicknames: Fargy, Hop head.

Joel Hutton: Mbr #48, MS: 25 Feb 09, Gold Prime, Native New Yorker, USN 22yrs. Lived on the Rock on and off for the past 6yrs. CBC Mug Club mbr since 1998.
Sponsor: Steve Farguson
Likes: Good be
er, good friends, good game on TV, round of golf with friends, the beach.
Dislikes: Liars, thieves and hipocrates.
Hobbies: Golf, coin collecting, reading, brewery visiting, beer festivals.
John Paszek: Mbr #49, MS: 14 Mar 09, Gold Prime, Navy anesthesiologist stationed at Balboa Hospital.
Likes: Beer, Iowa Hawkeyes football, animals
Dislikes: rude drivers, polluters
Harry Thaete Harry Thaete: Mbr #50, MS: 18 Mar 09, Gold Prime, Pilot: US Navy/American Airlines (Ret '03), X-scaped from PA to Coronado in '68 after less than stellar interview with ADM Rickover! Never looked back.
Likes: Family, Any Clint Eastwood movie. Walking and talking on Civil War battlefields. Drinking cold beer with buds.
Dislikes: Night bolters, check rides, warm beer and unhappy people.
Hobbies: Military history, cruising, sking and camping.
Nicknames: Hank, Honda
Ian Grant-Smith Ian Grant-Smith: Mbr #51, MS: 1 Apr 09, Gold Prime, first African American to join IBC, wife Vanessa, daughter Tessa. Chairman & CEO BAP Solutions, ex Senior Executive SAP.
Likes: Belgium White Beer, my family and friends, helping people, “The Rock”, Rotary Coronado.
Dislikes: Smokers, bad attitudes, lazy people, fake people.
Hobbies: Sailing, rugby, golf, tennis, reading, skiing
Nicknames: “A squared” (African American)
Steve Lindsey Steve Lindsey: Mbr #52, MS: 15 Apr 09, Gold Prime, CHS60, male gringo
Likes: Coronado Islanders, Sammy Bratz, beernuts, free beer, keg parties, Louis Beach, shuffleboard and retirement in Mexico.
Dislikes: Warm beer, cold water (ocean), politics, religion, dress codes and ladies sin credit cards.
Hobbies: Art, music and the persuit of happiness.
Nicknames: Linus, Estebar, Stevie and Bula.
Jim Walsh Jim Walsh: Mbr #53, MS: 15 Apr 09, Osmium Exquisite, 5' 10", 165#, commercial real estate broker. Middle child of 7 kids. Married 21yrs. One son age 12.
Likes: Beer, women and sports -- not necessarly in that order.
Dislikes: Grumpy people, tightwads and bad haircuts.
Hobbies: Sports -- running, mountian bike riding.
Nicknames: T. Jim, Jimmy, Walshey, Velvet Elvis, Lucky, JFK.
Other: Dual citizenship -- US & Ireland. Has had starring roles in 3 Miller beer commercials.
Derek Dawson: Mbr #54, MS: 3 June 09, Osmium Exquisite, San Diego native who loves his Charges & Padres! Construction worker / bartender. Works at Firehouse Bar & Grill in Coronado.
Likes: Beer, Coronado, Firehouse Bar, and the beach.
Dislikes: Mean people, and mushrooms.
Hobbies: Golfing, surfing, most water sports, spending time with good friends and my wife Nicci.
Nicknames: "D," Big D, Double D.
Tom Jeter: Mbr #55, MS: 9 June 09, Osmium Exquisite, CHS53, Navy brat, US Army after college ROTC, then petroleum exploration geologist (Chevron). Instructor mountaineering and rock climbing for 15 yrs.
Likes: Outdoor adventure, camping, hiking, surfing, sailing, canoeing, biking, world travel, good beer, wine, comdraderie. (Sometimes I wish hard living didn't come so easy to me.)
Dislikes: Haughty, pretentious people, packaged (sanitized) tours.
Link Mustin: Mbr #56, MS: 30 June 09, Osmium Exquisite, hails from Richmond, VA. ENS, USN. Until Dec 2010, stationed aboard the USS Preble, the finest warship on the waterfront.
Sponsor: Tom Mustin
Likes: John Wayne, sailors, history, coffee, beer, oldies, beach music, Rolling Stones, Blues and sports.
Dislikes: Traffic, bad drivers, bad weather, pop music, dumb jokes, North Korea
Hobbies: Golf, tennis, basketball, guitar, reading good novels
Walt Heinecke: Mbr #57, MS: 15 July 09, DOPS: 24 May 14, Osmium Exquisite, CHS57, oldest living CHS ASB President, Retired Navy and USD professor.
Likes: Family, friends, cold beer, travel and beaches.
Dislikes: Unpatriotic Americans.
Hobbies: Cycling and kayaking.

Ed Carney: Mbr #58, MS: 16 July 09, Osmium Exquisite, CHS62, father of 6, grandfather of 13, Christian school owner / operator.
Likes: Cold beer, flowers, animals, and John Wayne
Dislikes: Red Ink, laziness, clutter and rules
Nicknames: WOP, Papa

Greg Sheffer: Mbr #59, MS: 29 July 09, Osmium Exquisite, born-again Polock.
Likes: N/A
Dislikes: N/A
Hobbies: Urban terrorist, breast exams
Nickname: Dan Orr
Dwight Settle: Mbr #60, MS: 12 August 09, Osmium Exquisite, Retired Team guy, skydiver extraordinaire (gave Tiger lessons), golfs so well does not need to keep score. Loves beer, his wife (Jenn), beer and kiddos.
Likes: Good beer and drinking a cold beer w/client after a succesful real estate deal.
Dislikes: hot beer.
Hobbies: Skydiving, golf and IBC.
Nicknames: Wookie and "D."

Steve McGowen: Mbr #61, MS: 26 August 09, Osmium Prime, Former Naval Aviator, owned Avis rental car in Coronado until 2000 then retired. Have left a bevy of liberal ex-wives throughout Coronado who still use my last name, 1960 graduate Barstow High School.
Likes: Beer
Dislikes: Libs
Hobbies: Golf, fishing, traveling

Hank Morton: Mbr #62, MS: 2 September 09, Osmium Prime, CHS66, President of (Mexiacan insurance services), #1 son of IBC Founder, "Old Doc" Morton.
Likes: Making babies (has 3 kids), babysitting, website development.
Dislikes: Corona, long border lines, Mexican drug cartels and slow internet connections.
Hobbies: bike riding.
Russ Broyles: Mbr #63, MS: 9 September 09, DOPS: 25 Oct 14, Osmium Prime, CHS62, former computer geek turned dinosaur (no computer or e-mail), Spent a lifetime in the bar at the Chu Dynasty.
Likes: Bike rides around Coronado, grandkids
Dislikes: Paperwork, computers, skin cancer
Hobbies: Bedwetting, macrame, cross-dressing, gardening
Nicknames: Bench
Dan Hutchison: Mbr #64, MS: 30 September 09, Osmium Prime, former Naval officer, dentist, lifelong redneck, nightmare for my kids in a few more years. Once cussed out “Little Debbie” of “Little Debbie Snack Cakes” for a perceived offense.
Likes: Golf, old Porsches, MMA (spectator ONLY), football, the Navy
Dislikes: Liberal politicians, liberal institutions of higher learning, liberal newscasters, whiners, and pretty much everybody associated with commercial airlines these days, except pilots.
Hobbies: Golf, computers, photography, exercise when work isn’t in the way
Nicknames: Dr Dan, “Hey, Doc,” Hutch
Chuck Fowler: Mbr #65, MS: 7 October 09, Osmium Prime, CHS62, AT&T ourside service tech (Ret),
Likes: Cold beer, warm sun, Baja, grandson
Dislikes: Traffic, shipping, nags
Hobbies: Golf, fishing, roadtrips
Nickname: Charlie

Bob Ryan: Mbr #66, MS: 21 October 09, Osmium Prime, CHS63, USNA67, A7-E Navy attack aviator, resident field engineer / inspector civil engineer projects, mechanical engineering consultant to an IBC. Wife, Margie (starter), Kane, Brigid and Robbie... all CHS grads. Five grandkids.
Likes: Cold beer (almost any), wine (red), doing nothing, doing something, hanging out, Beer Club, poker club, boatschool classmates club, etc.
Dislikes: Socialists, liberals, Commies, pinkos, reds, Marxists, etc.
Hobbies: Woodworking, camping, fishing.
Nicknames: Dirtball.

Mike Privett: Mbr #67, MS: 4 November 09, Osmium Prime, warm, likeable guy with good attitude.
Likes: golf, reading, yoga, running and I love my family.
Dislikes: cigarettes, stressed people, takers.
Hobbies: learning, people, contemplating my navel.
Nicknames: Bokerdo, Mt. Saint Helens, Priv.
"Smokin" Joe Ruzicka: Mbr #68, MS: 11 November 09, Osmium Prime, LCDR, USN, F-14/F-18 Radar Intercept Officer, Weapons Systems Officer, USNA ’96, Masters of Science--USD 2009
Likes: Fast planes, fast cars and fast women
Dislikes: Carrots, bombs not on target
Hobbies: Golf, Voice Over for commercials and beer drinking
Nicknames: Smokin, The Total Package
Other Category : Voice Over Talent
John Kuta: Mbr #69, MS: 25 November 09, Rhenium  Exquisite, LT, USN, quintessential helicopter pilot next door. Villanova University Class of 2000. Wife: Valerie, Sons: Jack and Tommy.
Likes: Beer and People.
Dislikes: Introverts and Social Networking Web Sites.
Hobbies: Sports, Beer, Etiquette and Protocol, General Skylarking.
Nicknames: Fish, Stubby Big Head, Slayer, Killer, C3PO.
Bruce McCristal: Mbr #70, MS: 25 November 09, DOPS: 27 Feb 16, Rhenium  Exquisite. I live in a triangle: Bloomfield Hills, MI (spring and fall); Coronado (winter); Northern Ontario (summer). Former USAF pilot. 30 yrs with GM when it was profitable: corporate affairs exec. Retirement project: writing book on the 150yr history of Michigan State University.
Likes: Learning, discovery, travel, great conversation, college football and basketball.
Belief: Coronado is not only the crown jewel of SD, but of America.
Tony Paen: Mbr #71, MS: 9 December 09, Rhenium  Exquisite, Former 20 yr Nado resident. Moved to Sun Valley, ID maybe spending winters back in Nado.
Likes: Cold beer, coffee
Dislikes: People who keep me waiting.
Hobbies: Golf, skiing, shooting, diving.
Nicknames: A.J., T.P
Phil (PJ) Swartz: Mbr #72, MS: 23 December 09, Rhenium  Exquisite, Coronado duty station or home since 76. Retired naval aviator and worn out airline pilot.
Likes: That first sip of beer after a dry spell. Good stories and that second sip of beer after a dry spell. A game of tennis and running into a fellow IBC member in town.
Dislikes: Bad beer, Bad people, Bad lottery numbers, back seat drivers, NFO's are exempted and my aunt Regina
Favorite Day of the Week: WEDNESDAY!
Nicknames: Hey You, Bubba, Nomad, Captain and "Dad can I have some money."
Sergio Flores: Mbr #73, MS: 23 Dec 09, Rhenium  Exquisite, San Diego Native. On The Rock/Plank Owner since 1998. CVHS, SDSU, UCSF Med School
Loves- family, especially wife Christina, kids Alexandria, Sergio, Erica, and dog Shadow.
Likes-beach, travel, beer, wine
Dislikes- being late for appointments, mean people, polyps/cancer
Hobbies-soccer, golf, snowboarding
Mark Blumenthal: Mbr #74, MS: 20 Jan 10, Rhenium  Exquisite, local since 1979, member of 6th St Regulars Coronado basketball group since 1980, owner / operator Blumenthal Insurance Services, first beer buzz at age 14 - Colt 45 - it works every time.
Likes: Breathing deeply, laughing, kids, dogs, alleys with beer.
Dislikes: Winers, winos, arrogant winners.
Hobbies: Snowboarding, swimming, cliff diving.
Nicknames: Blumer.
Disco Ed Weisbrod: Mbr #75, MS: 3 Feb 10, Rhenium  Exquisite, Former Navy Helo driver now the dumbest person working at a private software company.
Sponsor: Mike Turner
Likes: White Russians, Creedence, and bowling.
Dislikes: Aggression and people urinating on my rug.
Hobbies: Abiding
Nicknames: Disco, you know, that or, uh, His Disconess, or uh, Disco-er, or El Discorino if you're not into the whole brevity thing. Disco Will Never Die.
Matt Reese: Mbr #76, MS: 3 Feb 10, Rhenium  Exquisite,
Bill Bigham: Mbr #77, MS: 17 Feb 10, Rhenium Prime, High School in LI, NY, 1972; USNA 1976; Flight Surgeon, USMC and Navy; now local Ophthalmologist; Coronado resident since 1983 along with Patti, our four children (Will, Caitlin, Emily and Michael) and two Springer Spaniels (Cocoa and Rhino); Navy retired since 2004.
Likes – Beach; beer; dogs; Rock and Blues, especially Allman Brothers Band; spicy food
Dislikes – Negativity; too many rules; reckless drivers
Hobbies – Surfing; reading; playing guitar
Nicknames – Bill; Doc
Keith Stringer: Mbr #78, MS: 3 Mar 10, Rhenium Prime, Rockland High (MA) '77, College: School of Hard Knocks, Co-owner of Island Sports & Spirits.
Loves: Wife Nancy, daughter Natalie (18).
Likes: Women, beer (Ampstel Lite), break-up bar fights.
Dislikes: Tailgaters, liars, lima beans.
Hobies: Skiing, cooking.
Nicknames: Stringman.

Dan Parker: Mbr #79, MS: 10 Mar 10, Rhenium Prime, CHS75, CSU Chico, BS Biology, Chem. Live at the Coronado golf course for work and play (mosly play).
Likes: Golf with my friends, Lawn bowling, my great family, mexican beers.
Dislikes: Slimey politicians, naggers and my MIL.
Hobbies: Golf, Lawn bowling, losing money at the track.
Nickname: LT Dan.

Megan Settle: Mbr #80, MS: 17 Mar 10, Rhenium Prime, CHS03, FAVORITE DAUGHTER of Dwight Settle, student for life.
Likes: San Diego Super Chargers and beer.
Dislikes: oranges. orange juice anything orange
Hobbies: sewing and drinking.
Nicknames: Megs, Megaton, Megaphone
Ed Pecus: Mbr #81, MS: 24 Mar 10, Rhenium Prime, I'm indian - dot not feather; however, I'm BORN and raised on the Rock. I have worked for the Brigantine for 22 years, currently General Manager in Old Town. Married to Lisa for 10 years and have 3 children.
Likes: Charger Football, beer, golf, strong Beer, horse racing.
Dislikes: triple bogeys, know it all’s and, of course, hatred of the Oakland Raiders.
Hobbies: golf, my family, drinking great beer.
Nicknames: EDP, big Ed.
Harry Blair: Mbr #82, MS: 7 Apr 10, Rhenium Prime, Married to Nancy, 4 kids. Airline pilot, recovering rotorhead (I hope the lobotomy is reversible).
Likes: Hot women & cold beer! (that is Nancy in particular and cold beer in general)
Dislikes: Formal attire, tight collars.
Hobbies: Failing, motorcycles, bicycles and bodysurfing.
Nicknames: Hambone, Hacksaw, Jabba the Hut, Uncle Harry, "The Fossil"
Jeff Loeffler: Mbr #83, MS: 12 May 10, DOPS: 1 Jul 10, Rhenium Prime, From Minn, You Betcha, son of a German Gestapo, two remarkable sons, Corporate/ Warbird Pilot.
Likes: being able to help people, answering funny questions, reading funny answers, romantic getaways to Catalina Island.
Dislikes: Thumbs-down for no reason, Waiting, Jased from Subway, freezing/ slippery roads, dirty places.
Hobbies: Talking to decent women, golf, lawn bowling, riding bicycles, airplane racing, fishing, writing baroque music.

Cameron Noah: Mbr #84, MS: 19 May 10, Rhenium Prime, proud father of 3, manager at Peohe's for the past 7 yrs, a Coronado resident since 2000, married to Patrina since 1987.
Likes: Good food, good music, good people, good beer and good times.
Dislikes: Bad food, bad music, bad people, bad beer and bad times.
Hobies: Music, lasn bowling, cookingshows, drinking beer with good friends, thumb twiddling, looking for Sasquatch.
Nicknames: Cam, The X Man, Hey You!

Richard Dawson: Mbr #85, MS: 2 June 10, Tungsten Exquisite, San Diego native, Charger and Padre fan. Director Sportland Team Sports.
Sponsor: Dereck Dawson
Likes: My family and kids, Derek and Ashey.
Dislikes: People who are not honest.
Hobbies: Golf, lawn bowling, my boat and fishing.
Nicknames: RD, Big Richard, Derek's Dad.

Dave Fairbank: Mbr #86, MS: 9 Jun 10, Tungsten Exquisite, retired Navy reservist, recovering attorney. Married to Kathleen Callahan Fairbank, father to Sarah, Heather and Page. Nine grandchildren.
Likes: Old sailing ships, bicycles, tennis.
Dislikes: Headwinds
Hobbies: Sail and maintenance crew San Diego Maritime Museum.
Roberto "Bert" Reyes: Mbr #87, MS: 16 Jun 10, Tungsten Exquisite, My passions are drinking beer... and whatever happens before and after that. Student (senior) at SDSU. Live two doors down from IBC.
Likes: Man sodas,
Dislikes: Country music.
Hobies: Disc golf, yoga
Nicknames: Bert, Berto, Bobby, Robby
Cordell Parker: Mbr #88, MS: 16 Jun 10, Tungsten Exquisite, Native Alaskan, Retired USN EOD. Coronado resident since 1999.
Likes: Chargers, Padres, Great IPA's, Darlene, cars made with lots of steel.
Dislikes: Environmental Lawyers (subject to change if we have one that is an IBC member), Big Govt. Blood Pressure checks!
Hobbies: Beer, fishing, paying bills.
Nickname: Bucket
John Fischbeck: Mbr #89, MS: 30 Jun 10, Tungsten Exquisite, A lover of all things that fly "aviator", Class of 75 (Not CHS), Native Virginian and now Coronadian.
Likes: Loves Family (John IV & Sarah) and all our significant others, especially a girlfriend who sees the diamond in the rough, Concerts in the Park, New Years Plunge, Smisek's Coronado Burning Mans desert outing, any activity on Land Sea and Air, CCC, and definitely IBC.
Dislikes: Not having enough time in the day, being furloughed, getting divorced.
Hobbies: Flying, biking, hiking, swimming, surfing, skiing, skydiving, SCUBA Diving, and boating.
Nicknames:"Fish", "Mangy", "MacGyver", “Hubba Hubba Ding Ding” and for less talented people anything that fits on the end of "Fish_"
Student: Of all things mechanical, working on an Airframe and Powerplants Certificate.
Diana Drummey: Mbr #90, MS: 7 Jul 10, Tungsten Exquisite, Sergeant at Coronado PD. Why I joined IBC?-Hello! Coronado intel and always looking for a GOOD DUI arrest! Graduate NOT of CHS but of CPHS '77 GO Castle Park TROJANS... We all need protection.
Likes: LIFE there is so much to enjoy.
Dislikes: olives, green beans, people without opinions. No better half... no little young ones either...I am setting the stage now to be the crazy cat lady as I get old- I have three cats.
Favorite Beer: DOS EQUIS, dark and light
Nicknames: Dianasaur, Drummedge, DD
Tony Clark: Mbr #91, MS: 14 Jul 10, Tungsten Exquisite, From Coventry, RI. Navy Jr. 1999 graduate of USNA. Naval aviator winged in 2001, with two med tours out of Jacksonville with HS-15. Ended career at HSC Weapons School at NASNI. Currently President/Brewer at Airdale Brewing Company in San Diego.
Likes: Good beer, good wine, good food, good company
Dislikes: Mediocre efforts, anything that wasn't built on quality.
Hobbies: Craft Beer, Homebrewing, Golf, Snowboarding, Drinking, Eating
Nicknames: Panda
Other Category? Family: Wife - Liz, 1st child is due any day now!!
Matt Wilkens: Mbr #92, MS: 21 Jul 10, Tungsten Exquisite, One of the original keg masters. Son of "Bones." In 2002 did a keg stand in the IBC Jacuzzi before it was cool to buy microbrew. Middle and high school teacher, volleyball coach and tutor. Plays beach volleyball in the summer and is an avid Lakers fan.
Sponsor: Jeff Wilkens
Likes: Unreported income, prop 215, drinking games, getting married.
Dislikes: Airline travel, hangovers, midgets.
Nicknames: (in order of soberness) Mr. Wilkens, Mattumbo, Tumbo, Tumbles.
Favorite quote: "Drink!"
Jake Wilson: Mbr #93, MS: 21 Jul 10, Tungsten Prime, One of the original keg masters. In 2002 did a keg stand in the IBC Jacuzzi before it was cool to buy microbrew. Has double-jointed thumbs and a thirst for New Castle and Sierra Nevada Pale ale.
Likes: Asian females, unemployment checks, BBQ.
Dislikes: Commitment, negative people, working.
Favorite Quote: "Less is more."
Nicknames: Jakers, Jakey, Mexico Jake, Roofel, El Pulgar
Jim Kaufman: Mbr #94, MS: 4 Aug 10, Tungsten Prime, retired Naval officer and hospital administrater.
Likes: Good wine, a warm sun and a cool breeze.
Dislikes: camping, mosquitos, spring skiing.
Hobbies: skiing, traveling, working out, community service.
Nicknames: Jim.
Mark Morgan: Mbr #95, MS: 11 Aug 10, Tungsten Prime,
Rob Taylor: Mbr #96, MS: 18 Aug 10, Tungsten Prime, Raised in Coronado. CHS62 after brief stint as CHS63, MIT66. Back again after 20 years each at Xerox and Morgan Stanley doing financial software. Married to beautiful Mary with 3 gorgeous daughters.
Likes: Mary, Melissa, Julie, Chrissy, beer, wine, college football & hoops, cats, Europe, being tall.
Dislikes: Meanderthals, being on hold without a beer, small noisy dogs.
Hobbies: tennis, theatre, travel, choral singing.
Nicknames: RobT, "Lurch"

Chris Toogood: Mbr #97, MS: 25 Aug 10, Tungsten Prime, CHS85, U.S. Army Vet, lived on the Rock since '69.
Likes: surfing, girls, girls that surf.
Dislikes: Complainers.
Hobbies: Real Estate
Nickname: "Dos Buenos"

PJ: Mbr #98, MS: 8 Sep 10, Hafnium Prime, one of the Navy's best, a Life long bachelor.
Likes: my beer cold, my women colder, whiskey, cooking, adventure, working hard playing harder.
Dislikes: Smoking, arrogant people, tuff guys, stuck up gals.
Hobbies: Anything outdoors, cougar hunting, traveling, trying anything twice.
Nickname: Big Oly's neighbor.
Larry Meehan: Mbr #99, MS: 8 Sep 10, Tungsten Prime, CO HSC-8 (Eight-Ballers), USNA '94; President of the "Naval Officer Procrastinators of America."
Likes: Justin Beiber concerts, Mr. Giggles (my cat), Happy people, rainbows and anything on the Oprah Winfrey Network
Dislikes: My mother always said "dislike wasn't nice to say... so "things I don't care for" include mean people, doing prison time and beer without an ice cube in it.
Hobbies: Macrame, cross-dressing, thinking of funny nicknames; shopping on-line for cute outfits for Mr. Giggles
Nicknames: Mrs. Giggles, Dixon
Mike Whittemore: Mbr #100, MS: 22 Sep 10, Centurion-Cohort I,
Sponsor: Rob Crenshaw
Fred Crawley: Mbr #101, MS: 29 Sep 10, Centurion Exquisite
Likes: Beer
Dislikes: No beer
Hobbies: Beer
Nicknames: Creepy
John Garrod: Mbr #102, MS: 6 Oct 10, Centurion Exquisite, Jersey boy living in La Mesa. Happily married.
Likes: Good beer, good food, travel, family.
Dislikes: Ignorance, whiners, liberals with their hand out.
Hobbies: Sailing, cooking, gardening, eating.
John Macias: Mbr #103, MS: 13 Oct 10, Centurion Exquisite,
Scott Hoffman: Mbr #104, MS: 13 Oct 10, Centurion Exquisite, Transplanted from Wisconsin, CheeseHead by birth. Currently, serving in the Navy at SPAWAR. Married for 19 years with ten year-old twins.
Likes: Travel, beer, wine, good friends
Dislikes: Traffic jams, entitlement mentality
Hobbies: Diving, Biking
Nicknames: Scott
Jim Hardy Jim Hardy: Mbr #105, MS: 27 Oct 10, Centurion Exquisite, CHS '62, Vietnam Veteran, Boilermaker, Piledriver, Teacher; for the last 11 years Steel Inspector for the Golden Gate Bridge.
Likes: breathing, beer, lasagna, Coronado classmates
Loves: my wife Melissa and son Spencer, Mom and Dad
Dislikes: Wall Street banksters, phonies
Hobbies: reading, art
Nicknames: Hardley, The Id, Jimster
Larry Sand: Mbr #106, MS: 17 Nov 10, Centurion Exquisite, Retired Navy (30 yr reserve), Navy EOD, real estate broker ('73), mortgage broker, handyman since '07, father of 6, grandfather of 9 (all boys).
Likes: Warm beach days, powder show, good cold beer, good rugby game, the Padres.
Dislikes: Politicians, arrogance, the historically illiterate.
Hobbies: Golf, skiing (water & snow), gardening.
Al Lovering: Mbr #107, MS: 12 Jan 11, Centurion Exquisite, Wife Mary, daughter Annie, son Matthew, dog Wrigley. BS WIU, MS Illinois, Navy Vet, current CNAF Analyst.
Likes: Family, Mexican beers, good cigars/Tequila, fitness, anything Chicago except White Sox.
Dislikes: Whiners, liberals, litter, mushrooms.
Hobbies, Tropical fish, gardening, cooking, old VW's.
Nickname: Aldo
Dave Bodkin: Mbr #108, MS: 12 Jan 11, Centurion Exquisite, Wife Marita, daughter Emily at Vilanova, son David Jr. at CHS, "Yankee" dogs: shelties Ruth and Gehrig. Resigned from International Wine and Food Society to join IBC---step up? One of 'Old Doc' Morton's IBC Medical Group. He sent me my first patient in 1990, now I get peanut butter filled pretzel bits.
Likes: NY sports teams, all things "Hoyas", IBC, CYC, Hotel Del Club/Gym.
Dislikes:Teams opposing NY sports teams
Hobbies: High score golf, low score fishing
Kit Brown: Mbr #109, MS: 19 Jan 11, Centurion Exquisite,

Shannyn Courtney: Mbr #110, MS: 26 Jan 11, Centurion Exquisite, descendent of member #5, mother of Zach & Parker.
Sponsor: Rob Crenshaw
Likes: Cold beer, Tequila, laughing with GREAT people
Dislikes: Stupid, Lazy, Negative people who can't drive
Hobbies: Paddle boarding, Photography, Happy hour
Nick Name(s): Sha-na, Rachel

Jay Poe
Jay Poe: Mbr #111, MS: 9 Feb 11, Tantalum Exquisite, Born Dallas, TX 1960 Trumbull High School, Trumbull, CT '79 University of Connecticut '83, Moved to Coronado in 2001. Now split time between Coronado and Tahoe, NV. Plan to be in Nado on many Wed afternoons.
Likes: beer, skiing, boating, traveling, hiking, golf, and the NFL.
Dislikes: big government!
Hobbies: drinking beer
Nicknames: Jay
John Weiman: Mbr #112, MS: 23 Feb 11, Tantalum Exquisite,
Sponsor: Rob Crenshaw

George Lanman: Mbr #113, MS: 23 Feb 11, Tantalum Exquisite, USNA '57, Grandfather of 7, retired Naval Aviator (S-2s & S-3s), Dad built 241 J Ave in 1937 but sold it after Pearl Habor :(, left Coronado in '39, '70 & "77, returned for good in 2000.
Likes: CBC Golden Ale, Citizens In Action.
Dislikes: Sandtraps, lying liberals & bullies
Hobbies: Golf, dancing, math tutoring
Nickname: PG (Poppa George)

Wes McCann: Mbr #114, MS: 16 Mar 11, Tantalum Exquisite, USNA '96, Supply Officer 96-2001, Cajun by birth and upbringing, libertarian by intelligence, brewer by trade (just ask, I'll brew you a beer), Kept man, married to Ann (USNA '96)
Likes: Beer, beer, beer, wine, cheese, good food, women who like beer.
Dislikes: Liberals + liars (same thing)
Hobbies: Bresing, hunting, fishing, motorcycling.
Nicknames: Big Wheel.
Other: My real claim to fame: My wife is a Commanding Office of a US Navy Guided Missle Destroyer.
Joe Horn: Mbr #115, MS: 16 Mar 11, Tantalum Exquisite, born in Philly, PA 1943, Villanova U '64, CA resident since '70, semi- retired school teacher, Special Ed & PE, married w/4 children & 3 grandchildren, wife Jean.
Likes: Loose cars and fast women, travel, running, kayaking & Wed afternoons.
Dislikes: Fast cars & loose women.
Hobbies: camping & kayaking in the San Juans.
Nickname: Pepe
, Nadojoetaho
Seth Ford: Mbr #116, MS: 30 Mar 11, Tantalum Exquisite,
Deni Herron: Mbr #117, MS: 13 Apr 11, Tantalum Exquisite, retired political activist, Mom, Princess
Likes: friendly people, smiles, laughs.
Dislikes: grumps.
Hobbies: gym, reading.
Nicknames: only my family knows.
Joe Zerboni: Mbr #118, MS: 27 Apr 11, CHS60, Tantalum Exquisite, Married CHS sweetheart Carolyn, 3 kids, then married Dutch sweetie Johanna, 2 more kids. IBM 39 years in the USA and Europe. Now coaching CEOs ( and helping parents with troubled kids ( Home in Solana Beach
Likes: Seeking Truth, Family (includes Cody) and friends
Dislikes: Not much, but try to avoid blatherers
Hobbies: Tennis, fixing things
Nicknames: Grampa Joe

Dave Cline: Mbr #119, MS: 4 May 11, Tantalum Exquisite, Island resident since 27 Dec 07, active duty Navy physician/Radiologist.
Likes: Being a husband, & father of three (twin girls/boy), sports, friendship, real estate.
Dislikes: Braggers.
Hobbies: golf
Nicknames: Davy
Steve Wampler: Mbr #120, MS: 13 Apr 11, Tantalum Exquisite
Likes: My wife, beer, a good conversation, outdoor activities, my kids playing sports.
Dislikes: Upright people, mountain climbing
Hobbies: Gardening, anything outdoors.
Nickname: Wamp

Bill Bartsch: Mbr #121, MS: 25 May 11, Tantalum Prime, The senior harbor pilot for San Diego Bay. Originally from Bronx and Long Island. S.U.N.Y. Maritime College. Delivered U.S. foreign aid to third world for 6 years in 1980’s. Virgin Island’s pilot early 1990’s. Did 22 years in U.S. Naval Reserve-Merchant Marine program. With wife Susan, eyeing dreaded empty nest syndrome down the road.
Likes: Advice from Old Fucks who no longer have to remain civilized because they are either really rich or really sick... Like at our Rotary Club.
Dislikes: When Liberals and Conservatives expose themselves in public… unless they’re really hot.
Hobbies: Coronado Flower Show - Men’s Division contest (2 or 3 time winner). Tomatoes in the garden. Fishing very poorly. Biking on Orange Ave sidewalks and in front of the Shores condos. Football.
Nicknames: “Tin Man” (from very youthful indiscretion as short lived male dancer in burlesque version of “Wizard of Oz”.)
John Mehki: Mbr #122, MS: 8 Jun 11, Tantalum Prime,
Jeff Couture: Mbr #123, MS: 22 Jun 11, Tantalum Prime, CHS '80. Husband to Lori, Father to Cory (Denison U.) & Kaitlyn (USC) & Alpha Dog to Lewie. Son of a Navy Seal. Coronado local since 1962.
Likes: Living in paradise (Coronado)
Dislikes: Honey-do lists, romantic walks on the beach, cleaning up after my kids
Hobbies: Scuba diving, water sports, boating, skiing & drinking
Nicknames: Catman, Freezer, No-Neck
Connor Herron: Mbr #124, MS: 22 Jun 11, Tantalum Prime, CHS??, just another Coronado boy.
Likes: Strong, off-shore breezes, double stuff oreos, stiff cocktails, cold pacific ocean water, big winter surf, sunset golfing, the CA I-5 freeway, any girls that will talk to me.
Dislikes: People playing slow golf, when the keg gets tapped.
Nicknames: Condog, Condor.
Rob Silk: Mbr #125, MS: 29 Jun 11, Tantalum Prime, Lived in Coronado since 2000. Boston native. Holy Cross '86, New Mexico State '88.
Likes: old Landcruisers, shoulder to head high sets, fresh tahoe powder, putting for birdie (occurs once a century) and beer.
Dislikes: port/starboard duty, 3 putts and last call
Hobbies: surfing, skiing, golf, drinking beer.
Nicknames: Silky, Sheets
Gary Smith: Mbr #126, MS: 6 Jul 11, Tantalum Prime, Former Air Force Dentist, Real Estate Developer, and Financial Consultant.
Likes: Sailing, Boating, Travel ,Fast Cars, Fishing, John Denver and Jimmy Buffet music with a beer and community service.
Most Liked: Deep, complex and stimulating conversations that surface at Beer Club
Loves: USA, Wife, Kids and Grandson and time spent with ALL
Hobbies: Photography, Sailing and Travel
Favorite Beer: Foster, Heineken, Coronado Ale or a good Red wine.
FAVORITE JOBS: In college, simultaneously serving food to a FOXY Sonority and being on National Ski Patrol.
Dislikes: Negative people, Liberal Politicians, long Tarmac holds, Rap music and Broccoli
Paul Smith: Mbr #127, MS: 6 Jul 11, Tantalum Prime, Social Media Strategist/Marketing Consultant - Multilingual (English/Español/En liten svensk) Favorite quote: "Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them" --- Albert Einstein
Loves: God, Family, country (USA) and Art
Likes: "Hmmmm Beer! A Guinness Please", Classical, Jazz and Rock "n" Roll music, a Black "N" Tan and a good sense of humor and a good strategy
Dislikes: "Bitter Beer Face", Bad Attitudes and Negativity
Hobbies: Golf, Chess, Travel, Foreign Languages, Surfing - although it has been a while since I have been out on the board, Skiing, Reading, Writing and Photography
Nickname: "The Great White Shark" or "The Shark"
David Knop
David Knop: Mbr #128, MS: 20 Jul 11, Tantalum Prime, Incredibly talented and good looking retired Marine LCOL of artilleryl. Also a Rotarian and all around fabulous guy. Grade school in Milwaukee, WI; high school in St Petersburg, FL; BA at UoC at Boulder, CO; MA, USC. Author of two ebooks: Mining Sacred Ground and Poised by God's Flesh (June 2012).
Likes: Coronado, beer, wine.
Dislikes: Traffic, downer personalities
Hobbies: Biking, wood working, writing, guitar
Nicknames: Dave, Knopper
Brian Scott Bryan Scott: Mbr #129, MS: 27 Jul 11, Tantalum Prime, Born in the Territory of Alaska (that's right, I can never be President) Moved to San Diego in '87. Moved to the “sand hill at the end of the bridge” in '96. I am a general contractor specializing in high end kitchen and bath remodeling.
Likes: Crazy in love with my wife Lyn of 24 years. I love and am proud of my 15 year old son Aydan. I like the thought of having a beer with one of the most diverse group of individuals on the island. I enjoy watching women that jog and women that ride bikes. I enjoy being around people that look at a half full glass and see it as full. I like the charmed life that we all share living in this community.
Dislikes: Reality TV and TV in general. The “whistle” on Wednesday
Hobbies: I love the ocean, surfing badly, scuba and the arts.
Nicknames: Scotty and McGuiver
FEARS: I am terrified of having Bones or one of his assignees write my profile.
Tom DeCaro: Tom DeCaro: Mbr #130, MS: 10 Aug 11, Tantalum Prime, US Coast Guard dentist (ret), Coronado summer resident (Jul-Oct), winter "Zonie"
Likes: Coronado summers, good Guiness, good times, hiking & biking with wife Jackie, anything sports.
Dislikes: Phoenix summers, "fruity beer", cold weather.
Hobbies: Golf, tennis and beating the "judge" at lawn bowling.
Nicknames: Nothing suitable for polite society.
Blair King: Mbr #131, MS: 10 Aug 11, Hafnium Exquisite, married to Nancy Adams and father of three daughters. Raised in the wilds of the central Sierras. A local government professional for the past 30 years.
Likes: My family, food, music, optimistic compassionate people, sports of all types.
Dislikes: Know-it-all, arrogant people.
Hobbies: Sports, museums, cooking.
Nickname: King man
Michael Singer: Mbr #132, MS: 31 Aug 11, Hafnium Exquisite,
Michel Schmied: Mbr #133, MS: 31 Aug 11, Hafnium Exquisite, native of Fayetteville, AK, raised in Switzerland, living in Coronado since 2007. It just keeps getting better and better.
Likes: Microbrews, good times and good laughs with friends and people with can-do attitudes
Dislikes: Whiners, Naysayers and the rest of the Hollywood crowd.
Hobbies: Skiing, Flying, Sailing, and pretty much anything OTHER than sitting in the office.
Carrie Lango
Carrie Lingo: Mbr #134, MS: 14 Sep 11, Hafnium Exquisite,
Linzy Lewis: Mbr #135, MS: 21 Sep 11, Hafnium Exquisite,
Brent Freeman: Mbr #136, MS: 19 Oct 11, Hafnium Exquisite, Male, straight, single
Likes: 3-Gs -- Golf, gambling, girls.
Dislikes: Big talkers, loudmouths.
Hobbies: Golf, gambling, girls.
Nickname: Big B
Dave Sweeney
Dave Sweeney: Mbr #137, MS: 26 Oct 11, Hafnium Exquisite, Transplanted Buckeye, Car guy, "Sweeney Bros. Cars". Supplied "loaner" cars to Jim Tressel.
Likes: Kathy and the kids, the view from my front room. Duke, BC, CHS volleyball
Dislikes: Fords
Hobbies: Cycling, foreclosing on little old ladies and throwing them out on the street.
Nickname: SweenDog
John Nolan: Mbr #138, MS: 26 Oct 11, Hafnium Exquisite, Wife, Ellie, kids - Jack, Rosie and Joe, born and raised in Massapequa Park, NY (Long Island), USNA '85, active duty naval officer (cruisers and destroyers), fulltime Coronado resident since 2002.
Sponsor: Al Lovering
Likes: NY sport teams (Yankees, Knicks, Rangers, Giants), Navy sports (beat Army!!), family, fitness, happy people and cold beer
Dislikes: negative attitudes, Army sports (when playing Navy!)
Hobbies: fitness, reading, golf, driving cheap cars.
Nicknames: Buzz
Evan Bennett Evan Bennett: Mbr #139, MS: 26 Oct 11, Hafnium Exquisite, Owner of Saiko Sushi, husband, father, imbiber of beer, bourbon & sake bombs.
Likes: Days off, day drinking, naps, music (but only the good kind), happy customers, baseball.
Dislikes: Traffic, heat, grumpy people, robots (I don't trust 'em).
Hobbies: Backpacking, bike rides with my son, traveling with my wife.
Maxfield Clark: Mbr #140, MS: 26 Oct 11, Hafnium Exquisite, 27, single, male, 5' 9", brown hair, brown eyes, likes long walks on the beach.
Likes: Food, music and stuff that is fun.
Dislikes: 8am wake-up calls.
Hobbies: Scrapbooking and noodle art.
Nicknames: Max, Maxaroni and Cheese
Knox Jim Knox: Mbr #141, MS: 26 Oct 11, Hafnium Prime, CHS60, Official IBC Poet Laureate, AKA PoemStranger. Married Marsha forever in 1967. sired two sons Jeff and David resulting in three grandchildren: Jake, Zoey and Lindsey
Likes: Cold beer and Single Malt Scotch.
Dislikes: Golf and Bowling. Carries identical average scores in both.... 157
Hobbies: Writing Roasts, Troasts, and Eulogies for birthdays, weddings and wakes and other poetical topics as seen on or
Nicknames: James, Jim or Jimbo
Dave Beverly:Mbr #142, MS: 23 Nov 11, Hafnium Prime, ex-F-14 RIO, ex-Navy Flight Surgeon, current Navy Ophthalmologist, Coronadan since 2002. Husband to Brenda, father to Bryan (CHS 2010) and Christina (CHS 2014).
Likes: Cold beer, Duke basketball, 450 kts in the break.
Dislikes: Early whistles, skunky beer, snobby sommeliers.
Hobbies: Running, cold beer, traveling.
Callsign: Buck
Tim Kelly
Tim Chelling: Mbr #143, MS: 30 Nov 11, Hafnium Prime, media guru, policy wonk, long time San Diego resident, 7 yr Coronado stint.
Likes: Beer, Coronado, Dotre Dame, baseball, Blues, all things Irish, Padres.
Dislikes: Liver, licorice, country music, cats, neck ties.
Hobbies: Aviation, fishing, basseball parks, yak grooming.
Nickname: TC
Jerry Johnson: Mbr #144, MS: 7 Dec 11, Hafnium Prime, Hilltop high, C.V., USSD, US Army (Germany). I married Cheryl Anderson. We owned and operated Anderson's Bakery; Had two children, Darren and Kristy, both fourth generation Coronado. Retired from the Hotel del.
Likes: Chargers, travel, beer, wine, and travel.
Dislikes: Running, driving LA, having no travel plans.
Hobbies: Fly fishing, kayaking, gold, reading, travel, other fishing.
Nickname: Jerry
John Barber
John Barber: Mbr #145, MS: 7 Dec 11, Hafnium Prime, Brief Description: Coronadan since 1993, loves Kathryn – wife of 16 years and counting!
Likes: Good beer, good friends & good powder!
Dislikes: End of happy hour, negativity
Hobbies: Homebrewing, snowboarding, sailing (total amateur)and travelling
Nicknames: Wahoo Johnny
Rob Talbot: Mbr #146, MS: 7 Dec 11, Hafnium Prime, Texas realtor that moved to Coronado for the Good Life. All good so far!
Likes: Longhorns, Mexican food, live music, Miller High Life.
Dislikes: Texas Tech fans, people that don't like manatees.
Hobbies: Lawn bowling, making peoples dreams come true.
Nicknames: Tex, Cowboy, ("That Guy")
Tom Rogers
Tom Rogers: Mbr #147, MS: 7 Dec 11, Hafnium Prime, CHS60, Military history: USN 1958-62 (IC/3) USS SHANGRI-LA. USA 1962-80, AIRBORNE RANGER, VIETNAM two tours, 1st CAV DIV 1965-66, 101st AIRBORNE DIV 1969-70.
Likes: 'oldies' (music) off roadin', rockhounding, old friends & Dr. Pepper
Dislikes: phonies, wan-a-be's, stupid drivers, people puttin' dow n the military, name droppers, OKRA & garbonzo beans, snivelers and snow.
Family: My wife of 35 years MYRA, Daughter TINA & Brother RICHARD.
Hobbies: silver jewelry making, computers and gettin' out into the wilds.
Nick Names: 'ol Iron ass (from biker days) bear, tango alpha, hooah 6.
George Williams: Mbr #148, MS: 4 Jan 12, DOPS: 20 Oct 19, Hafnium Prime, New to the Rock and loving it. Bostonian. Orangeman. Okie lawyer not yet retired.
Likes: My wife, my family, my Red Sox
Dislikes: Lawyers and the Yankees
Hobbies: Golf
Nicknames: Georgie
Pierre Pelletier
Pierre Pelletier: Mbr #149, MS: 11 Jan 12, Hafnium Prime, 20+ years USN and still counting. Norwich Univ ’87, father to Grace and loving husband to Kim. I own more ball caps than my wife has shoes … pretty cool accomplishment.
Likes: Being on leave, surfing, Wednesday afternoons, 80’s music … Bruce Springsteen rules. Minivans.. yes, minivans.
Dislikes: Small waves, politics, mean people and rocket attacks.
Hobbies: Surfing, running, cold cold beer
Nicknames: Frenchy
Jeff Paananen
Jeff Paananen: Mbr #150, MS: 25 Jan 12, Hafnium Prime, outgoing, always looking to learn something new, large and in charge. New Navy Wife lots to learn :-)
Likes: my wife, the outdoors, electronics, traveling & good humor.
Dislikes: twitter!!!! People without integrity.
Hobbies: My wife, beer, finding new ways to party and enjoy life, pool and bowling.
Nicknames: Partymaster
Todd Little Todd Little: Mbr #151, MS: 25 Jan 12, Lutetium Exquisite. The smartest thing I ever did was marry a Coronado girl. Three kids later, I truly appreciate the island she grew up on. I work for Coronado's Tourism District and that helps small businesses survive the tourism off-season.
Sponsor: Stephen Wampler
Likes: Amber beer, baseball and barbeque.
Dislikes: People who are late.
Hobbies: I have three kids. I have no hobbies.
Nicknames: "That guy..."
Pete Falletta
Pete Falletta: Mbr #152, MS: 9 Mar 16, DOPS: 9 Mar 16, Lutetium Exquisite,

Scott Kaye: Mbr #153, MS: 22 Feb 12, Lutetium Exquisite, United Airlines 747 Captain.
Likes: Writing, Aikido, traveling.
Dislikes: Intolerance.
Hobbies: Flamenco guitar.

Dennis Costa

Dennis Costa: Mbr #154, MS: 29 Feb 12, Lutetium Exquisite, 6 yrs US Navy, AOCM (Ret) I.Y.A.O.Y.A.S, married (Suzy) 8 children (3 CHS grads), 5 grandkids. Now a Simple Servant for NAVSUP GLS Moving Ordnance Around the world for those troops who are protecting our FREEDOM
Likes: Coronado VFW POST 2422 / Peohes Jerk Pork Chop!
Dislikes: Dirty Politics / RV's that take my parking space
Nicknames: Daddy War bucks!

Shawn Dewitt: Mbr #155, MS: 7 Mar 12, Lutetium Exquisite,
Jim Yeager: Mbr #156, MS: 14 Mar 12, Lutetium Exquisite, Mortage Professional and Coronado resident for 15 yrs, father of one and all-around good guy.
Likes: Harp, beer, fast cars, fast boats, fast women
Dislikes: Non-alcohalic beer, slow cars, slow boats, slow women... let me rephrase that... oh, never mind.
Hobbies: See likes.
Nicknames: Yeagermeister or Jeagermeister
Joe Cook: Mbr #157, MS: 21 Mar 12, Lutetium Exquisite, Graduated High School in Pittsburgh. 1984 graduate of USNA. Mechanical Engineering. Active and Reserve Naval Aviator for 22 years now retired. Former CO of VR-57 following in P.J.'s footsteps. LAX based MD80 First Officer for American Airlines. Gainfully employed since 1992. Proud father to Sean CHS '08, Lindsey CHS '12 and Kyle CHS '18
Sponsor: Bill Bartsch
Likes: Beer, Hot sexy women, guitar, water polo, greased landings, awesome sunsets from the air coming home to SAN.
Dislikes: Fake pretentious people, mushrooms, too much government
Hobbies: Swimming, Skiing, Music (guitar player)
Nicknames: Cookie
Bob Brassard:Mbr #158, MS: 21 Mar 12, Lutetium Exquisite, native San Diegan, widower, one daughter, 33 yrs with Avis Rent a Car mostly in Little Italy.
Likes: Microbreweries, fast cars, slow women, antique Volvos, music.
Dislikes: Haters, cheaters, 'lite' anything.
Hobbies: Golf, worworking, woodturning.
Nickname(s): Bobby

Jesse Hamilton: Mbr #159, MS: 28 Mar 12, Lutetium Exquisite,
Matt Seiffert: Mbr #160, MS: 4 Apr 12, Lutetium Exquisite,

Andy Dobisky: Mbr #161, MS: 11 Apr 12, Lutetium Prime, Attended Unichusetts of Massaversity , Proudly served in the U.S. Navy, Currently Site Manager at the NASNI Flight Simulators, 26 Years in Flight Simulations: Wars Fought, Revolutions Started, Assassinations Plotted, Governments Run, Uprisings Quelled, Stud Service, Tigers Tamed, Bars Emptied, Computers Verified, Orgies Organized! “You can’t drink all day, if you don’t start in the morning” “Alcohol, the cause and solution to all of life's problems.”
Likes: Easy women who drink double IPA’s.
Dislikes: Fizzy Yellow Beer
Hobbies: Guitar, Radio Controlled Airplanes
Nicknames: Biscuit, Dummy, Hey You!

Cesar Arce
Cesar Arce: Mbr #162, MS: 18 Apr 12, Lutetium Prime, Flight Sim Tech, married to the best thing that ever happened to me, two cool sons, dj, muck around any construction project I can get my hands on.
Likes: Music, partying, beer, exciting people, jogging, motorcycles, flipping houses.
Dislikes: F___(Puffed) up people.
Hobbies: Music, music and more music, (also see likes).
Nicknames: Red, Big Guy.
Dom De Sciscilo: Mbr #163, MS: 25 Apr 12, Lutetium Prime, CAPT USN, surface warrior extraordinaire!
Likes: Good-looking women, Italian food, ice-cold beer (...not necessarily in that order!!)
Dislikes: Last call.
Nicknames: Dom, Big "D," Dominator, Dominatrix.
Jamie Gimber: Mbr #164, MS: 9 May 12, Lutetium Prime, CHS83 Folks still on the island! Husband to Lovely Liz, Father to three beautiful girls, Sadie, Gabrielle and of course Leila. Naval Aviator (retired from the reserves); Commercial Pilot for the Friendly Skies; Owner-LGS Properties
Likes: Living on the island. Being married to Liz, Hanging with my girls! Motorcycle trips to Baja. Riding my bike around town.
Dislikes: Not too many. Ok - commuting to work, Trips to Newark and not Maui, complainers.
Hobbies: Surf, sand, boating, skiing, running, dirt bikes, my old BMW R75 and of course beer.
Nicknames: Jamie is just fine.

Tony Russell
Tony Russell: MBR #165, MS: 24 May 12, Lutetium Prime, U.S. Coast Guard CDR.
Loves: Traci, 3 sons, and Bella.
Likes: Grilling steaks, drinking beer, Justin Bieber, and drug busts.
Dislikes: Adam Radtke, cocaine dealers and IBC "Alley Lingerers."
Hobbies: Bicycling, fishing by himself, quoting movies over and over and over again.
Nicknames: The Guy Next Door, Melon.
Jason Anderson: Mbr #166, MS: 3 Oct 12, Lutetium Prime, Venture Capitalist; President of Annwn Capital LLC. Found out about this island 18 years ago and have struggled since to get back. Found out about beer about 35 years ago and have never looked back. Born on one island, raised on another island, hoping to live out the rest of my days on this island. Beer, activities and travel: More = Better.
Likes: Good alcohol: starting with beer, ending with scotch, and spanning everything in between; living close to the IBC clubhouse.
Dislikes: Judgement without humor;hypocrisy;lolly-gaggers; falling off my bike, and warm beer.
Hobbies: Working-out (12 oz. and up), travel, sailing and fishing. Telling outrageous stories about all of the above.
Nickname: Jay
Clint Osborn: Mbr #167, MS: 10 Oct 12, Lutetium Prime, Heavy equipment operator for the City of El Cajon; Fargy's neighbor; fishing fanatic.
Sponsor: Farguson
Likes: Spending time with family & friends; good food & hoppy beer.
Dislikes: Driving off "The Rock" to go to work each day
Hobbies: Kayak fishing (especially in Baja).
Nickname: Oz, Clint.
Brian Evans: Mbr #168, MS: 7 Nov 12, Lutetium Prime, San Diego native, Marine F-18 driver, husband to Jennifer.
Likes: Strong relationships, street tacos and cold beer after a 300 mile day on a dirt bike bike in Baja.
Dislikes: Negative people, traffic.
Hobbies: Flying, motorcycling, biking... most anything involving speed.
Nicknames: Rocco.
Rod Neilson: Mbr #169, MS: 14 Nov 12, Lutetium Prime, Retired Marine CWO, newbie to CA (loving every minute of it), No. Carolina coast born & raised.
Likes: Cold beer, and warm sun.
Dislikes: Political extremists, know-it-alls, warm beer and cold beaches.
Hobbies: Shooting, softball, paddleboarding, surfing, tennis & triathlons.
Nicknames: Rod, "mini-me"
Mark Andrews: Mbr #170, MS: 5 Dec 12, Lutetium Prime, Coronado resident since 1985. Founded Andrews Capital Management, Inc. in 1995. Wife Ginny and son Nick. Grew up in England in the '60s.
Likes: Coronado, cold beer, old porsches, avid Beatles fan.
Dislikes: Smoking, rap music.
Hobbies: Golf, Tennis, working an old house, travel.
Nicknames: Tall Brit, Andy

Roger Chapa: Mbr #171, MS: 12 Dec 12, Ytterbium Exquisite, USNA '79, Retired Naval Aviator, originally from San Antonio, TX, MD-11 Capt, FedEx, BSA Merit Badge counselor.
Likes: Aviation, lobster hoop netting, all things science & DIY.
Dislikes: Corona beer.
Hobbies: Astonomy, beer/mead brewing.
Nickname: Rog

John Sexton: Mbr #172, MS: 2 Jan 13, Ytterbium Exquisite, USNA '72, Marine for 11 yrs, then Navy Clinical Psychologist and world's first Prescribing Psychologist.
Loves: family and retirement.
Likes: tug on groin when parachute opens
Dislikes: parachute not opening
Hobbies: green exploring
Nickname: Snake Dancer (inquire for details)

Bo Blumenthal: Mbr #173, MS: 2 Jan 13, Ytterbium Exquisite, born in Coronado Hospital, CHS '98, been drinking since about then.
Likes: Winning, g olf, classy people, non-fiction, locals, TV, classic rock.
Dislikes: Losing, soccer, class-less people, fiction, Zonies, radio, classical music.
Hobbies: Golf, coaching various sports, remembering random facts, criticizing sports-talk radio.
Nicknames: Bobo, Mark's kid, Bryce's Brother, Wilson's Dad.
Tim Sexton: Mbr #174, MS: 6 Feb 13, Ytterbium Exquisite, CHS '06 and SDSU '14 (with a "BS" degree in Recreation and Tourism Management, to find the most desired  I carry a large volume of gas, so steer clear (inquire for details).
Likes: Education, recreation & beer.
Dislikes: Clean-shaven look.
Hobbies: Biking, hiking, & home brewing.
Nickname: Big Tim.
Ann McCann
Ann McCann: Mbr #175, MS: 6 Feb 13, Ytterbium Exquisite, USNA '96, Wes' wife, CDR in US Navy. Became CO of USS Russell (DDG-59) in March 2013.
Sponsor: Wes McCann
Likes: Malty beers, Zymurty, fine dinner, cooking, single malt scotch, cigars.
Dislikes: Hoppy beers, pretentious people.
Hobbies: Beer, making beer, cooking.
Nicknames: Ann, "Cap'n"
John Parma: Mbr #176, MS: 6 Mar 13, Ytterbium Exquisite, enamored husband, proud father of four, activy duty US Navy (16yrs & counting). Recently purchased property on the Rock & don't plan on leaving! Discovering IBC equates to finding the Holy Grail.
Likes: CA sun, CA beer, my CA wife (Megan), Bostons sports and anything on or in the water.
Dislikes: Pessimists, short life spans, slow drives and terrorists.
Hobbies: Cooking and time with the kids (Madison, Brooklyn, Dominic and Kennedy)
Nickname: J.J.
Jon Sanchioli: Mbr #177, MS: 6 Mar 13, Ytterbium Exquisite, San Diego native and J Ave resident, retired firefighter/paramedic, married to the beartiful Trish Eaton, three boys--Jay, Chuckie & PJ.
Likes: Surfing in Mexico with friends, consecutive days on the Rock without going over the bridge, anything with my wife Trish.
Dislikes: Incorrect surf forecast, thieves, angry people.
Hobbies: Surfing, sailing, paddle boarding.
Nicknames: Choli Dog, Juan Grande.
Dean Asher: Mbr #178, MS: 3 Apr 13, Ytterbium Exquisite, U.S Navy radiologist, prior nuke, on island since 2005; married with two teenage kids.
Likes: Ballast Point Sculpin, Lagunitas New Day IPA, Firestone Pale 31
Dislikes: Disco music, cranberry Iambics
Hobbies: playing guitar and ukulele; brewing beer
Nicknames: Dean-o
Bruce Thorkelson: Mbr #179, MS: 3 Apr 13, Ytterbium Exquisite, Minnesota farm boy, retired Naval officer (F-4 RIO), retired regional sales manager, married to Ginny 43 yrs, USS Midway docent.
Likes: Cold beer & popcorn, happy people, IBC.
Dislikes: Complainers, heavy traffic, long lines.
Hobbies: Snow skiing, shooting civil war muzzle loaders, USS Midway volunteer, reading, working in the garage.
Nicknames: Bear
Ashlee Hunt
Ashlee Hunt: Mbr #180, MS: 1 May 13, Ytterbium Exquisite, brn hair, hzl eyes, 5' 10", athletic, player soccer for UC Berkeley on scholarship for four yrs. Degree in Sociology, MBA-accounting. Owns and runs her Home design/ build business.
Likes: My son Milo, my daughter-Lola, knee-high socks, karaoke, WII dancing/singing competitions in knee-high socks, handstands, Wonder Woman, being a mom.
Dislikes: getting injured, bad drivers, bad drivers in the rain, bad drivers when it's sunny.
Hobbies: Painting, biking, traveling, boating, anything with my kids.
Nickname: Skins
Businesses: Beach Breeze, Inc; Beach Breeze Design and Build
Tom Latona: Mbr #181, MS: 1 May 13, Ytterbium Prime.
Likes: Beer vacations, a day off, biking to work, happy people, real sports, little league, any sport that costs money to play but not to watch; RAK's - random acts of kindness (bigger the better).
Favorite beer: The one in front of me.
Dislikes: Whiners, when rules change, judgers, people with more dislikes than likes.
Loves: Wife and son, nothing that can't love back.
Nicknames: Lucky (not the good kind), The Cooler.
Bill Sandke: Mbr #182, MS: 5 Jun 13, Ytterbium Prime, member since 5 Jun 2013 but freeloader for many months prior. Coronado Native, CHS '82, UCLA '86 BA Political Science; Resident Photographer at the Hotel del Coronado since the last century.
Sponsor: Dan Gensler
Likes: My wife and 2 wonderful daughters (who will not be invited to Beer Club), Beer, Boats, Buffett, Bars & Beaches, Christ Church, Republicans, Coronado Yacht Club, did I say Beer?
Dislikes: Breast Cancer, poor listeners, Taxes
Hobbies: Flying Cessna 172s, Boating, Scuba Diving, Astronomy, Weather
Nicknames: Only one I ever liked: Sterling, given to me by my nephew and some of his 295 classmates.
Comments: A beer is a terrible thing to waste.... SO DON'T!
Billy Hart: Mbr #183, MS: 1 June 13, Ytterbium Prime. Billy actually knows what hafnium is.
Loves: Family and good people, aircraft carriers, the New York Giants, the sound of wind in palm trees, good salsa (never comes in a jar), and the smell of freshly cut grass.
Disloves: When a fade becomes a slice, naysayers, and self-centered rudeness.
Hobbies: Golf and, of course, the search for a cold beer and good friends (sort of go hand in hand).
Nicknames: Billy, Billy, Billy.
Bill Plunkett: Mbr #184, MS: 3 July 13, Ytterbium Prime, father of 5 with last one off to USC this fall. Graduated from Chico State in Business/Computer Science in heyday of being rated #1 party school in Playboy for quite a few years. Early member of the iTappaCoors frat (it was cheap beer). Low point- when daughter who got into to USC says if you can't get into any good schools, there is always Chico State.
Likes: A cold beer on a hot or cold day.
Dislikes: Dislikes- What is there not to like living in Coronado? Oh- politics....
Hobbies: Biking, hiking, skiing, traveling, happy hour cocktailing and beer club Wednesday!!!
Nicknames: Billy, Billy....
Chuck Lucas: Mbr #185 MS: 24 July 13, Ytterbium Prime, 5'7" tall, 280 lbs, brown hair (with a touch of gray), gray-brown beard, hazel eyes, Coronado resident for 15 years. & Commander of VFW Post 2422 since 2000.
Sponsor: Mike Turner
Likes: I like to drink beer, watch sports (primarily football, baseball, & golf), read mysteries & spoil my grandkids.
Dislikes: Rap music, argumentative people, & soap operas.
Hobbies: Fresh water fishing (haven't done it in 20 years), golf (haven't done it in 20 years), reading mysteries, doing crossword puzzles.
Nicknames: Chuck; I have been called Chuckie Cheese & Chuckie Poo & I don't like it. My sisters & aunts can call me Chuckie.

Tim Canty: Mbr #186 MS: 1 Aug 13, Ytterbium Prime, husband, father of twins, financial guru with Wells Fargo Advisors and history buff.
Sponsor: Steve Farguson
Likes: Family, sharing stories, IPA, cars.
Dislikes: Paying for parking, running out of projects/time.
Hobbies: Watching my daughters skate, travel, learning new trivia.
Nicknames: Daddy, Wolf (movie reference re: solving problems).

Joe Cunningham:Mbr #187 MS: 14 Aug 13, Ytterbium Prime, born and raised in sunny San Diego. Lived in SD for 30 years except for a brief time in Huntington Beach. Attended UCSD. Didn't grajuamate, got a job for the LAFD serving the citizens of South Central and USC. Have a lovely wife, two children. Love Coronado and never want to leave!
Sponsor: Dwight Settle
Likes: 75 and Sunny.
Dislikes: Bad driving, designated hitter, and people with a bad attitude.
Hobbies: Golf, surfing, River trips, and beer tasting.
Nicknames: Jocy, Joey, Jo Mama, JoJo.
Trent Munoz: Mbr #188 MS: 4 Sep 13, Ytterbium Prime, Director of Network Services for a large Telecommunications Company (13 Years). Occidental College Alumni and former baseball player. Living on the Island and building a new home in Coronado with my wife and two daughters.
Sponsor: John J. Parma
Likes: Bervages at 32.1 degrees, hoppy beer, 3-day weekends, bloody decks, and BBQ.
Dislikes: Excuses, fruity beer, and bland food.
Hobbies: Fishing, cooking, cold beer, and sports (not necessarily in that order).
Nicknames: Moonie, Squigs, and countless others.
John Watson: Mbr #189 MS: 4 Sep 13, Ytterbium Prime, Naval aviator (one tour), retired airline pilot and home builder.
Sponsor: Bob Ryan
Likes: Travelling with my wife, college football.
Dislikes: Liberals
Hobbies: Woodworking, bicycling, travel, fishing, rowing
Nicknames: John boy, dipshit
Marc Lord: Mbr #190 MS: 4 Sep 13, Ytterbium Prime, native of San Diego, born at Coronado Hospital, SDSU grad, owner of financial planning firm, married to high school sweetheart, father of four.
Sponsor: Jim Yeager
Likes: sports, music, beer, travel, movies, more beer
Dislikes: Mean people, stupid people, politicians, running out of beer.
Hobbies: Playing sports, reading, traveling, music, hanging with my kids
Nicknames: Lordy, Thumbs
Harvey Mabry: Mbr #191 MS: 2 Oct 13, Zirconium Exquisite, Failed Retirement multiple times and trying to succeed in Nado. Married, 1Bn/506/101st, 256th Signal, Currahee
Sponsor: Rob Talbot
Likes: Grandchildren, Family, Traveling, Louisiana Food
Dislikes: Political Parties, Tardiness, Laziness
Hobbies: Sailing, Bicycling
Nicknames: Babu, Swamprat

Bill Rogers: Mbr #192 MS: 6 Nov 13, Zirconium Exquisite, Born in Coronado Hospital, CHS '92, forced to live in Fresno for 7 years, Trophy Husband with 2 kids
Sponsor: Clint Osborn
Likes: The Killer B's: Beer, Bourbon, Beef, Bacon, BBQ, and Babes
Dislikes: Name Droppers, One Uppers, Vegans, Raider Fans
Hobbies: Drinking, cooking, brewing, golfing
Nicknames: The Head

Alisa Kerr: Mbr #193 MS: 6 Nov 13, Zirconium Exquisite, Coronado Resident and Fan since 2004. Incurable play addict, devote sun worshipper, super social social drinker, honorary "one of the guys" and kick-ass lawyer disguised as a sweet little blonde.
Sponsor: Steve "Fargy" Farguson
Likes: Long walks on the beach, puppies, romantic dinners, white flowers, shiny things... and drinking beer with my boys on Beer Belly Blvd!
Dislikes: A "glass half empty" attitude, last call, and being cold.
Hobbies: Traveling, writing, and playing.
Nicknames: Sunshine
Bob Vosskuhler: Mbr #194 MS: 9 Oct 13, Zirconium Exquisite, Grew up in the Midwest with Medical School at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Surgical Residency at the Naval Hospital San Diego. Fellowship in Head and Neck Surgery at MD Anderson. Started a Medical Device company in Minneapolis from 1991-2002.
Sponsor: Dr.John Wooden, Paul Plumb
Likes: Biking, tennis, skiing--cross country and downhill, kayaking, fishing,travel
Dislikes: Cheap inconsiderate people!!
Hobbies: fly fishing, hiking, reading
Nicknames: Dr. Bob and Hawkeye when I was on the USS Kitty Hawk
Noah Wayne: Mbr #195 MS: 16 Oct 13, Zirconium Exquisite, Coronado local for 27 years, and co-owner of a local Coronado landscaping business. I'm always looking for the next big adventure.
Sponsor: Jeff Wilkens
Likes: Blues rock music, Classic cars, Bikes, Anything with a motor, Microbrewed beer (CBC & Green Flash preferably), Liver & onions, and good hearted, hard working people.
Dislikes: Chickens (Only live ones, dead ones are delicious), Naysayers, Posers, Sheeple, Beer Wasters, and Punkers.
Hobbies: Harmonica, Guitar, Building motorized bikes, & fixing pretty much anything you can break.
Nicknames: Wayne
Doc Seibert: Mbr #196 MS: 16 Oct 13, Zirconium Exquisite, Born and raised in Arkansas. Been in the military for 5 years. Previously served with the Marines at Camp Lejuene, NC, and transferred to North Island late 2011. I met Bones Wilkens at his house for a landscaping estimate, and he showed me the Island Beer Club. The clouds opened up, the light shined and I'v been attending ever since.
Sponsor: Jeff Wilkens
Likes: Beer
Dislikes: Not drinking beer
Hobbies: Painting/sketching, trying new beer, hunting, restoring my 1951 Dodge pick-up
Nicknames: Doc, Grimmy, Yardstick
Elizabeth Nolan: Mbr #197 MS: 6 Nov 13, Zirconium Exquisite, Probably the only person, and female at that, who walking down the alley to the Coronado Island Beer Club could have told you that the oldest brewery in America is YUENGLING (because I grew up in Pennsylvania).
Sponsor: Doc Morton
Likes: kindness
Dislikes: ignorance
Hobbies: engaging in living
Nicknames: Elizabeth, Beth, Betsy, Bets, Liz, Lizzie ... all variations of Elizabeth.
Sometimes they even call me Doctor
Josh Flage: Mbr #198 MS: 4 Dec 13, Zirconium Exquisite, Midwest, american boy who loves God, Country and beer. Graduated from the USNA in 2010 and became a submariner. I've brewed a batch or two of beer before, but unfortunately they don't let brew in the engineroom of a submarine so its been awhile
Sponsor: Harry Thaete
Likes: Beer, reading, economics, exercise, playing music (drums), IPA's
Dislikes: Skunked beer, liberal politics
Hobbies: Home brewing, reading, video games, paddleboarding, cribbage
Nicknames: Josh
Rich Lorentzen: Mbr #199 MS: 4 Dec 13, Zirconium Exquisite, Retired Navy Captain and Aviation Maintenance Officer (AMDO) who reached escape velocity from the Pentagon and this summer ... currently tranistioning! Naval Academy grad class of 86. Married to Lisa with 2 kids (son Everett, in second year at USNA, daughter Anna, junior at CHS). Son of a retired Navy Senior Chief (ADRCS)
Sponsor: Steve Fargeson
Likes: Cold IPAs and watching the Padres, Chargers, and UFC fights, hanging out with buddies on Wed at IBC, anything on the beach or in the ocean (grew up in Ewa Beach, HI), watching my daughter play soccer and talking/laughing with my son on the phone, and hanging out with Lisa and Lui, our grumpy old maltese, and space A travel!
Dislikes: Warm beer, uptight people and negative attitudes.
Hobbies: Running, biking, weightlifting, anything on the water, golf, and personal finance.
Nicknames: Rich and "Shaka"
John Williams: Mbr #200 MS: 4 Dec 13, Double Centurion-Cohort I, Moved to the Rock in August of 2013 from Reno after growing up in Boston. Wicked stoked I landed in Coronado. I'm also a proud descendent of MBR# 148 (he has my great looks and hair).
Sponsor: George Williams
Likes: The family, high I.B.U.'s, planes & helicopters, the Sox which are Red, the Bruins (not UCLA) and of course the Patriots.
Dislikes: The Yankees, horrible drivers (especially the one in my golf bag), flat and/or warm beer. Oh! And the Yankees.
Hobbies: Tinkering with electronics, golf, fishing, cars and loud music (usually together)
Nicknames: J-Bone, John "son", Big John
Bill Parry: Mbr #201 MS: 2 Jan 14, Double Centurion Exquisite, Union College '64; Coronado resident since '65; Retired Navy; CHS Varsity Lacrosse Head Coach; CHS Varsity Football D-back Coach; Member, Coronado Optimist Club; Life Member VFW Post 2422; married to "The Cheese Lady"; son Mike, cinematographer in LA.
Sponsor: Jeff Wilkens (Karen Pray)
Likes: Beer, lacrosse, travel, channels 213 and 257
Dislikes: Blank
Hobbies: Blank
Nicknames: Cheese Boy
Dan DeLaurentis: Mbr #202 MS: 8 Jan 14, Double Centurion Exquisite, CHS75, Coronado Native, CHS Athlete of the Year, retired Navy '04, Father of 3, husband of 1.
Sponsor: Al Lovering
Likes: Good food, cheap wine, HOPS!
Dislikes: Whiners, especially cheap whiners, Cold water.
Hobbies: Golf, tennis, bowling, auto repair
Nicknames: Delo
Robb Huff: Mbr #203 MS: 5 Feb 14, Double Centurion Exquisite, Able to sit up and take nourishment. Have a working band (Velvet Cafe) in Coronado (at my age)
Sponsor: Wayne Strickland
Likes: Beer
Dislikes: Rules
Hobbies: Music, sailing
Nicknames: Roberto El Guapo
Paul Bandini: Mbr #204 MS: 5 Feb 14, Double Centurion Exquisite, Active-duty Navy, Naval Flight Officer, XO Tactical Air Control Squadron 12. Flew EP-3 reconnisance aircraft for the Navy. Troop 801 Assistant Scout Master and Pack 122 Assistant Pack Master.
Sponsor: George Williams
Likes: Texas A&M Aggies, Boston Red Sox and BEER!
Dislikes: University of Texas Longhorns
Hobbies: Football, base/softball, horseriding, coaching kids little league teams (baseball/soccer/football),Scouting, camping, surfing, spending time with family.
Nicknames: Call Sign: "Veggie" or just "Veg"
JJ LaMaitro : Mbr #205 MS: 5 Mar 14, Double Centurion Exquisite, JJ has been an active member of the community through the Coronado VFW Post 2411. He has been in a leadership position for over 15 years. Santee resident.
Sponsor: Dennis Costa
Likes: Cold beer, attractive women
Dislikes: Warm beer, ugly (on the inside) women
Hobbies: Beer drinking and sports
Nicknames: JJ
Steve Blumenthal: Mbr #206 MS: 16 Apr 14, Double Centurion Exquisite, Good looking, snappy haircut, not as good looking as our ex-mayor
Sponsor: Mark Blumenthal
Likes: Beer, chicks, beer, sports (football, scuba, golf, etc)
Dislikes: Wine, whiners
Hobbies: Beer, chicks, beer, sports
Nicknames: Dr. B.
Other Category: Beer
Will Hoyman: Mbr #207 MS:16 Apr 14, Double Centurion Exquisite, I'm a local Broker Associate & REALTOR® at Real Living Napolitano Real Estate, who loves meeting good people, sharing good stories, laughing at good jokes, and drinking good beer, but not necessarily in that order.
Sponsor: Gary Smith
Likes: See Hobbies, but otherwise, I like fun, funny, smart, good, interesting people.
Dislikes: Fun killers, boring people, disrespectful and dishonest people.
Hobbies: Real Estate Investment, Yoga, Dressing Up, Networking, Eating and Drinking, Thinking, Reading, Writing, Riding Horses, Polo, Learning, Listening to Music, Going to the Symphony, Opera, Concerts, Sailing on Other People's Boats, Golf, Swimming, Beach Going, Traveling.
Nicknames: Billy, Billy H, Billy Ho, Professor.
Alan Kinzel: Mbr #208 MS: 2 Apr 14, Double Centurion Exquisite, Grew up in St. Louis where the drinking age was about 5. I thought the Budweiser theme song was a rally cry for every sporting event. Graduate of Mizzou and Illinois (MBA). Entrepreneur - Broker of Crosswalk Properties here in Coronado and hold a patent on a holiday lighting system I want to do something with someday.
Sponsor: Steve Wampler
Likes: Entrepreneurs, St. Louis Rams, Cardinals, Mizzou Tigers, Moderate weather, God, positive motivated people, pool, darts, golf and of course beer! Love my Family; Lisa, Nick and Matt.
Dislikes: Rude or negative people. Cold or really hot weather especially after living in Arizona. Kansas Jayhawks, long lines.
Hobbies: Golf, travel, whatever my kids are into
Nicknames: Bones - many kids in school didn't know my real name. Clipper
Josh Tidball: Mbr #209 MS: 9 Apr 14, Double Centurion Exquisite, Team guy. Moved to SD in '05 & love the weather, not the politics...or any politics. Grew up in Europe during the Cold War. Moved to Maryland in '92, got my BSBA at Drexal U. in Philly. Joined the Navy in 04 as a corpsman.
Sponsor: Gary Smith
Likes: My daughter Ryan, exploring/trying new things, cold ones.
Dislikes: warm ones, Facebook, Twitter
Hobbies: Just about anything outdoors or on the water
Nicknames: Tiddys, Nuts, Balls
Tim O'Brien: Mbr #210 MS: 23 Apr 14, Double Centurion Exquisite, Transplanted New Yorker, career Navy Supply Officer who was erroneously promoted five times, currently live in Coronado with my wife Marian and our three sons.
Sponsor: Al Lovering
Likes: My family, Guinness, NY sports teams - especially the NY Football Giants, and patriots (not those guys from New England who went 18-1).
Dislikes: All Philly sports teams, T-Rex arms in a bar, liberals, pompous jerks, telemarketers and snowmobiles.
Hobbies: Golf, reading, beer and St Patrick's Day in NYC.
Nicknames: Dad, TO, TOB and Big SUPPO.
Erin Walsh: Mbr #211 MS: 23 Apr 14, Rhenium Exquisite, Supply Corps Lieutenant recently moved to Coronado from Virginia Beach. I was actually born in Balboa Naval Hospital while my dad was stationed here as an S3 pilot. Single, never married, no kids (I'm a rarity these days....especially after living in Mississippi, where I was in fact told I needed to work on that) but enjoying every minute of it.
Sponsor: Roger Chapa
Likes: Booze in all it's lovely forms, especially Coronado Orange Wit, Jameson's and Ginger, and a good Malbec. Love paddleboarding, running, fishing, sailing, hanging out on the beach, and life.
Dislikes: Fireball shots....though I'll prob still take one with you. Grumpy people, early mornings, bland salsa, and winter.
Hobbies: Running, reading, paddleboarding, cooking, piano, and attempting to surf
Nicknames: E, E-Dub, Maggot
Steve Petit: Mbr #212 MS: 23 Apr 14, Rhenium Exquisite, Raised in Coronado. CHS class of 1965. Former Marine aviator and retired American Airlines pilot. Docent on the Midway.
Sponsor: John Morton
Likes: History--all kinds. Travel. Cold beer after a round of golf.
Dislikes: Most things green to eat.
Hobbies: golf, photography
Nicknames: Warm Whiskey, Snake Eyes, Mad Dog
Beth Asher: Mbr #213 MS: 22 May 14, Rhenium Exquisite, Proud Navy wife of 23 years and mom to two great kids.
Sponsor: Dean Asher
Likes: Member number 178, new cars, traveling, shooting and vacuuming.
Dislikes: People who don't appreciate that freedom isn't free. Dog hair... hence the love of vacuuming. Dirty cars.
Hobbies: Traveling, hiking, shooting, car washing.
Nicknames: Boo
Tug McGraw: Mbr #214, MS: 22 May 14, Rhenium Exquisite, Naval Aviator (Retired); A-6E; working for SAIC at Old Old Town; USNA Grad 1977; Rob Crenshaw was my boss in 1974
Sponsor: Rob Crenshaw
Likes: Sports, beer, Coronado
Dislikes: White wine
Hobbies: Running and travel
Nicknames: Tug
Jerry Winter: Mbr #215, MS: 22 May 14, Rhenium Exquisite, Nice, grumpy ol man, happily married to my wife Joey for 35 years. Got great kids (4) and even greater grand kids (7)
Sponsor: George Lanman
Likes: Family, good friends, good beer, good wine and food
Dislikes: Rude people, most whiners, takers and users. Other than that I like most things
Hobbies: Sailing, body surfing, fishing, growing grapes and avocados, lousy poker player
Nicknames: Jerry. In Mexico and my Mexican friends - Geronimo
Mark Gilbert: Mbr #216, MS: 28 May 14, Rhenium Exquisite, Navy Helo Pilot, USNA 1990. Wife: Kristee, children: Trevor (CHS16), Kyle (CHS17), Mackenzee (CHS20). Two yellow Labs: Roxee and Troy. First moved to Coronado in 1993, left in 1999, back for good in 2012.
Sponsor: Paul Bandini
Likes: Cold Beer with family and friends, powder days, hitting solid golf shots, USC Football and living walking distance to IBC.
Dislikes: Climate Change (when it gets cloudy on the Rock), hitting bad golf shots and forgetting my bike.
Hobbies: Skiing, golf, running and drinking beer.
Nicknames: Mark
Martha Protzman: Mbr #217, MS: 2 Jul 14, Rhenium Exquisite, 5' 7" eyes of hazel! Long brown hair and usually a good happy smile. Graduated from CHS class of '62. Graduated from University of Oregon with a BS in '66 and received a masters of art degree from San Diego State 1979. A reading specialist and a teacher for many years. Still tutoring and currently an ASE Teacher at Strand School. One of the PLUMB TRIBE!
Sponsor: Bones
Likes: Pilates, Jazzercise, Walking, cinema society, P.E.O. (woman's philanthropic education group)
Dislikes: Whiners and braggerts
Hobbies: Dancing and playing all kinds of card games.
Nicknames: Never really used one. Some people call me Marty.
Chuck Sweeny: Mbr #218, MS: 18 Jun 14, Rhenium Exquisite, arrived in Coronado in 1962 and resolved never to leave (US Navy had different ideas). Retired Navy carrier pilot 22 yrs, S-2Es and A-4Fs. San Diego Defense Industry 25 yrs. National President of Distinguished Flying Cross Society (missed the DO NOT VOLUNTEER class. Retired, retired.
Sponsor: Rod Neilson
Likes: Beautiful women, cold beer, good wine, great food, US Military, football, baseball
Dislikes: Most career politicians, political correctness, anti-American and anti-military rhetoric, bad food, warm beer, current direction of the country
Hobbies: Attending military organization functions.
Nicknames: Chuck, Mr DFC
Jill Olen : Mbr #219, MS: 30 Jul 14, Rhenium Exquisite, Very nice person, except when I'm not. Pretty down-to-earth. Often asked when I'm going to write a book. Heck, I don't know; seems to conflict with my hobby of relaxing!
Sponsor: Mike Woiwode
Likes: baby animals, ocean, relaxing
Dislikes: salmon, ethically-challenged people, name droppers
Hobbies: Remote controlled fart machine - it's a gas!
Nicknames: Willie, Weenie
Stefan Freeman: Mbr #220, MS: 13 Aug 14, Rhenium Prime, Coronado transplant from Vail, Colorado via UCSB. Son of a Frogman, husband of an Islander (1990), father of 2 young children. Serial Entrepreneur
Sponsor: Steve Wampler
Likes: People watching, happy hour, travel, sleep, Selma Hayek, roller coasters, mexican food, NHL, NFL, big swells, beer from Bavaria, live music, fast cars and adventure.
Dislikes: Ignorance, portable toilets, high tables, long lines, hot weather, lobbyists and the Raiders
Hobbies: Surfing, skiing, murderball, tennis, yodeling, making cookies, swimming, going to beach with friends and family.
Nicknames: Marbury
Favorite words: Serendipity & Reinheitsgebot

Pat Flynn: Mbr #221, MS: 9 Jul 14, Rhenium Prime, CHS59.
Sponsor: Bob Kipperman
Likes: Vince, cruising and travel in general, my home, my dear family and friends, biking, and Coronado life.
Dislikes: Negative people.
Hobbies: Tennis, yoga, biking, diving, gardening (when I have time).
Nicknames: Patty or Pat

Ky Roberts: Mbr #222, MS: 9 Jul 14, Rhenium Prime, Coronado native, CHS Class of '59, SDSU graduate way back when.
Likes: Beach, Coronado living, Chargers, Aztecs, New Zealand, New Zealand wine, laughing, being with good friends and family.
Dislikes: Grumpy, impatient people, especially those with no sense of humor.
Hobbies: gardening, walking, movies, traveling.
Nicknames: Kybo, Kysie, Winchester (Winch) & Kiki
Ken Slanie: Mbr #223, MS: 2 Jul 14, Rhenium Prime, Been on and off the Rock since '68', married to Beth since then, 2 kids, 2 grandkids, ex-Navy, ex-GE Healthcare, builder of hospitals and imaging centers, hyperactive adult, beer connoisseur.
Sponsor: Alisa Kerr
Likes: NFL, Mermaid Red/IPA's, family, dogs,anywhere above 5000', motocross, John Wayne, rock/blues/country/rockabilly, rat rods, sports in general.
Dislikes: Weak and fruity beers, whiners, running (except for beer and dinner) lazy-ass people, slippery politicians and car salesman types.
Hobbies: Mountainbiking, dirt bikes, Harleys, shooting, 4 wheeling, camping, sailing, ocean fishing, builing stuff and hunting for the perfect dark beer and taco combo.
Nicknames: Sleaze Dog, Homer, UK, Daddy-Doo (by Krista)
Other Category: Favorite uncle to member #155 and his bro.
Kevin Moore: Mbr #224, MS: 30 Jul 14, Rhenium Prime, Naval Flight Officer, devoted father and husband, BOSTON raised, Seattle Pacific University grad, Univ of Phoenix MBA. Coronado resident since 2005.
Sponsor: The Honorable George Williams
Likes: Coronado Island life, Coronado Golden with hot buffalo chicken! Rock-n-Roll guitar, hot rods, surfing, biking and working out.
Dislikes: warm beer :( Summer traffic in Coronado, TAXES!
Hobbies: Guitar, Hotrods, surfing, exercise, bowling, cold beer!
Nicknames: K-Moo
Mike Borszich: Mbr #225, MS: 3 Sep 14, Rhenium Prime, Navy pilot who loves beer and Coronado.
Sponsor: Steve Blumenthal
Likes: Beer, sports,flying
Dislikes: Beets
Hobbies: Sports, shooting
Nicknames: KGB
Jason Klingenberg: Mbr #226, MS: 10 Sep 14, Rhenium Prime, A San Joaquin valley country boy made good... have now traveled the world via the Navy Supply Corps, and by good fortune landed here in Coronado.
Sponsor: Al Lovering
Likes: God, wife/family, Philadelphia sports teams, running and other sports, the beach, travel, and of course beer, in particular IPA's!
Dislikes: New York and San francisco sports teams, KIA's (and I don't mean the cars), negative people
Hobbies: Taking my 4 kids to all their various events, running/sports/working out, going to the beach
Nicknames: Have one close friend that calls me Jack, other than that I don't think I have any.
Nerrie Zohn: Mbr #227, MS: 17 Sep 14, Rhenium Prime, Moved to Coronado 4 years ago after convincing my better half that DC was too...well, DC, and that San Diego was a better idea. We compromised by moving to Coronado. Patent Attorney
Sponsor: Gary Smith
Likes: Sitting in Coffee Shops. Starting projects and finishing projects. Starting a beer and finishing the beer. Building stuff. Sailing
Dislikes: Starting a project and not finishing the project. Starting a beer and not finishing the beer. Unexpected complications
Hobbies: Home repair...I mean improvement. Ultimate. Stocks/gambling
Nicknames: I've gone by Meyer in the past.
Chuck Montgomery: Mbr #228, MS: 17 Sep 14, Rhenium Prime, Tennessee raised and a Coronado resident since 1994 compliments of the Navy, and my wife - Gaby.
Sponsor: Paul Bandini
Likes: Coffee, Cold Beer & Tennessee Football - GO VOLS
Dislikes: Country Music, Bad Drivers & Negative Lazy People
Hobbies: Kayaking, Woodworking, Woodturning & Long walks with my white lab - Bentley
Nicknames: If there is a beer is involved, I will answer to most anything.
Matt Zagrodzky: Mbr #229, MS: 8 Oct 14, Rhenium Prime, Transplanted Texan. Attorney. Wife: Yes. Kids: 2.
Sponsor: Disco
Likes: A bike ride on the bike highway. Lunch on the beach. The view from the roof deck. Fishing. Springtime in Texas. Catching a wave on a boogie board with the kids
Dislikes: Tourists, Hutchinson's Fabio morph profile pic (it creeps me out), whiners, any time but Springtime in Texas, people who don't pick up after their dogs, people who don't pick up after themselves, smokers
Hobbies: Growing tomatoes, fishing, building sandcastles with the kids.
Nicknames: Z
Fabian Lebrija: Mbr #230, MS: 10 Oct 14, Palladium Exquisite, Islander (born & raised), looking to grab a beer with other Islanders
Sponsor: Jay Poe
Likes: Beer (any kind)
Dislikes: Non-alcoholic beverages
Hobbies: Sports and travel
Nicknames: None
Ed O'Connor: Mbr #231, MS: 22 Oct 14, Palladium Exquisite, I'm 25 and serve in the Navy as a rescuer swimmer. I'm originally from Ohio but have lived in San Diego for three years now. Love to find new beers with friends and have a good time!
Sponsor: Jason Anderson
Likes: Golf, beer, crossfit, jumping out of perfectly good helicopters!
Dislikes: Flat beer, cold weather.
Hobbies: Golf, crossfit, lacrosse and soccer
Nicknames: Eddy
Toby Edison: Mbr #232, MS: 29 Oct 14, Palladium Exquisite, Retired Air Force, Rugby player for 25 years. Ran one marathon and quit running forever.
Sponsor: Jeff Wilkens
Likes: Wheat beer and cider, rugby, afternoon naps, ocean swimming
Dislikes: Snow, shovelling snow, driving in snow
Hobbies: Rugby, kids sports
Nicknames: Toby
Keith Barry: Mbr #233, MS:21 Jan 15, Palladium Exquisite, Been around the world twice, talked to everyone once. There ain’t nothing I can’t do, no sky too high, no sea too rough. Learned a lot of lessons in my life: Never shoot a large caliber man with a small caliber bullet, Anything in life worth doing is worth overdoing; moderation’s for cowards. I’m a lover, I’m a fighter, I’m a UDT Navy Seal Diver.
Sponsor: George Williams
Likes: Drinking beer and squeezing triggers.
Dislikes: PC and my liver.
Hobbies: Training our nations future leaders.
Nicknames: Keith
John Turpit: Mbr #234, MS: Nov 26, Palladium Exquisite, Resident of Coronado since 1988. Married to Virginia, two daughters, Julia & Anna.
Sponsor: Paul Plumb
Likes: Beer, steak, Coronado, Rotary Club, contributing time to help our community, kids, spending time with my family, USMC.
Dislikes: Current White House Administration, current governor of California & its Legislative public employee unions.
Hobbies: Hunting quail, dove, birds, snow skiing, driving my 65' Shelby Mustang, rowing shells at the Nado boat house, trap shooting, golf.
Nicknames: Hoops, Wyatt, The Captain
Cory Schemm: Mbr #235, MS: 29 Apr 15, Palladium Exquisite, Navy Supply Officer originally from Buffalo, NY
Sponsor: Al Lovering
Likes: Navy football, Buffalo Bills, Buffalo Sabres, New York Yankees, cold beer & Coronado living
Dislikes: Army and Air Force football, Buffalo cold and snow
Hobbies: All sports, poker
Nicknames: Schemmdog, Shifty, Schemmy
Steve Grella: Mbr #236, MS: 13 May 15, Palladium Exquisite, Moved here in 2010 with the Navy from Florida. Out out of the Navy in July, 2014 and started a distillery out in Spring Valley.
Sponsor: Clint Osborne
Likes: Good Beer, friend, and having fun
Dislikes: Driving over the bridge and light beer
Hobbies: Fishing, Surfing and Shooting
Nicknames: Bush Wacker
Terry Kraft: Mbr #237, MS: 6 May 15, Palladium Exquisite, Transitioning from the Navy after 34 years. Naval flight officer
Sponsor: Billy Hart
Likes: Triathlons, sailing, diving, running and tennis
Dislikes: mean people
Hobbies: See "likes"
Nicknames: Krafty
Dave Buss: Mbr #238, MS: 9 Sep 15, Palladium Exquisite, Recently retired Navy 3-Star Admiral. Last job was the Navy's "Air Boss" (Comnavairpac) here in Coronado. Just finishing renovations of our home at 869 J Ave.
Sponsor: Bones
Likes: Golf, good IPAs, Coronado, my wife (not always in that order)
Dislikes: Brussel Spouts
Hobbies: Golf, Reading and Running
Nicknames: Dave, Buf
Gary Altstadt: Mbr #239, MS: 6 May 15, Palladium Exquisite, Proud owner of sub 1000 sq ft island cottage, husband to Sherril, father of Amelia-Marie & Max. Information Technology Manager over Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing for the San Diego Unified School District
Sponsor: Steve Wampler
Likes: My wife of 29 years and my kids, a great meal with great friends, the island lifestyle, working used to be high on the list but is dropping and IBC is quickly moving into works' spot
Dislikes: Cold and hot weather, too much sleep
Hobbies: Ham Radio, Movies, Scuba Diving, Traveling, Being an Islander
Nicknames: Hatchet
Bill Carinder: Mbr #240, MS: 1 Jul 15, Palladium Prime, father of two grown children, married to a beautiful woman, soon to be a grandpa for the first time and happy to be on Coronado.
Sponsor: Paul Plumb
Likes: beer, St Louis Cardinals, Kansas State football, Irish whiskey.
Dislikes: whining
Hobbies: hiking, fishing, boating, growing tomatoes, chasing my wife around the house
Nicknames: Willy
Tom Lancaster: Mbr #241, MS: 10 Jul 15, Palladium Prime, Father of 4 daughters, that alone qualifies for a full time job! Former Navy guy now flying for a living. Love being part of such a great community with so many fun activities like IBC.
Sponsor: Dan Gensler
Likes: My family, parties, good friends, music, the outdoors, beer, all sports, good movies and lots of action!
Dislikes: Traffic and shopping.
Hobbies: All ball sports, skiing, hiking, biking, swimming, reading
Nicknames: Tom
Joshua Straiton: Mbr #242, MS: 29 Jul 15, Palladium Prime, 27 going on 15, Naval Submarine Sonar Tech pursuing a degree in Economics with an emphasis in Finance seeking to gain a Commission as Naval Flight Officer in late 2015... "Do what you Love and you will always Love what you do."
Sponsor: John and Tim Sexton
Likes: Beer, Food, Being outdoors... just to name a few.
Dislikes: Anything Pickled... not a fan of strong Vinegar tastes
Hobbies: Fishing, Hunting, Water Sports, Investing, Golf, Crossfit
Nicknames: Rusty
Chuck O'Connor: Mbr #243, MS: 2 Sep 15, Palladium Prime, Avid partier, from Seattle, lives in Coronado for 9 years. Self-employed. Enjoy meeting new people at Beer Club.
Sponsor: Stefan Freeman
Likes: Beer, Vodka, Wine, Good IPA's, Sushi, Steak, My wife and son
Dislikes: Peas, Moldy Cheese
Hobbies: Sailing (Beer Cans at the Yacht Club), cycling, traveling and partying with friends
Nicknames: "CH," Mr. Chuck E. Cheeze
Teresa Leighty: Mbr #244, MS: 20 May 15, Palladium Prime, Self-employed Management Consultant. Born in Kansas City. Lived on the East Coast and San Fransisco before finding my way to the "Island."
Sponsor: Diana Drummey
Likes: My family, including three nieces and a nephew. The St. Louis Cardinals. Kansas City Chiefs and Kansas State Wild Cats and my sweet pup, Dio (may he rest in peace).
Dislikes: University of Kansas. I'd say the Oakland Raiders, but they've sucked for so long that there's no point in expending my energy in disliking them.
Hobbies: Running/working out, traveling, reading
Nicknames: TL. Mostly everyone just calls me Leighty (German name so light with a y on the end)
David Hanson: Mbr #245, MS: 20 May 15, Palladium Prime, CHS76, Jul76 signed professional baseball contract with California Angels as a pitcher, 06Dec77 became one of the FEW, A PROUD MARINE!
Sponsor: Father Phil Papaccio
Likes: My wife, Mother & Father in-law, IBC, Coronado Beach, Baseball, Football, Padres, Chargers, Raider Haters, Honest people,
Dislikes: OAKLAND RAIDERS! LOS ANGELES DODGERS! Warm Beer, Disrespectful Punks, Bitchy Women, High humidity! DODGERS! RAIDERS! DISHONEST PEOPLE!
Hobbies: Fishing, watching sports, bike riding
Nicknames: Country
Jerry Conrad: Mbr #246, MS: 19 Aug 15, Palladium Prime, 67 years old. Married 43 years. Son-Brooks, Daughter-Jessica, Five grandkids, Dog-Maggie
Sponsor: Jack Purdum
Likes: Beer, Jack Daniels, Walking and biking around Coronado, travel, golf, fishing, beach, outdoors and nature, wood working, spending time with family and sporting events...especially baseball.
Dislikes: People who drive while texting, talking on phone. People that aren't polite or have the ability to display manners.
Hobbies: Golf, fishing, wood working
Nicknames: Ray or Jay but don't call me Johnson!
Russ Wygal: Mbr #247, MS: 1 Jul 15, Palladium Prime, Grew up on "The Island," rode the ferry, little league, pop warner, surfing, sailing, body surfing, lots of time at the beach, CHS '79, USAF Vet, Army Aviator (Ret).
Sponsor: Bones
Likes: Family, friends, fitness, aviation, motorcycles, 2nd amendment, Oktoberfest, Vets, Islanders, a good laugh
Dislikes: Mouth breathers, bad attitudes, half empty glasses
Hobbies: Water sports, biking, hiking
Nicknames: Condor
Marilyn Rees : Mbr #248, MS: 1 Jul 15, Palladium Prime, CHS '57
Sponsor: Rob Crenshaw
Likes: Beer
Dislikes: People who don't like beer
Hobbies: Piano playing and drinking dark beer (which I do every Monday night at Vigilucci's)
Nicknames: Moyleburger (thanks to Tom Carlin)
Henry Angelino : Mbr #249, MS: 8 Jul 15, Palladium Prime, A Coronado Cays resident since 1997, I am a retired SWO-Nuke and the Executive Director of Higgs Fletcher & mack law firm. My wife, Lesley, and I have three children (Emily, Adam, and Olivia), who are all CHS grads.
Sponsor: Rich Lorentzen
Likes: Cold beer-brown and red ales, stouts, USA/California/Coronado, family/friends, the ocean (not necessarily in that order)
Dislikes: Inconsiderate people, litter
Hobbies: Drinking craft beer, hiking, scuba diving, fishing
Nicknames: None
Tom Ralph: Mbr #250, MS: 15 Jul 15, Ruthenium Exquisite,
Sponsor: Kippy
Likes: Dark beers, Porters, Travel, Good food
Dislikes: Filling in forms and getting picture taken
Hobbies: Nothing submitted
Nicknames: Condor
Bill Spittler: Mbr #251, MS: 26 Aug 15, Ruthenium Exquisite, Retired from the Marines (28 yrs) and commercial real estate (17 yrs). Still married to the first Coronado girl that was nice to me after Vietnam (the war... not the movie). Livin' large here in Paradise.
Sponsor: Bear Thorkelson
Likes: Cold Beer, good wine, kimchi, grandchildren and big dogs.
Dislikes: Household chores, excuses and flat, warm beer.
Hobbies: Reading history, watching baseball and football, and enjoying the nectar of the gods.
Nicknames: Wild Bill

Isaac Smit: Mbr #252, MS: 2 Sep 15, Ruthenium Exquisite,
Sponsor: Steve Grella
Likes: Family, Travel and of course, America
Dislikes: People/things that threaten America...and Clowns
Hobbies: Family, Hunting, Fishing, Biking, Camping and Hiking
Nicknames: Buck

George Author: Mbr #253, MS: 9 Sep 15, Ruthenium Exquisite, Coronado resident since 1996, Retired Navy Pilot, United Airlines Pilot (currently on sabbatical), CEO of CaVU Consulting, Inc., two grown kids, both went to school here, age 51, single...became a widower in April 2015
Sponsor: Jim Yeager
Likes: Sunsets, long walks on the beach, beer and some people
Dislikes: Litter
Hobbies: Flying, Kayaking, SUP, surfing
Nicknames: Navy callsign: "Wort." I go by George now...
Julie Lindquist: Mbr #254, MS: 26 Sep 15, Ruthenium Exquisite, Happy to live in Coronado!
Sponsor: Wayne Strickland
Likes: Guns that are overly large and loud, chocolate stouts, amazing people, sailing while drinking tequila, adventurous weekends
Dislikes: Dogs that are dressed up, crossed-eyed women, men without a sense of humor, men that won't date women who are taller than them.
Hobbies: Wood working, historic race cars, general shenanigans involving food, wine and nice funny men.
Nicknames: Suede, Jules, Blue Swede, Julio
John Beaver: Mbr #255, MS: 30 Sep 15, Ruthenium Exquisite, Chief of Staff, US Third Fleet
Sponsor: Rod Nielson
Likes: Beer, College football
Dislikes: Mississippi State
Hobbies: Tennis, Sailing
Nicknames: JB

Michael Schmid: Mbr #256, MS: 21 Oct 15, DOPS: 28 Dec 18, Ruthenium Exquisite, I am the proud owner of a little bungalow on 4th St. My wife and I with the help of our four kids have restored it past its original charm. We are real estate investors and I feel like I am living in a dream here on Coronado.
Likes: Beer, the Constitution, the ocean
Dislikes: speeders on 4th, horn honkers
Hobbies: shooting, reading
Nicknames: shakes, steel

Fred Eckert: Mbr #257, MS: 21 Oct 15, Ruthenium Exquisite, Retired military (Navy Pilot). Chicago Title VP Sales Rep.
Sponsor: Wayne Strickland
Likes: nothing
Dislikes: nothing
Hobbies: Biking, Investing, Family and Travel
Nicknames: Superman
Suzanne Manuel: Mbr #258, MS: 28 Oct 15, Ruthenium Exquisite, Happy, Lucky Woman (smiley face)
Sponsor: Wayne Strickland
Likes: Tennis, skiing, working out, Rotary, family
Dislikes: complainers, negative people
Hobbies: See likes above--plus dancing
Nicknames: Suzanne
Aaron White: Mbr #259, MS: 4 Nov 15, Ruthenium Exquisite, Well, an "F" would be consistent with my academic record. I was pretty pathetic.
Sponsor: Disco
Likes: Learning, traveling and meeting wise and/or funny people
Dislikes: Loud and obnoxious people who are oblivious to their surroundings and get in everyone else's way.
Hobbies: Spending time with family, reading, listening to music and exploring new places and things.
Nicknames: none
Laura Lee Humes: Mbr #260, MS: 4 Nov 15, Ruthenium Prime, CHS '60, CUSD Admin. & Teacher (RET), Aviatrix, Marathon runner, Trad Jazz Scholarship Founder, San Salvador Build Crew, Fine Art Photographer, Army wife (Fred, CHS '59)
Sponsor: Bones
Likes: Good friends, music, art, photography, Bible studies, travel, off-roading, planes, trains and fast cars
Dislikes: Temperatures below 70
Hobbies: Photography, Jeeping and gardening
Nicknames: Bunky, Beer Chic
Mike Vizzier: Mbr #261, MS: 18 Nov 15, Ruthenium Prime, Born in Arkansas, lived in southeast and went to Naval Academy. Joined USMC and became A-6 Bombardier-Navigator. Moved to Coronado in 1988 to work at AirPac Aircraft Programs & Engineering. Retired from USMC in '92 and then worked for County. Retired from County March, 2015. My wife's name is Leigh.
Sponsor: Paul Plumb
Likes: Just about everything, food, drink, sports, theatre, books, movies, etc.
Dislikes: Being trapped in an airplane coach seat for more than four hours.
Hobbies: Ski, sail, cook, bicycle and work in the yard
Nicknames: Viz
Bob Doyle: Mbr #262, MSD: 24 Feb 16, Ruthenium Prime, Retired Navy scientist, formerly with the US Naval Research Laboratory in DC. One time blue-water sailor with the Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club. Escaped from DC and now back in America defending the borders of my last redoubt on this sceptered isle.
Sponsor: Paul Plumb
Likes: IPA's, yoga pants, optimism, perseverance, movies where all the actors are dead, my DD214.
Dislikes: Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Russia, China, Washington, DC; not necessarily in that order.
Hobbies: Swimming, bicycling, gym, running, paddle boarding. Wanabe surfer, but for now just a kook on a SUP.
Nicknames: I'll answer to Bob, Robert, Rob, and the sound of a keg being tapped.
Ray DeLagrave: Mbr #263, MSD: 24 Feb 16, Ruthenium Prime, Retired Exec-Coca Cola Latin America, Ex-owner of Alexander's pizza, Director of Psychology-based non-profit, Interpersonal Communications Teacher and Consultant.
Sponsor: Disco
Likes: My wife and family, People in general, Joy (not a girlfriend), Sunshine, and the Sierras
Dislikes: Arizona summers, Florida summers, Midwest winters
Hobbies: Skiing, Road Cycling, Hiking, Sightseeing, Road Trips, European travel
Nicknames: Deli
George Kunberger: Mbr #264, MSD: 16 Mar 16, Ruthenium Prime, Chemical Engineer, F-4RIO, Engineering Exec, Saw the world, now I'm done. I married well.
Sponsor: Harry Thaete
Likes: My family, my friends, partying, the occasional good debate.
Dislikes: Judgemental people
Hobbies: Fitness, golf, wine and finance
Nicknames: Squints, no others in polite Company
Taylor Keith: Mbr #265, MSD: 16 Mar 16, Ruthenium Prime, Retired Navy Captain. Retired proposal manager for Lockheed Martin
Sponsor: George Lanman
Likes: Coronado and time with kids and grandkids (hopefully he is talking about his own :)
Dislikes: n/a
Hobbies: Golf, Sailing, Model boat building
Nicknames: Taylor
Richard Bailey: Mbr #266, MSD: 16 Mar 16, Ruthenium Prime, Political junkie with a sarcastic/dry sense of humor that enjoys chilling on the beach and showing off my 6-pack.
Sponsor: Bones
Likes: Slurpees, beaches, the game of global domination-RISK
Dislikes: Questioners, grocery story value cards
Hobbies: Running, skiing, body surfing, showing off 6-pack
Nicknames: Ricky, Funkmaster, flex, Bear
Randy Puraty: Mbr #267, MSD: 16 Mar 16, Ruthenium Prime, Multi-fueled, but runs best on beer.
Sponsor: Bill Spittler
Likes: Cold Beer
Dislikes: Warm Beer, but I'll drink it.
Hobbies: Buying beer, drinking beer, pissing beer
Nicknames: Any pejorative will do
Steve Berman: Mbr #268, MSD: 13 Apr 16, Ruthenium Prime, Local since 2008. Bankruptcy Lawyer practicing on both East and West Coasts. Wife and two awesome college age kids round out the family.
Sponsor: Wayne Strickland
Likes: Water, SUP surfing, sailing, warm weather, healthy positive people
Dislikes: Negative, unhappy, unhealthy people
Hobbies: Travel, food, Tequila, Sailing
Nicknames: The Bermander
Regina Feeks: Mbr #269, MSD: 13 Apr 16, Ruthenium Prime, I'm awesome, get to know me!
Sponsor: Jason Anderson
Likes: Crossfit, Netflix, cooking, eating, drinking
Dislikes: The sound of vacuums when I'm not the one vacuuming, being told, "We need to talk," people that don't like beer.
Hobbies: Crossfit, swimming, crafty stuff, reading and being a couch potato
Nicknames: Reg, Reggie, Feeksy, refeeks, Pretty much anything but Gina
Kurt Baron: Mbr #270, MSD: 13 Apr 16, Technetium Exquisite, Islander, Ex-Navy, GIS Analyst for Atkins North America, Married to Kath Fahey.
Sponsor: Gary Altstadt
Likes: Coronado food, drink, IPA's, snow, Alaska/ Yukon, lobster, concerts in the park
Dislikes: traffic
Hobbies: Shooting, kayaking, gardening, Porsche's, exercise, skiing, snorkeling
Nicknames: curt
Michael Copp: Mbr #271, MSD: 13 Apr 16, Technetium Exquisite, 20+ year resident of Coronado. Married to Karin, have 2 boys and 3 step-children (2 boys/1 girl). Dentist in town since 1990. Lives on Margarita Ave.
Sponsor: John Barber
Likes: Beer, Mexican food, music, travel
Dislikes: crappy beer
Hobbies: running, fly fishing, home brewing
Nicknames: Mike, Good Copp
Jason Keckley: Mbr #272, MSD: 13 Apr 16, Technetium Exquisite, Beer aficionado, San Diego State enthusiast, Dentist, former USMC Infantryman. You won't like me. I won't care.
Sponsor: Chris Kleber
Likes: Beer, Bourbon, My teams winning
Dislikes: Wine, Bacardi, my teams losing
Hobbies: Aztecs basketball/football, Liverpool, USMNT, flossing
Nicknames: The Dentist
Jet Rhys: Mbr #273, MSD: 20 Apr 16, Technetium Exquisite, You can take the girl out of Chicago- But you can't take the Chicago out of the girl!
Sponsor: Disco
Likes: Putting my lip gloss on while sky diving
Dislikes: Holes in the Ozone layer
Hobbies: waterskiing behind the Carnival Cruise Ship
Nicknames: Jetty-Jet Jet
Jim Shirey: Mbr #274, MSD: 4 May 16, Technetium Exquisite, Brewmaster, owner Bay Bridge Brewery Co.
Sponsor: Al Lovering
Likes: Balanced Traditional Beers
Dislikes: Slap you in the face IPA's
Hobbies: Boating, Fishing
Nicknames: Jimmer
Sue Shirey Sue Shirey: Mbr #275, MSD: 4 May 16, Technetium Exquisite, Wife, mother, friend, singer, comedian, domestic engineer, market researcher for Bay Bridge Brewing
Sponsor: Al Lovering
Likes: Laughing, drinking (especially at the same time), Coronado, friends, my dogs.
Dislikes: negative people
Hobbies: Singing, stand up comedy, hiking, hanging with my friends
Nicknames: Sueski
Don Ryan: Mbr #276, MSD: 4 May 16, Technetium Exquisite, Left upstate New York in 1980 on a road trip, found SD and said, "why not!" Mgt career in financial services with USAA. Married 30 years to Sue with 1 daughter. Live 2 blocks from IBC. Heard the commotion and followed the scent of beer and here I am.
Sponsor: Chris Toogood
Likes: Traveling and enjoying life with family and friends. Titos Vodka, beer and carne asada.
Dislikes: Pessimists and whiners
Hobbies: Golf and Accoustic Guitar hacker, local sports fan, music and of course beer and vodka but not in the same glass.
Nicknames: Ryan, Von Ryan
Craig Goodman: Mbr #277, MSD: 4 May 16, Technetium Exquisite, Navy Captain, Aviator, Husband, Father, all around good guy
Sponsor: Rob Crenshaw
Likes Golf, Classic cars-mainly Porsches and Beer
Dislikes: Mass Produced Beer
Hobbies: Golf, Cars
Nicknames: Doc
Rodger Welch: Mbr #278, MSD: 11 May 16, Technetium Exquisite, Coronado resident for 40+ years, have a home in Hawaii, CHS'74...varsity basketball, volleyball, baseball, USNA'78 -Volleyball team captain, Retire USN 2006
Sponsor: Dan Delaurentis
Likes: Surfing, flying, drinking beer + Sake
Dislikes: Worthless Politicians (which is most of them-no offense Richard Bailey, Bill Sanke, Blair, Tom, Mike) and too many people now on Coronado Island
Hobbies: surfing
Nicknames: Al Bundy (threw 4 touchdowns in one game), OGG, Crotch
Craig Blakey: Mbr #279, MSD: 11 May 16, Technetium Exquisite, transplanted Zonie. Ex celery picker, garbage man and Superior Court Judge.
Sponsor: David Knop (#128)
Likes: My family, Navy and Pac-12 football, sailing, theater, rugby and 72 degree weather.
Dislikes: Lima beans, know-it-alls, rush hours and anything Kardashian.
Hobbies: Horseback riding, book editing, hiking and beer drinking.
Nicknames: Snooky
Chris Coulsby Chris Coulsby: Mbr #280, MSD: 11 May 16, Technetium Prime, East County native that grew up coming to Coronado to visit family. Decided there was no better place to start my practice and rest of my island life.
Sponsor: Richard Bailey
Likes: Anything to do with the water and mountain biking, a frosty mug makes a happy man.
Dislikes: The Raiders, warm beer, empty glasses, foam
Hobbies: Mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, heading to the river
Nicknames: Doc; Couls
Jack Schuller: Mbr #281, MSD: 18 May 16, Technetium Prime, Naval Aviator (Ret). Came to the Rock in '91, courtesy of USN. Never leaving.
Sponsor: Russ Wygal
Likes: Flying, but only if I have the controls, most motorcycles and those that ride them, fine Bavarian brews – and all beer served cold.
Dislikes: Driving over the bridge and leaving the Rock, unskilled drivers, bullets in my direction, scooters, Brussels sprouts.
Hobbies: Motorcycles, sampling new brewery products, supporting my youngster's water polo habit.
Nicknames: Damien, Smilin' Jack, Captain Jack, "Dad, I need some money."
Mike Lewis: Mbr #282, MSD: 1 Jun 16, Technetium Prime, CHS72, USAF (Ret) in 1993, Owner of Coastal Pool and Spa.
Sponsor: Rob Crenshaw
Likes: Sailing, Beer, IPA's
Dislikes: Rude and unfriendly people
Hobbies: Sailing
Nicknames: Lewie, Mike, Lew
Rusty Vorce: Mbr #283, MSD: 27 Jul 16, Technetium Prime, CHS79, Father of Jeorge, Brother to Susan (Vorce) Gill '80 & Jeff Vorce '83, Parents Russ & Nancy Vorce - Profession: Technical Consultant/Program Manager, Cyber Defense Security
Sponsor: Russ Wygal
Likes: Seasonal fall brews Marzens & Lagers, honesty, crisp mornings, outdoors, water sports, first tracks, hanging with family and friends.
Dislikes: Pollution, inconsiderate people, rudeness, jealousy and hate.
Hobbies: MTB riding, snow skiing, computers, consumer electronics, boating, beer tasting, etc.
Nicknames: Rusty, Rusty Nails, Axle-F
Mike Donovan: Mbr #284, MSD: 3 Aug 16, Technetium Prime, HS-Norwalk, CT, USNA '74, MS MIT '75, Surface Nuc, 10 yrs active duty Navy, 20 yrs Reserves, 33 yrs at Solar Turbines Incorporated, Coronado resident since 1976 with wife Christine, son Peter, daughter Elizabeth, both CHS grads.
Sponsor: Rob Crenshaw
Likes: Camaraderie, The Eagles, Coronado
Dislikes: People who cheat, lousy drivers, socialists
Hobbies: Golf, Swimming, Basketball
Nicknames: Mike, Flash
Rick Sadlier: Mbr #285, MSD: 17 Aug 16, Technetium Prime, USN and SDPD Retired- was only let in because "retired PD" :)
Sponsor: Paul Plumb
Likes: Beer, Beer drinkers, golf, skiing, biking
Dislikes: Smokers, heat, humidity, neighbors who have a high degree of oversight
Hobbies: Searching for craft beers, golf, road biking
Nicknames: Rick
Mike Krump : Mbr #286, MSD: 17 Aug 16, Technetium Prime, 27 year Navy Vet retired Oct. '09. Now a Navy Program Analyst.
Sponsor: John "Buzz" Nolan
Likes: St. Louis Cardinals, warm weather, cold beer, good friends, honesty
Dislikes: Cold weather, rain, warm beer, traffic, stoopid people in general- (he really spelled stupid that way)
Hobbies: Working out, lifting weights, running, motorcycle riding.
Nicknames: Stallion
Paul Handly: Mbr #287, MSD: 31 Aug 16, Technetium Prime, Long time beer enthusiast born into a long line of enthusiastic drinkers from Ireland. Loving husband to Jackie (also enthusiastic about beer) and father of two rock star kids (Amelia and Ben). Former US National Park Ranger and Wild-land firefighter, world traveler and endless seeker.
Sponsor: Steve Wampler
Likes: Cold beer on a warm day, sailing, hiking, skiing, paddling any number of craft and doing all of the above while enjoying a cold beer on a warm day.
Dislikes: Running out of beer
Hobbies: Wood working, ceramics, scuba, sailing, paddling, road biking, mountain biking and anything that ends with a job well done and a cold beer.
Nicknames: Handly
Steve Pittendrigh: Mbr #288, MSD: 31 Aug 16, Technetium Prime, Living in Coronado and Arizona, I call my self a a Coro-azonian. I love it here and hope to spend my retirement years on this enchanted island.
Sponsor: Harvey Mabry
Likes: Concerts in the Park, friendly people, kisses from my sweetheart and hugs
Dislikes: Smoke, rude people
Hobbies: bicycling, hiking, and traveling
Nicknames: Steve
Laurie Newhouse: Mbr #289, MSD: 31 Aug 16, Technetium Prime, Coming and going for 20 years. Son and daughter both attended Coronado schools. Daughter a CHS grad. Retired from DON? and now relaxing.
Sponsor: Paul Plumb
Likes: Wine (oh yea, beer too!) and the great outdoors. Nice people-a bonus if they are funny too.
Dislikes: Mean people and pee on the seat
Hobbies: Pouring wine for happy people (oh yea, beer too)
Nicknames: none
Larry Fadden: Mbr #290, MSD: 31 Aug 16, Molybdenum Exquisite, A husband to Sheila, a pilot for a profession, and a happy resident of Coronado.
Sponsor: Gary Alstadt
Likes: Cold beer, golf, watching football, running and traveling.
Dislikes: mean/rude people
Hobbies: Golf, running and reading
Nicknames: Lar
Ned Krumrey: Mbr #291, MSD: 31 Aug 16, Molybdenum Exquisite, 66 years old, married to Susan Farrell. Retired stagehand. San Diego Opera Property Master for 25 years.
Sponsor: Capt. Bill Bartsch
Likes: Girls, Beer, Opera, Bagpipes, Reading History and informed opinions.
Dislikes: Angry people, people who litter our beautiful Island and speeders on our streets.
Hobbies: Walking, hiking, camping and being outdoors
Nicknames: Props
Boyd Zbinden: Mbr #292, MSD: 31 Aug 16, Molybdenum Exquisite, Retired Navy (Aviation), small business owner, father of two, and husband of one.
Sponsor: John Nolan
Likes: All things active. Motorcycles, sailboats, tennis, golf, music, socializing ... I'm pretty much down for anything.
Dislikes: Ignorance, slothfulness, gluttony and arrogance.
Hobbies: See likes above
Nicknames: ZMAN, Channel Z, Klaus, Cheese
Jon Jacobson: Mbr #293, MSD: 31 Aug 16, Molybdenum Exquisite, Helix High School Graduate '79, UCSB '83, Thunderbird '85. 25+ years as an international business executive with DuPont, AGFA, and Konica Minolta. Current owner Big Rock Sales Corporation specializing in medical imaging sales in Latin America & the Caribbean.
Sponsor: Disco
Likes: Yacht Clubs, Big Waves, Big Game Fishing, Ice Cold Beer, Good Looking Women.
Dislikes: Socialists, Communists, being shot at in any country, and warm beer.
Hobbies: Surfing, Swimming, Cycling, Big Game Fishing.
Nicknames: Jake
Jackie Bechtel: Mbr #294, MSD: 14 Sep 16, Molybdenum Exquisite, I've lived in Coronado for 4 years, work as a nurse at the VA and enjoy a beer or 3. I love that the beer club has been a long standing club for all these years and I'm happy to join.
Sponsor: Crenny
Likes: I'm a people person that likes beer, sports, golf, music, dancing, fitness and love everything that Coronado offers.
Dislikes: Negativity
Hobbies: Golf, home projects, fitness
Nicknames: None
Briggette Jorgenson: Mbr #295, MSD: 14 Sep 16, Molybdenum Exquisite, Moved to Coronado in August 2015 from MN, LOVE living here, never leaving!
Sponsor: Crenny
Likes: 6 Packs....of Beer or Abs!
Lakes, Beaches, & Boats!
Dislikes: When people lick their fingers! So wrong, so gross, so full of germs! YUCK!
Hobbies: Swim, bike, run! And anything to do with being on or around the water...boating, fishing, wakeboarding, paddle boarding, sun bathing, even miss ice fishing and ice skating on the frozen lakes.
Nicknames: Bridgette, Bridge
Fran Rogers: Mbr #296, MSD: 14 Sep 16, Molybdenum Exquisite, Raised in the Marine Corps, a spoiled daughter of a Drill Instructor. Had the good fortune to live in the jungles of Santa Maria w/ tri-tip and wine. Emigrated to Coronado to find mixed nuts (aka beer club) and San Diego craft beer. I'll make you BBQ and you bring me beer.
Sponsor: Bill Rogers
Likes: Sunshine, summertime all year, trucks, kids who say "yes, mom", husbands that say "yes, mamam"
Dislikes: Cold, snow, rude people, "entitled" people, and kids and husbands who have not abided by the aforementioned "Likes"
Hobbies: I'm an attorney, so this doesn't really apply to me.
Nicknames: Fran, Franny, Ms. The Head, and others not appropriate for a family environment.
Diz Laird Dean "Diz" Laird: Mbr #297, MSD: 2 Nov 16, Molybdenum Exquisite, 95-year-old ex-fighter pilot. Resident of Coronado for 58 years.
Sponsor: Rod Neilsen
Likes: Cold beer and good conversation. Loves to tell stories of self (some even true!)
Dislikes: Warm beer
Hobbies: Volunteers for USS Hornet Museum in Alameda
Nicknames: Diz
Rocky Long: Mbr #298, MSD: 22 Feb 17, Molybdenum Exquisite, I am "The Rock" as your IBC Lifetime Football Coach still rolling in the 4th Bones and His Boyz! Like Bones, I Will not go down on a knee and let the clock run out! Sudden death is not an option! I will daily pray for overtime as I am now the King of Football in San Diego! Oh! That means I will see you at Qualcom at least once a year like I attend IBC. Go Aztecs!!!!!
Sponsor: Mark Blumenthal
Likes: Both ways Football Players not leaving the field. The ones that know the difference between Sick em...and FETCH! QSTAR Charters...
Dislikes: 1. Trying to make Chicken Salad type Football players out of Chicken SH_T. 2. Kickers, 3. The fact my $800,000+ salary is public knowledge 4. New Mexico State & BYU 5. refs who won't call offensive holding. SYMPATHY... 6. You know where you find Sympathy in the dictionary don'tcha? Between SH_T and Syphilis!
Hobbies: Skiing...snow with wife Debbie and daughters ...Horseback riding my wife Debbie's horses.
Nicknames: Rocky...The Rockster...Coach Rock..
Larry Lujan : Mbr #299, MSD: 28 Jan 17, Molybdenum Exquisite,
Sponsor: Mark Blumenthal
Likes: Being around interesting, and passionate people
Dislikes: Doing mechanical chores
Hobbies: investing, business, golfing, skiing, traveling, great beer, wine, tequila
Nicknames: Sesju
Comments: Island beer club is a great idea that came to fruition by fun passionate, enthusiastic people whose ideas really took off and is enjoyed by people like me from all over the world.
Casey Tanaka: Mbr #300, MSD: 22 Feb 17, Triple Centurion-Cohort I, Moved to Coronado in 1983, graduated from CHS in 1994, been teaching US History/Government continuously at CHS since 1999, and served the City of Coronado from 2002-2016. The 1984 season made me a Padres fan for life. One of my finest moments as a kid was making Tony Gwynn laugh by telling him that he was a better hitter than Wade Boggs and that he was also a better man because he didn't sleep around like Wade Boggs.
Sponsor: Rob Crenshaw
Likes: Humble People, History/Biographies, Food, Trivia, Golf, America
Dislikes: Inconsiderate People, Communists, Greed, Exercise, Eating in Moderation, and People Who Assume I Drink Diet Coke When I Request a Soda.
Hobbies: All-You-Can-Eat Buffets, Las Vegas, Cigars, Naps, and Taking Care of My Dog.
Nicknames: T-Nox
David Blackford: Mbr #301, MSD: 8 Feb 17, Molybdenum Prime, 25 year NADEP Engineer with an emphasis on Computer Engineering.
Sponsor: George Williams
Likes: Good conversations, helping others, teaching and good beer!
Dislikes: Bad drivers, incompetency, rain on golf days
Hobbies: Golf/Tennis/Networking/Entrepreneur
Nicknames: Diamond Dave
Bob Syverson: Mbr #302, MSD: 8 Feb 17, Molybdenum Prime, Slightly overweight, 6'1" Male
Sponsor: Wayne Strickland
Likes: Most stuff, beer, food, friendship, Coronado
Dislikes: Bullies and Arrogance
Hobbies: Stand up paddle, walking, rare occasion golf, surfing
Nicknames: Bob
Chris Ellinger: Mbr #303, MSD: 8 Feb 17, Molybdenum Prime, Active duty Marine preparing to retire and live out his days drinking beer in Coronado.
Sponsor: Bill Spittler
Likes: The Marine Corps, running, reading, football, eating out, cigars, happy hours and IBC.
Dislikes: Social media cowards, excuses, and the “well, I was born here” crowd.
Hobbies: Travel, beer drinking, movies
Nicknames: Alpha
Arie Van Vugt: Mbr #304, MSD: 8 Feb 17, Molybdenum Prime, Coronado Resident over 21 years, Married, 5 Children, 9 Grandchildren
Sponsor: Wayne Strickland
Likes: Beer
Dislikes: Scotch
Hobbies: Flying, Boating, Golf
Nicknames: Van
Kitty Sexton : Mbr #305, MSD: 8 Feb 17, Molybdenum Prime, old wench, done dishes, lifted kegs, mothered Big Tim and survived 45+ years as wife of head-shrinking John Sexton.
Sponsor: Big Tim and John Sexton
Likes: heavy stouts (not men, but the beer type)
Dislikes: low ABV beer
Hobbies: walking 40+ miles each week.
Nicknames: My 'pet name' is Kit'n
Bob Logan: Mbr #306, MSD: 8 Feb 17, Molybdenum Prime, Fun, Easy Going, Retired, Beer Drinker
Sponsor: Fred Crawley
Likes: Almost everything except Pompous People; Like All "IPA's"
Dislikes: Pompous People
Hobbies: Woodworking, Golf, Brewing, Reading and Drinking Beer
Nicknames: Bob
Evan Piritz: Mbr #307, MSD: 22 Feb 17, Molybdenum Prime, Transitioning Navy CAPT, S-3B Viking, came to Coronado in 1987, just completed build our house as the owner/builder.
Sponsor: Billy Hart
Likes: Winning seasons, outdoor bbq/parties.
Dislikes: "Can't do" attitudes, whiners and traffic.
Hobbies: Bolf, Fishing, Sailing
Nicknames: Growler
Chris McAnally: Mbr #308, MSD: 22 Feb 17, Molybdenum Prime, Coronado resident 2008-2011 / 2013->Forever! Retired Navy, United Pilot LAX. Married to Vivian with 2 daughters Elizabeth 14 + Catherine 12.
Sponsor: Jamie Gimber
Likes: My wife & kids (and dog Rafael) NFL, playing golf, cruising around on my GEM, eating nachos, going to Coronado garage sales and buy stuff for nickels & dimes.
Dislikes: When my pants don't fit anymore, when my electric car runs out of juice and I have to push it home and I hate to eat fish
Hobbies: Love music, playing and watching golf, walking my dog
Nicknames: Maco, Maca Butthead
Anne Mabry: Mbr #309, MSD: 22 Feb 17, Molybdenum Prime, Married, 4 daughters, 11 grandchildren, Native Texan
Sponsor: Marilyn Rees
Likes: "Social" activities, anything I do with my husband, daughters and grandchildren, life in Coronado, adventures
Dislikes: bad food, bad libations, bad people
Hobbies: walking, sailing, traveling
Nicknames: Bibi
Ted Branch: Mbr #310, MSD: 1 Mar 17, Niobium Exquisite, Long-time Naval Aviator and "Old Salt." Now a fledgling business guy.
Sponsor: Billy Hart and Al Lovering
Likes: Family, good friends, beer, camaraderie, Coronado
Dislikes: Light beer, bad drivers, political correctness, cowards.
Hobbies: Walking our dog (Shiner) with Jodi, exercising, skiing with old friends once/year, playing golf (poorly).
Nicknames: TWIG
David Ellefson: Mbr #311, MSD: 1 Mar 17, Niobium Exquisite, Concurrent employment with the USNR-R 30+ (CAPT/pilot lottery recruit) & Lockheed Martin 30+ "Skunk Works"; executing potentially career damaging assignments. Two USNA daughters: (SWOs LS on LCS & LTJG Nuke on CV). Married to a wondrous "unguided missile" (Julie). Retired in 2016 as a Cay-Billy Duffy boat owner.
Sponsor: Bill Carinder
Likes: Good Friends, Family, THE End-Users, Positive Attitudes & Fun (all of which go well with Beer and fine Wine)
Dislikes: Strategic BS without Tactical solutions, Cost of Delay ! & Excuses
Hobbies: Past: family aircraft, Present: learning to sail
Nicknames: Nobody- It's a long Navy story that I could never shake !
Other Category: Orneocryptic
Brad Gerbel: Mbr #312, MSD: 1 Mar 17, Niobium Exquisite, Has lived in Coronado for 31 years.
Sponsor: Richard Bailey
Likes: Country music
Dislikes: Disloyal people
Hobbies: Hiking
Nicknames: Brad
Rick Wilcoxon: Mbr #313, MSD: 1 Mar 17, Niobium Exquisite, Accountant, Married 36 years to the love of my life, two sons ages 30 and 28, recently moved to Coronado in June of 16, originally from S.F Bay area.
Sponsor: Ed 'Disco' Weisbrod
Likes: Wine, Good Food, Good Times and Watching my Beloved Raiders, Margaritas, Cervezas and Fish Tacos.
Dislikes: Watching my Beloved Raiders Lose (which they do often) and Crying in my Beer or Wine when they do.
Hobbies: Kayaking, Bike Riding, Archery
Nicknames: Rick
Peter Mishky: Mbr #314, MSD: 1 Mar 17, Niobium Exquisite, Emergency Medicine Physician and Navy Reservist. Moved to Coronado in 2005 because a beer club was started in 2004. It took me over a decade to figure out that the beer club is located two blocks from my house
Sponsor: Tom Smisek
Likes: Powder skiing followed my beer, gold including 19th hole, bodysurfing before drinking beer, working out with beer reward.
Dislikes: Coors and budweiser
Hobbies: Guitar, hiking, travel, visiting the over 50 microbrews in San Diego.
Nicknames: Doc, Intubator
Other Category: Awards/None
Ken Kelleher: Mbr #315, MSD: 8 Mar 17, Niobium Exquisite, Retired NYPD Deputy Inspector. Last assignment Commanding Officer Harbor Patrol Unit. Moved here in November 2015 with wife Norah (Retired NYPD Detective) and son Charlie (11), not with NYPE, yet.
Sponsor: Bill Bartsch
Likes: Mets, Jets and Ronald Regan
Dislikes: clowns and long walks on short beaches
Hobbies: Scuba diving, surfing, SUP, fishing, gold, motorcycle touring and Beer.
Nicknames: NYPD Ken
Other Category: Yes
Dan Truckenbrod: Mbr #316, MSD: 8 Mar 17, Niobium Exquisite, F/A-18 Guy, Owner - Pinot's Palette - Liberty Station
Sponsor: Jack Schuller
Likes: SD Weather
Dislikes: DC Weather
Hobbies: Basketball, Sailing
Nicknames: Dump
Comments: Pinot's Palette is a BAR ladies and gentlemen, it has BEER (and wine)
Brick Nelson: Mbr #317, MSD: 8 Mar 17, Niobium Exquisite, Retired O-6, Navy fighter pilot and LSO; now employed by Northrop Grumman in San Diego
Sponsor: Rodger Welch CAPT USN (ret)
Likes: Fast airplanes, old single malt scotch and young beer
Dislikes: Liars, thieves and the non-tax paying "gimmee my free stuff" crowd
Hobbies: flying, surfing, and skiing (water and snow)
Nicknames: Brick
Steve Roberts: Mbr #318, MSD: 29 Mar 17, Niobium Exquisite, Sports Medicine Doc and physician executive. It is all Howie's fault.
Sponsor: Pat Howard
Likes: Relaxing with a cold beer and good company, our great country, NY Pizza and beer ponzies.
Dislikes: Misinformed know-it-alls.
Hobbies: Enjoying the wild ride called life with my wife and our four children
Nicknames: Doc or Larry
Cynthia Kosciuzyk: Mbr #319, MSD: 5 Apr 17, Niobium Exquisite, Coronado Optimist, Chemist, Serial Entrepreneur, Social Media Guru, water and beer, Persian rug lover 
Sponsor: Sexton
Likes: beer, rugs, poems, yoga, art , music, sunsets, sailing, fine food, travel
Dislikes: Budweiser, Mayonnaise, and Ketchup 
Hobbies: Swimming, technology and business start-ups, space and discovery
Nicknames: Cindy
Other Category: Adventures
Bob Grobe: Mbr #320, MSD: 16 Apr 17, Niobium Prime, Coronado resident since 1999. Professional student for 20 years. Now retired high school math teacher, coach, college professor, educational consultant (could not settle on what to do). Originally from Oregon, but vagabond life led to stays in New Mexico; Los Angeles; Dallas, TX; San Jose; Fresno; and into lovely Coronado (lived here longer than anywhere else).
Sponsor: Paul Plumb
Likes:Saturday date nights with Berie (wife of 31 years). Living in Coronado
Dislikes: Negative/complaining people; lazy people; brussel sprouts.
Hobbies: Biking, working out (trying to stay healthy and fit). travel, skiing, other participation sports.
Nicknames: Scooter (used to be fast)
Jack Nash: Mbr #321, MSD: 19 Apr 17, Niobium Prime, Former frogman (formerly subordinate to the esteemed Paul Plumb). Distance runner, basketball player, bon vivant.
Sponsor: Rod Nielson-169
Likes: Beer. sports, music, brains, humor.
Dislikes: Wimps and bozos.
Hobbies: Basketball, running, guitar, beer, and occasionally wine.
Nicknames: Jack, Jack Flash.
Doug Ruth: Mbr #322, MSD: 28 Apr 17, Niobium Prime, Pre-war native of upstate NY with 3 master degrees, one each in physics, engineering and business from Ohio University. All used in a career of physics/engineering research and now as a forensic engineer, enforcing the laws of physics in the courts.
Sponsor: Mike Turner
Likes: Free You-Tube video lectures from Stanford and UC Irvine; my ND Miata roadster up and down Mt. Palomar roads; fried chicken at Marinade On Main in Ramona.
Dislikes: rain sleet snow and cold back east; Buicks on the wrong side of the road.
Hobbies: Former race car driver, restorer of antique cars, cooking and playing Bach on the piano
Nicknames: HEY YOU!
Other Category: Grew up on Ballantine Pale Ale, but have regressed to PBR
George Morgan: Mbr #323, MSD: 3 May 17, Niobium Prime, Native New Yorker, Retired Navy Supply Corps Officer (28.5 years). Retired math teacher. Lived in Coronado since 1985.
Sponsor: Bill Spittler
Likes: Wife (Sheri Baby), family, grand-kids, cold beer, New York Yankees, traveling, global warming
Dislikes: Whiners, cold weather
Hobbies: biking, beer drinking
Nicknames: Grandpa, Pork Chop, Captain Morgan (but prefer beer over rum any day).
Tim Slentz: Mbr #324, MSD: 10 May 17, Niobium Prime, I'm the current XO and future Commanding Officer of Naval Base Coronado. Having lived in Germany for two years. I've come to love and appreciate beer and good company even more. The Germans call it "gemütlichkeit", which is a state of "warmth, friendliness, and good cheer". IBC has nailed it, and I want to be part of such a motley bunch!
Sponsor: Mike Woiwode
Likes:Pizza, Civil War history, Hefeweizen
Dislikes: People who refuse to use the Oxford comma. Beer in clear glass bottles.
Hobbies:Family, flying, reading, travelling, workingoout, eating, drinking, Notre Dame.
Jeff Dermody: Mbr #325, MSD: 8 Jun 17, Niobium Prime, Currently, a Naval Aviator with a great love for beer and sharing beer with like minded people. Future endeavors include attempting to find the balance in the time vs. money conundrum.
Sponsor: Mark Gilbert
Likes: Beer, cold. Baseball, football, youth soccer (3 sons) skiing.
Dislikes: Beer,warm and/or flat
Hobbies: Coaching sports, hanging with our family, drinking beer
Nicknames: T-Bell
Diana Camilleri: Mbr #326, MSD: 8 Jun 17, Niobium Prime, Loving life, enjoying all God has blessed me with.
Passion for travel. Work in the industry. Lucky me.
Sponsor: Rob Crenshaw
Likes: Smiles, Food, Avaition, Happy Hours, fine wine and sharing good beer with my IBC mates!
Dislikes: Complainers, opposite of bright side
Hobbies: Travel, visiting new ball parks, concerts, hiking, relaxing with a good beverage
Nicknames: Kiddo, Di, and of course Dive Bar! :)
Quinn Renfro: Mbr #327, MSD: 8 Jun 17, Niobium Prime, Fat and happy.
Sponsor: Mark Blumenthal
Likes: Beer and Chicks
Dislikes: Uber and Lyft drivers
Hobbies: Golf, Drinking, Women
Nicknames: Bacon Slayer, Q-Star
James Peterson: Mbr #328, MSD: 21 Jun 17, Niobium Prime, I am married to a lovely woman, Kimberly, and have twin 9 year old daughters who are doing great in school and playing competitive soccer. I work as the Director of Portfolio Management and Research for a Global investment management firm so travel quite a bit. Grew up in Oregon; where micro-brews were created! I didn’t have IPAs in my baby bottle, but definitely grew wiser on the stuff in college. I enjoy traveling and spending time with my family and all the tasty creations coming out of the SD Beer scene. We have a historic house in Coronado and have lived here for 15yrs. Happy to spend the next 15+yrs drinking in the alley… which sounds bad, but is so good!
Sponsor: Dr. Steve Roberts
Likes: Beer
Dislikes: Non-Beer
Hobbies: Beer drinking
Nicknames: Beer drinker
Jim Zortman: Mbr #329, MSD: 26 Jul 17, Niobium Prime, Farm, Navy, Aerospace Industry
Sponsor: Tom Smisek
Likes: The Beach, Mountains, Travel, Interesting People
Dislikes: Whiners, Braggers, Low Talkers
Hobbies: Hiking, Sailing, Golf
Nicknames Zorro
Bob Mendoza: Mbr #330, MSD: 30 Aug 17, Zirconium Exquisite, IBM Retiree
Sponsor: Rob Crenshaw
Likes: Golf, antiques, ballroom dancing, travel, Christian study of teaching, health and well
Dislikes: Stuck in traffic, slow golf
Hobbies: Golf, gardening, shopping
Nicknames: Bob, Rob, Bobby
Amy Grasse: Mbr #331, MSD: 11 Oct 17, Zirconium Exquisite, A very happy person with an extremely sunny disposition!!!! Loves long walks on the beach... and cheese!
Sponsor: Brick Nelson
Likes: Tolstoy
Dislikes: Terrorists
Hobbies: Golfing, running, biking, drinking
Nicknames: Jeanski
Chad White: Mbr #332, MSD: 11 Oct 17, Zirconium Exquisite, Retired Naval Aviator, C-2A Greyhound, NAS North Island. Pilot for United Airlines LAX. Wife and two kids, both at CHS.
Sponsor: Jamie Gimber
Likes: Golf, Beer, Sports especially Navy Football
Dislikes: Traffic, east coast weather
Hobbies: Golf, Beer, Sports
Nicknames: Red Dog
Jim VanVleck: Mbr #333, MSD: 25 Oct 17, Zirconium Exquisite, I was born and raised in Coronado CA I know over 12 people there today. I need to socialize more and I think this is a great way to do it.
Sponsor: Chris Toogood
Likes: Fast Jet skis, Sailing, Boating, My girlfriend, My Family, My dogs, My work, Drinking, Meeting new people
Dislikes: Liars, thieves, people who do not listen to others.
Hobbies: Ping pong, pool, sailing, jet skiing, boating and travel!
Nicknames: Jim, Jimmy, Jimbo
Russ Larratt: Mbr #334, MSD: 28 Oct 17, Zirconium Exquisite, Born Karachi Pakistan 1967. George Washington University '90. University of Florida '11 (MBA). Retired Naval Aviator (EA-6B, TA-4J, T-45C). Airline Pilot. Wife Alex, children Michael CHS (16), Katie CHS(18), Andrew CHS (20). Coronado resident for five years.
Sponsor: Mark Gilbert
Likes: Coronado living! College Football!
Dislikes: Traffic, grumpy people!
Hobbies: Surfing, skiing, working out, drinking beer!
Nicknames: Russ, Ratt
Gene Silverman: Mbr #335, MSD: 1 Nov 17, Zirconium Exquisite, Retired NAVY 0-6 Radiologist still working for the fleet at NMCSD, Loves good food wine and beer. Looking forward to permanent retirement
Sponsor: David Cline
Likes: Chinese food and traveling first class
Dislikes: cold water (originally from the east coast born in Chevy Chase DC)
Hobbies: trump watcher
Nicknames: viper
Christopher Bower: Mbr #336, MSD: 15 Nov 17, Zirconium Exquisite, Founder/CEO Pacific Corporate Group. PCG is a private equity investment company.
Likes: Beer
Dislikes: No beer
Hobbies: Anything family activity related
Nicknames: Chris, hey you.
Chris Sheppard: Mbr #337, MSD: 15 Dec 17, Zirconium Exquisite, Coronado homeowner since 1988. retired naval aviator, NAS North Island
Sponsor: John Nolan
Likes: Coronado, baseball, golf, beach
Dislikes: Mosquitoes, extreme heat
Hobbies: Baseball fan, golf, beach activities
Nicknames: Shep
Christopher King: Mbr #338, MSD: 15 Dec 17, Zirconium Exquisite, Navy spouse (active), Ph.D. in Anthropology, born in Cincinnati, visited 7 continents, 30 countries, 381 cities, deployments as civilian to Iraq and Afghanistan, helped provide physical evidence for the conviction of Saddam Hussein, skied, camped, SUP’d, hiked in Antarctica, 3 Spartan Races in 2017.
Sponsor: Rod Neilson
Likes: Weight lifting, running, biking, obstacle races, cooking, spending time with my wife and dog, Coronado
Dislikes: Extreme political views, IPA beers, uptight people, places that do not allow pets
Hobbies: Taking care of my wife, weight lifting, running, biking, obstacle races, cooking, lawn bowling, pickleball, skiing, traveling
Nicknames: Cake
David Goodman: Mbr #339, MSD: 10 Jan 18, Zirconium Exquisite, I am the local marketing guy for Firestone Walker in San Diego. Responsible for sales promos, sampling’s, marketing events, and sales events.
Sponsor: Craig Goodman
Likes: Cycling, craft beer, and being a part of my community.
Dislikes: InBev.
Hobbies: Traveling, attending events, and volunteering.
Nicknames: Dave
Floyd Moore: Mbr #340, MSD: 24 Jan 18, Zirconium Prime, Retired and glad of it!
Sponsor: anyone willing to say they know me
Likes: Cold Beer, Hot Women and Slow Cars
Dislikes: Work, doing anything usefull
Hobbies: Shooting--Punching holes in paper and plowing up dirt
Nicknames: Mickey--"Magnificent Stud"
Shannon Walker: Mbr #341, MSD: 24 Jan 18, Zirconium Prime, Husband of 27 yrs, father of two, active US Naval Supply Corps Officer and a guy who likes to have fun.
Sponsor: Al Lovering
Likes: Beer, foods of all types, golf, Dallas Cowboys and Harley Davidson motorcycles.
Dislikes: Philadelphia Eagles, politics and continuing resolutions.
Hobbies: Golf, biking, traveling and spending time with family and friends.
Nicknames: None.
Richard Johnson: Mbr #342, MSD: 31 Jan 18, Zirconium Prime, Raised in Oregon. BS Mechanical Engineering (Oregon State), Sigma Chi frat, MS Management (Naval Postgrad School). Career as Navy Civil Engineer Officer started on active duty and finished as an O-5 in the Reserves. I married my trophy wife, Jenny Gant (CHS65) at North Island chapel between tours in Vietnam as a Seabee. Outside of the Navy I led a life of high adventure managing design and construction of things like nuclear power plants and high tech factories. I retired from Intel Corp. in 1998 and we moved to Hawaii to run our commercial tropical fruit farm. We returned to Coronado in early 2017 and we're here for the duration.
Sponsor: Dan Orr
Likes: Hale fellows (and gals) well met, Coronado Rotary, Seabees, Intel dividends, IPAs and suffering through yet another long season of Oregon State football.
Dislikes: I'm too old to waste time disliking things. However, I do dislike partisan politics. That really frosts my butt.
Hobbies: Traveling, hiking, Rotary and trying to stay in shape.
Nicknames: RC, RCJ, Jenny's Husband and "That quiet guy over there."
Josh Hoagland: Mbr #343, MSD: 27 Feb 18, Zirconium Prime, My name is Josh. I'm a Navy Vet/IT guy and I love beer and Rob C!
Sponsor: Rob Crenshaw
Likes: Computers, beer, gym, beach and babes
Dislikes: Farts in my face, bad jokes and people that don't like beer.
Hobbies: Beer, going to the gym, beach and bbabes
Nicknames: Josh, THE Coronado Computer Guy
Chris Nelson: Mbr #344, MSD: 7 Mar 18, Zirconium Prime, Navy Fighter Pilot, UCLA (1990)
Sponsor: Jeff Demody
Likes: Cold beer, wine, cocktails, and spending time with friends/family
Dislikes: Warm beer, traffic and drama
Hobbies: Triathlon, golf, surfing
Nicknames: Half
Rocky Spane, Jr: Mbr #345, MSD:14 Mar 18, Zirconium Prime, Retired USN/USAF, CHS85, Just moved home!
Sponsor: Chris McAnally
Likes: Beer, Skiing, Golf, Beach, and flying airplanes.
Dislikes: Not Much.
Hobbies: Skiing, Golf, SUP
Nicknames: Rocky.
Chris Hurst: Mbr #346, MSD: 11 Apr 18, Zirconium Prime, Active duty Navalator embracing rigors of staff life on the island; expert home brewer
Sponsor: Jeff Dermody
Likes: Malt, hops, wort, yeast, fermenters, kegs, CO2, keg-orators, frozen mugs, cold beer, foam mustaches
Dislikes: Understaffed bars
Hobbies: Home brewing, beer die, sailing, flying, SCUBA, snowboarding, playing fiddle
Nicknames: Patty
Bill Killea: Mbr #347, MSD: 11 Apr 18, Zirconium Prime, Former USN NFO (A-3 & A-6), Wall Street, overseas work, now government civilian in Coronado.
Sponsor: Bill Hart
Likes: Family, beach, travel, history, Coronado, dogs
Dislikes: Whiners, negative people, beets
Hobbies: Working out, skiing, boating & golf (cast two aspirational)
Nicknames: Killer
Megan Keller: Mbr #348, MSD: 16 May 18, Zirconium Prime, The sidewalk psychologist who is slobbering in love with her two boys, travel, outdoors, harvesting, meeting new people, learning, gardening and all forms of wildlife, including IBC members.
Sponsor: Tim Chelling
Likes: Being a mom, my bulldogs, my besties, frankness, learning, sandy beaches, sun, snow, pine forests, any outdoor activity on dirt, any activty in or on water, wildlife, and will eat pretty much anything that's not bolted down.
Dislikes: Disingenous people, pussies, fake voices, people who lick fingers when they eat.
Hobbies: trapezing, all outdoor activites, traveling, eating.
Nicknames: Lil' Meg, sidewalk psychologist.
Dan Frank: Mbr #349, MSD: 16 May 18, Zirconium Prime, Eight years active duty Navy Prowlers, now: CEO three wire, fed contracting, Heather spouse, Cal 17 yr senior @ CHS, Devon 11 yr 6th grade CHS.
Sponsor: Chris McAnally
Likes: Being in Coronado with my former shipmates.
Dislikes: None, just happy to be here.
Hobbies: 1. Drummer-classic rock 2. Crossfit workouts 3 CHS football and rugby booster president.
Nicknames: Danno or Book'em.
Bill Speer: Mbr #350, MSD: 6Jun18, Yttrium Exquisite,
Sponsor: Russ Wygal
Likes: Hoppy IPAs, our 56 Thunderbird and being a father-in-law
Dislikes: May grey, June gloom
Hobbies: Adult leader, Boy Scouts of America, since 1997, My T-Bird
Nicknames: Big Bill (don't ask)
Doug Curran: Mbr #351, MSD: 6Jun18, Yttrium Exquisite, Husband to Christie, From Hollywood California, world traveler and anglophile
Sponsor: Marilyn Rees
Likes: Tennis, all shotgun sports, all pre-1972 cars
Dislikes: Pomeranian's in bab-carriages, drivers in the fast lane
Hobbies: Tennis at CTA, hunting and shooting
Nicknames: Coach
Terry Leary: Mbr #352, MSD: 6Jun18, Yttrium Exquisite, Retired Navy Dentist, Coronado High JV Football Coach, Proud Notre Dame Alum
Sponsor: John Sexton
Likes: Football, Baseball, coaching
Dislikes: Negative people
Hobbies: Tennis at CTA, hunting and shooting
Nicknames: Coach
Susan Leary: Mbr #353, MSD: 6Jun18, Yttrium Exquisite, 65 YO female-DDS,photographer, watercolor artist, married, 2 sons, 3 dogs, bird
Sponsor: John Sexton
Likes: My Husband, my kids, my dogs
Dislikes: Arrogance, entitlement, lying
Hobbies: Photography, water color painting, Yoga
Nicknames: NA
Tom Fleming: Mbr #354, MSD: 20Jun18, Yttrium Exquisite, Retired Navy Captain, have lived in Coronado for past 33 years. Wife was Linda Sanford (CHS '56)
Sponsor: Phil Papaccio
Likes: Golf, great camaraderie
Dislikes: Marxism, lack of great camaraderie
Hobbies: golf, working out
Nicknames: Tom
Linda Charles : Mbr #355, MSD: 27Jun18, Yttrium Exquisite, Currently living/renting in Boston, MA. Can't wait until 2019 to retire to our sweet cottage on Pomona Ave!!
Sponsor: Rick Wilcoxon
Likes: Dark beer, red wine, good food and fun people!
Dislikes: Smokers, as I have asthma
Hobbies: Long walks on the beach or almost anywhere, quilting, gardening, exploring new places.
Nicknames: Sweetheart, Grandma, Nonna Linda
Doug Gray: Mbr #356, MSD: 27Jun18, Yttrium Exquisite, Career Naval Aviator doing his twilight tour on North Island with long term plans to stay in Coronado
Sponsor: Jeff Dermody
Likes: Cold Beer, and activity in the air or on the water, skiing, family time
Dislikes: Being indoors all day, super hot or super cold
Hobbies: Any boarding on the water, golf, hiking, any activity where beer drinking is involved.
Nicknames: Buzzard
Laura Gerszewski: Mbr #357, MSD: 18Jul18, Yttrium Exquisite, Grew up in Coronado... still remember my first beer.
Sponsor: Bill Spitler
Likes: My loving family, beer enjoyment, a cool steady rain.
Dislikes: Insincerity, scorching heat.
Hobbies: Exploring, writing, so much to enjoy.
Nicknames: LaLa
Russ Kindorf: Mbr #358, MSD: 1Aug18, Yttrium Exquisite, Coronado resident since 2015. Been visiting Coronado my entire life. Been working in the Commercial Real Estate Finance and Investment arena for 30 years, active apartment owner on Coronado Island.
Sponsor: Mike Herlihy
Likes: Drinking Beer, playing golf and tennis, fantasy football enthusiast
Dislikes: Wine
Hobbies: Jet skiing in the bay/ocean, riding bikes all over "the Island"
Nicknames: Big Russ
Scott Smith: Mbr #359, MSD: 1Aug18, Yttrium Exquisite, Coronado resident since 2001. Army aviator, helicopters. Own FAA company that produces parts for helicopter hydraulics and damper systems.
Sponsor: Mike Herlihy
Likes: Motorcycles, Beer and Wine
Dislikes: 0
Hobbies: On and off road bikes
Nicknames: Scooter
Bryan Card: Mbr #360, MSD: 8Aug18, Yttrium Prime, Former Recon Marine. Practiced law for 40 years. Tired and retired.
Sponsor: John Sexton
Likes: NY Giants, Angels and Scarlet Knights of Rutgers.
Dislikes: Other NFC East teams and flaming liberals.
Hobbies: Drinking beer, drinking beer and drinking beer.
Nicknames: "H" (My therapist says it's privileged)
Hayley Beard: Mbr #361, MSD: 8Aug18, Yttrium Prime, I'm a Purdue Boilermaker, your Edward Jones Financial Advisor, Sam Beard's wife and usually the smiley, short, and red headed lady laughing in the shade.
Sponsor: Steve Petit
Likes: Coronado's hometown feel, traveling, time with my family, Rotary & charitable efforts, warm beach days & a cold beer.
Dislikes: Negativity, conflict and people without a sense of humor.
Hobbies: Golfing, taking vacations, and reading historical fiction, romance and investment books.
Nicknames: Hayls
Michael Mineo: Mbr #362, MSD: 22Aug18, Yttrium Prime, SNA Class of 1993 and retired Naval Aviator (P-3). Have lived in FL, TX, WA, and VA, but grew up in PA. Married with three children: one girl and two boys (both at Penn State).
Sponsor: Chris McAnally
Likes: Diet Coke. Eagles, Phillies, Flyers, and the Jersey Shore.
Dislikes: Running out of Diet Coke, being late, and losing money.
Hobbies: Watching Sports and Fox News. Exercising and trying to live healthy.
Nicknames: Minnow
AKA #363 : Mbr #363, MSD: 29Aug18, Yttrium Prime, San Antonio native. Married to Lana for 30 years with two wonderful daughters and a Vizsla named Knox
Sponsor: George Morgan #323
Likes: IPA (the more hoppy the better), Dog Beach, UCM Fighting Mules, noise cancellation machines & strong coffee
Dislikes: Traffic, middle seats on SWA & daylight savings time
Hobbies: Cooking, Knox, biking, hiking and kayaking
Nicknames: Grandpa
Armando Acuna: Mbr #364, MSD: 5Sep18, Yttrium Prime, Retiree-on-training-wheels; wife, three grown kids (including USNA grad/aviator) and two grand kids; last 10 years in the water business (Love Water/Save Water) and newspaper man for 35 years before that.
Sponsor: Rick Wilcoxon
Likes: Cold beer; warm ocean water; being outside; the beach; sports; 72 and blue; positive, upbeat people; living on the Rock; SF Giants.
Dislikes: Warm beer; sourpusses; long pants; shoes with shoelaces; cold; Dodgers.
Hobbies: Bike riding; walking on beach; boogie boarding; watching sports; wondering if I'll die before Cal is back in the Rose Bowl (last in 1959, last win 1938).
Nicknames: Ray, Ray Mondo, Mule.
Natalie Bailey: Mbr #365, MSD: 26Sep18, Yttrium Prime, Coronado native, CHS '11. Lived and went to school at Marquette University in Cheese-head State of Wisconsin. Back in town working as a dentist.
Sponsor: Rick Wilcoxon
Likes: Any and all beer, especially a hoppy west coast IPA, the Green Bay Packers, live music, Stingray Point, Mexican food, traveling, MCPs, Coronado Rotary Club, Cheese-curds
Dislikes: Biscotti and negativity.
Hobbies: Backpacking, hiking, kayaking, scuba diving, running, sailing my hobie cat (but I don't actually know how to sail.)
Nicknames: Nat, Natbat
Judith Mansfield: Mbr #366, MSD: 26Sep18, Yttrium Prime, Owner Precious Metals Fine Motor Cars of SD, Rotarian , Canadian, Hungarian which all like a nice cold beer!
Sponsor: Gary Altstadt
Likes: Cold beer in a Green Bottle and or on draft. Walks with my dogs, Car Shows , farmers markets, community involvement, Art.
Dislikes: Can beer... ok they are getting better but...
Hobbies: Cars, gardening, Art, books, skiing,
Nicknames: Wow its been a while ?
Tom Vessey: Mbr #367, MSD: 3Oct18, Yttrium Prime, Lived in San Diego County since 1960. Married 40 years to Alyce, two children Tyler, Kristyn. Moved to Nado 2014. Banker for 36 years prior to that played pro baseball for Padre and Astros. SDSU kicker 1977.
Sponsor: Rick Wilcoxon
Likes: Coronado, dog beach, all dogs, golf, football, sailing, CYC
Dislikes: Arrogant people and self-centered people
Hobbies: Golf, sailing, travel
Nicknames: Tommy
LuAnn Miller: Mbr #368, MSD: 10Oct18, Yttrium Prime, OHIO University, Kappa Delta sorority, Police detective (retired), San Diego Convention Center, wife, mother, grandmother
Sponsor: Rick Wilcoxon
Likes: Family, retirement, SUP, cycling, travel
Dislikes: "Debbie Downers"
Hobbies: Traveling, sports, working out, reading
Nicknames: Lu
Joe Carney: Mbr #369, MSD: 24Oct18, Yttrium Prime,
Sponsor: Bryan Card
Likes: Coronado, beach, drinking beer with the guys
Dislikes: Bad attitudes, rude people, cold weather
Hobbies: Golf, drinking beer
Nicknames: Hey Joe
Amanda Harris: Mbr #370, MSD: 24Oct18, Strontium Exquisite, New to San Diego, originally from a horse farm in Texas. Kitchen & Bath Designer, Storm Trooper: Member of the 501st Legion, Armature World explorer and Devoted dog mom.
Sponsor: Noah Waye
Likes: Live music, guns, social drinking, whiskey, animals, action movies, deep conversations, and honest people
Dislikes: Dumb people, stupid drivers, disrespectful assholes, The Dallas cowboys, and hangovers
Hobbies: Participating in charity events as a Storm trooper (dressing up in any costume really), attending Rock shows, and travel.
Nicknames: Panda
Other Category: Favorite beer: Blue Moon, Coronado's Orange Ave Wit & Shock Top
Danny Zaragoza: Mbr #371, MSD: 24Oct18, Strontium Exquisite, I've lived in Coronado my entire life, went to Sacred Heart through grade school then CHS, class of '94.
Sponsor: Rob Crenshaw
Likes: Beer, Off Roading, Camping, Fishing, Road Trips.
Dislikes: Unit 27
Hobbies: Same as likes
Nicknames: Dany
Kurt Bach: Mbr #372, MSD: 24Oct18, Strontium Exquisite, Owner/Brewer at Attitude
Sponsor: Rob Crenshaw
Likes: Fishing and drinking beer
Dislikes: Marshmellows
Hobbies: Fly fishing and off roading
Nicknames: Rizzle
Karen Strouse: Mbr #373, MSD: 24Oct18, Strontium Exquisite, Reformed Catbert. Escaped NJ corporate life, fluorescent lights, and boring meetings for Coronado beach life, sunshine, and the IBC. Living in Paradise makes one thirsty!
Sponsor: Kitty Sexton
Likes: Enjoying the good life with family and friends!
Dislikes: Arrogant people and self-centered people.
Hobbies: Exploring new horizons through travel, study and anything else that comes my way.
Nicknames: Grim Reaper
Gary Miles: Mbr #374, MSD: 24Oct18, Strontium Exquisite, Semi-Retired CA Class A Hospital Building inspector and currently the inspector of Records at Sharp-Coronado. My wife, Kathryn Mckeen-Rosy Miles grew up in Coronado, CHS '62 Grad. Relocated here last October. Member of Coronado Men's Gold Club.
Sponsor: Mike Turner
Likes: Enjoying good craft beer, barbecuing, golf, rowing, stream or river fishing
Dislikes: Obtuse people, bad beer and liars or cheaters
Hobbies: Golf, rowing, stream and river fishing
Nicknames: Wile or G
Jeff Loving: Mbr #375, MSD: 28Nov18, Strontium Exquisite, Ret. Navy Commander Ret. FedEx Capt. Texas Tech U. Marketing/Deg.
Sponsor: Paul Plumb
Likes: Golf, Flying, Beer
Dislikes: Spinach, Vodka,
Hobbies: Golf, Deer Hunting, Dove Hunting
Nicknames: Call SIGN....Grouch, Lotsa
Jon Schiff: Mbr #376, MSD: 28Nov18, Strontium Exquisite, I am a retired Dentist (military and private practice) Lived pretty much every where in the world but this is where I want to finish. Wife Caryl.
Sponsor: Paul Plumb
Likes: Great weather, good fellowship (especially Military).
Dislikes: Socialism
Hobbies: Pickle ball, fixing and driving my 1952 MG-TD.
Nicknames: None
Mason Trullinger: Mbr #377, MSD: 28Nov18, Strontium Exquisite, Oregon transplant via UCSB'02. Built a career forecasting the future of the automotive industry and managing risk. Currently an executive at a national leasing firm based in SD. Married to Melissa with 2 kids and a grown step son.
Sponsor: Chris Toogood
Likes: My wife and kids, cars, concerts, anything analytical, photography, most IPAs, Oregon Ducks football
Dislikes: dirty data
Hobbies: fishing, paddle boarding, photography, predicting the future
Nicknames: Mase
Heather Dueitt: Mbr #378, MSD: 9Jan19, Strontium Exquisite, As a former mint Julep aficionado, she traded in her Kentucky southern roots for the NYC Mad Men life before coming to her senses and migrating to Coronado. Professional beer gal turned banker trying to drink good beer to decompress from the NY years. Often seen in the wild playing UNO with her sidekick at McP's or judging ice-skating.
Sponsor: Megan Keller
Likes: IPAs, bourbon, pups, rednecks, Kentucky basketball, snarky people, live music
Dislikes: Wearing shoes-I'm from KY, of course.
Hobbies: Gardening, bourbon-tasting, writing for Forbes, usually in that order.
Nicknames: Dueitt
Dennis Quigley: Mbr #379, MSD: 16Jan19, Strontium Exquisite, Coronado resident since 1947, CHS'60
Sponsor: John Morton
Likes: Beer
Dislikes: People who mumble
Hobbies: Art-painting-sculptures
Nicknames: Quigley, Quigs
Comments: arbeit macht frei, German phrase meaning "work sets you free"
Nusrat Mirza: Mbr #380, MSD: 20Feb19, Strontium Prime, I work at the Coronado Island Marriott Resort. I consider Co-founder and Mbr #5, Crenny and his daughter Shanny #110 (my sponsor), as my family.
Sponsor: Shannyn Crenshaw
Likes: Meeting people, enjoys outdoors sports.
Dislikes: Dishonesty.
Hobbies: Playing Golf.
Nicknames: Nus, Desert Fox.
Tom Kelleher: Mbr #381, MSD: 15May19, Strontium Prime, CHS-74, CHS Athlete of the year, Architect, Coronado resident mainly since 1960. Wife-Debbie, Sons Tyler-30 and Todd-27. Semi-retired. Coached baseball over thirty years, Coronado Little League, Travel ball and CHS.
Sponsor: Bill Spittler
Likes: Wife and family. Most Sports especially Baseball and Football. Friendly people that are sincere. Very cold beer with iced glass. Red wine.
Dislikes: People who think they know it all. Designated hitters going into the Baseball Hall of Fame.
Hobbies: Softball, coaching baseball. Doing things with my hands.
Nicknames: Tommie, TK, TC (top cat).
John Charles: Mbr #382, MSD: 15May19, Strontium Prime, VP of Information Technology at MIT (Retired), CIO at CSU East Bay (Retired), Army LTC (Retired) -- note the pattern? I've failed retirement 3x already. Now doing consulting for higher-ed and research institutions.
Sponsor: Rick Wilcoxon
Likes: Gourmet SPAM dishes, tequila, 60's music, spending time with my bride.
Dislikes: Cruise ships.
Hobbies: Wine tasting, food and wine paring, trips to wineries, cooking outdoors.
Nicknames: John, Johnny, Magpie
Greg Anderson: Mbr #383, MSD: 15May19, Strontium Prime, I am the Owner of the Strike Force Professional Arena Football Team in San Diego! And I am proud to become a member of the IBC! I love come to the weekly Wednesday meetings Go IBC
Sponsor: Mark Blumenthal
Likes: Love Outdoor & Indoor events, long walks on the beach, Love the sunshine
Dislikes: I hate the Rain, And don't like hanging around people that don't like to have Fun
Hobbies: Hiking, Golf and Dancing
Nicknames: Andy
Other Category: I love meeting good nice people and having Fun
Ryan Brennan: Mbr #384, MSD: 15May19, Strontium Prime, Lived and worked in the crowded Bay Area of Northern California for over 18 years. I began visiting Coronado multiple times a year and thought this would be a nice place to live and work. I was ready for a change, and after a little arm twisting by Brick Nelson over a few beers decided to take a risk, get a job here, and sell my house up north. I moved here in November 2017 and have not regretted it for a day. I have made an amazing group of close friends. Never been married and no kids!
Sponsor: Amy Grasse
Likes: Drinking beer, making beer, and doing it with good friends. Did I mention beer?
Dislikes: Dishonesty and a negative attitude
Hobbies: Beer tasting, home brewing, showing off my beer belly, golf, and running (to keep that beer belly under control).
Nicknames: The Fuzz, POPO, Pig, Five O, etc.. :)
Jim Plumb: Mbr #385, MSD: 22May19, Strontium Prime, President of MDPF, INC. (Marketing, Displays, Promotions,Fulfillment)
Sponsor: Paul Plumb
Likes: IPA Beers, good-looking women with really good hearts, Golf, Great Seafood, Family and Friends.
Dislikes: Bad looking women with really bad hearts, Unfriendly people
Hobbies: Golf
Nicknames: Plumber
Other Category: As an entrepreneur; I like to invest in good companies.
Michael Byrnes: Mbr #386, MSD: 22May19, Strontium Prime, Love to brew and drink beer after bicycling.
Sponsor: Dan Orr
Likes: Bicycling, Beer, Baking, Crafts, Travel, Hiking, Coronado.
Dislikes: None
Hobbies: Same as likes.
Nicknames: None
Jeanmarie Luker: Mbr #387, MSD: 5Jun19, Strontium Prime, Single Mother of 3, Realtor, Rotarian
Sponsor: LuAnn Miller
Likes: Sunny days, Family and Friends, anything Irish!
Dislikes: cold weather, drama, negative people
Hobbies: Baking, Drinking, creating memories with friends
Nicknames: JM.
Comments: Favorite beers: Gillespie Brown Ale, Red Trolley
Chris Floom: Mbr #388, MSD: 5Jun19, Strontium Prime, Retired Marine, proudly married to LeAnne.
Sponsor: Joe Carney
Likes: Cold Beer, SoCal Weather, sarcasm
Dislikes: Long lines, warm beer.
Hobbies: Golfing, running, eating.
Nicknames: Log.

Paul Laedlein: Mbr #389, MSD: 5Jun19, Strontium Prime, Retired Naval Aviator. First tour out of flight school was NAS Imperial Beach. Survived a series of harrowing SH-2F flights with Rob Crenshaw both in the HSL-31 RAG and later maintenance test flights and shipboard quals. Convinced that I could survive anything, I served 27 years ActDu, retiring as N3 for CINCUSNAVEUR. Karen and I wisely bought our home in Coronado in 1983. Our kids were born in SoCal
Sponsor: Richard Johnson
Likes: Getting up early. Studying history, policy, strategy. Working out. Writing, volunteering with Rotary and Christ Church, photography. Staying alive and being thankful for it! I've survived cancer and a broken neck.
Dislikes: People who try to put other people into boxes.
Hobbies: Cycling, writing, reading, golf, gardening
Nicknames: None really. Paul Laedlein doesn't lend itself to a cute nickname. My squadron handle was 'Tall Paul' so maybe that's it.

Hal Friddle: Mbr #390, MSD: 15May19, Rubidium Exquisite, CHS Class of 1957. Dated Bones sister in high school. Been on an upward climb ever since. Handyman extraordinaire at the Coronado Shores. Widower on the prowl, but lacks performance on a number of levels.
Sponsor: John Morton
Likes: The lifestyle on "The Rock"; free beer of any kind; talking about the old days; my moustauche; sunny days.
Dislikes: Beer I have to pay for; hoppy beer; cloudy days; negative people; deadlines.
Hobbies: Old cars; cruising Oscar's in the 1950's
Nicknames: Geezer
Other Category: Drank beer at the IBC as a guest for 15 years
Comments: Mr. Friddle slow-rolled writing his profile so this is authored by Bones
David Gardner: Mbr #391, MSD: 19May19, Rubidium Exquisite, Executive/Entrepreneur working in high-performance DOD-based imaging for the past 30 years. Roughly 663 days, 2 hours and 15 seconds left till retirement.
Sponsor: David Ellefson
Likes: God, Family, travel, beer
Dislikes: Olives, Blue cheese, most Hollywood celebrities
Hobbies: Fixing things around the house (whether they are broken or not)
Nicknames: United Airlines Seat 7A
Adam Garson: Mbr #392, MSD: 17Aug19, Rubidium Exquisite, I moved from New Orleans to San Diego in 2005 and to Coronado in 2014. I am married with two kids (ages 4 & 7). When not drinking beer, corralling my children, or engaging in other hobbies, I run an intellectual property law firm.
Sponsor: Oz
Likes: Cold beer, smoky scotch, rock and roll, good people
Dislikes: Jerks, ALS
Hobbies: Barbecue, fishing, golf, running and cycling.
Nicknames: Garcon (in a heavy, French accent)
John Hickman: Mbr #393, MSD: 24Aug19, Rubidium Exquisite, Current Coronado resident. Former Naval Aviator (Retired Capt.). Flew with Mike Woiwode.
Sponsor: Dave Ellefson
Likes: IPA
Dislikes: Formal dress
Hobbies: Flying antique aircraft. Bucker Jungmann and Jungmeister aerobatic biplanes.
Nicknames: Bear Paw
Tim DeWitt : Mbr #394, MSD: 31Aug19, Rubidium Exquisite, Long time Coronado local, moved here from Cleveland when I was 7, have been here ever since. Can collected as a kid in the same alley that we opened Coronado Brewing Company!
Sponsor: Rob Crenshaw
Likes: Craft beer, Mexican food, pizza, travel, camping, family and friends.......
Dislikes: Olives, coconut, crap beer, rude people
Hobbies: Golf, disc golf, cornhole, craft beer tours
Nicknames: Three D, Timmay! T Dog
Jason Morgan: Mbr #395, MSD: 7Sep19,, Rubidium Exquisite, Tennessee southern boy, retired Oct 2018 from the Marines. Two amazing little boys, Gunner Stonewall, and Cannon Jackson Morgan.
Sponsor: Joe Carney
Likes: Jack and Sweet Tea, Rugby, Being a dad.
Dislikes: Taxes, People who leave their car at gas pumps after they pump gas, while others are waiting to get gas, Peeing on toilet seats, or those who do, Perpetually angry people, Long division, People who wear yoga pants when they shouldn't, MSNBC, People who drive in the fast lane, very slowly, Skinny Jeans, There are more, but I need a beer to finish the list.
Hobbies: Hanging out in back allies drinking beer with guys who are telling stories that may or may not have happened.
Nicknames: J will do.
Peter Occhipinti: Mbr #396, MSD: 23Oct19, Rubidium Exquisite, Retired police sergeant from Westchester County, NY. Won the lottery when we moved to Coronado in 2018. Married to Yvonne for 30 years. Father of three daughters, Lauren, Caitlin, and Julia.
Sponsor: Joe Carney
Likes: Morning and evening walks on the boardwalk and around the village with Yvonne. Love to laugh and keep things lite. Listening to classic rock. Soaking in the beach lifestyle. Always wearing shorts. NY Yankees.
Dislikes: Really hot and very cold weather. Blue cheese. People with poor gym etiquette. Loud talkers. Stupid commercials. Folks who don’t get my NY sense of humor.
Hobbies: Walking and exercising. PAWS volunteer. Reading. Playing the guitar. Photography.
Nicknames: Pete
Curtis Shaub: Mbr #397, MSD: 20Nov19, Rubidium Exquisite, Retired 30-year Navy Helicopter Pilot
Sponsor: Craig Goodman
Likes: music from the 60s & 70s, holding hands, The Vineyard, my garage, euchre, laughing (especially at old Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts), being with good friends, moderation
Dislikes: red beets, moderation
Hobbies: travel, 62 Chevy Impala SS, golf, tennis, pickleball, wet or dry RV glamping,
Nicknames: Interruptis
Other Category: Loves: wife Kate and our 2 children, mom
Thomas Ulmer: Mbr #398, MSD: 20Nov19, Rubidium Exquisite, Distinguished Alumni of Penn State, Naval Officer, Surface Warfare Officer, husband, father, brewer, world traveler, Disney aficionado, ship captain, and fun lover.
Sponsor: Wes McCann
Likes: My wonderful wife and 2 beautiful daughters, travel, Disney, Penn State, college football, cold beer, beach life, music (especially '80s rock and country.- I know, they don't mix), good wine, grilling, Phillies and Eagles, sports in general, and enjoying good times with friends and family.
Dislikes: Ohio State, stupid drivers, people who don't try, stupidity - there is a difference between not knowing and choosing not to do the right thing.
Hobbies: Family, brewing, camping, running, grilling, SCUBA, travel, driving ships, living life to the fullest.
Nicknames: Blondie, Raider 9, Humanitarian Tom
Kristina Wagner Cook: Mbr #399, MSD: 20Nov19, Rubidium Exquisite, Type B- personality trapped in Type A shell. Work for Coronado Historical Foundation. CUSD and CSF Board Member.
AZ Wildcat BS, (no, really it is a Bachelor of Science): Thunderbird MBA ;
Swimmer, recovering triathlete, aspiring surfer, water fight instigator, Roots in ME, AK, NV; Mother to a cool little 9 yr old Nerf Gun Oriented boy, Can get ready in 10 min (camped a lot) and proud of it
Sponsor: Alan Kinzel
Likes: IPAs, Hazies, Margaritas, Swimming, Running, Anything Related to Music Baby Yoda, The Geiko Woodchucks, Honest People
Dislikes: Shoes, Cowards, Name Droppers, Sleep Deprivation, Lifetime Miniseries, People who squash my dreams and Chilidogs.
Hobbies: Swimming, Exploring Nature, Eating Cookies, audio education of son's Mindcraft adventures, meeting new people.
Nicknames: Kristi, Kris, Byrnita
Faye Sexton: Mbr #400, MSD: 23Nov19, Rubidium Prime, I became a nurse because I had no patience or patients. I care about all IBC members, and for a many, I care for them on Sharp Coronado's Med/Surg Ward as a Lead & Charge Nurse.
Sponsor: John, Kitty & Tim Sexton
Likes: paddle boarding, biking, hiking with my Weimaraners
Dislikes: needles into me (but I am the IV Queen for patients)
Hobbies: making jewelry
Nicknames: The IV Queen
Mark O'Brien: Mbr #401, MSD: 4Dec19, Rubidium Prime, Transplanted to Coronado from Milwaukee, WI after a brief 15-year layover in downtown San Diego. Husband, son, brother, realtor, gregarious guy.
Sponsor: Evan Piritz
Likes: Outdoor drinking with good company, Thin-crust Pizza.
Dislikes: The Chicago Bears
Hobbies: The Green Bay Packers, Rock Concerts
Nicknames: M-O-B
Jaime Bea: Mbr #402, MSD: 4Dec19, Rubidium Prime, Coach, high school teacher, developer, realtor, rower(2010 Masters World Rowing Champion Single Scull, fine husband, father of two eagle scouts and a great friend.
Sponsor: John Garrett
Likes: Family, friends(mostly rowing teammates who I go to battle with), Basque country, Serbia, history, spontaneous humor, intelligent conversation, reading, traveling and winning.
Dislikes: losers
Hobbies: Rowing
Nicknames: Jaimito, Jaimillo, Buster Hymen
Paul Piepenkotter: Mbr #403, MSD: 11Dec19, Rubidium Prime, A guy from Coronado who was fortunate enough to be invited to drink some beer by a couple of cool cats. The Blumenthal brothers.
Sponsor: Mark and Steve Blumenthal
Likes: God, Family, Freedom, Friends learning, sharing
Dislikes: Brussel sprouts.
Hobbies: Fishing, sailing, sports
Nicknames: Pablo
Sharon Scott: Mbr #404, MSD: 11 Dec 19, Rubidium Prime, Writer, socially irreverent, southern California native. I have been a sign language interpreter, ran a foodie website, and worked in animation on Saturday morning cartoons (when those were still around$. Now, as a freelance writer, I work in comic books, videogames, film, and most recently, mystery novels. I love good food and a great beverage to accompany it.
Sponsor: Ed Weisbrod
Likes: Slowing down. Good company and conversation. Laughs. Single malt whiskey. Fire pit.
Dislikes: Tofu. Close-minded conversation.
Hobbies: Film. Character and story analysis. Books. Cooking.
Nicknames: Dirty Old Man
John Rinko: Mbr #405, MSD: 11 Dec 19, Rubidium Prime, Western N.Y. snowbelt transplant. NROTC - Union College, N.Y. - EE. Retired Navy (Surface Nuke). Wife Anne; 2 boys - Jack & Tristan. Member since 2019 - freeloader since 2009!
Sponsor: Craig Goodman
Likes: Buffalo Bills, red wine, cold beer, good cigar, karaoke, time with family.
Dislikes: Tourists. Going eastbound over the bridge!
Hobbies: Sports, golfing, traveling, drinking!
Nicknames: Callsign is TOG.
Michael Pappard: Mbr #406, MSD: 25 Dec 19, Rubidium Prime, Husband to the most wonderful women in the world. (In case my wife ever reads this) Also the proud father of two of the most beautiful and intelligent children I have ever seen. (I say this as I know they will be the ones selecting my retirement home in the near future) Former Aviator/current Business Owner
Sponsor: David Ellefson
Likes: Watching my kids develop into very responsible adults and enjoying life to the fullest. Spending time with my wife on the rode to a new adventure. Walking my lab "Brody" to the Cays dog park
Dislikes: Waking up to find myself in an environment that I do not recognize, then discovering its my own house....Senior moments
Hobbies: Spending time with watching political commentary and the news. (Now you know the reason for me wanting to join the Island Beer Club)
Nicknames: Hannibal
Colt Lewin: Mbr #407, MSD: 8 Jan 20, Rubidium Prime, Transplant from Connecticut, Navy veteran, teacher, lifelong learner, loving husband, helping people challenge the depths of their mental fortitude!
Sponsor: Tom Latona-#181
Likes: Bucky, mountain sports, High Tide pizza, outdoors, nice teeth, hockey, family, friends, cigars, beer, education, music, money, beach cruisin' with my beautiful wife, C-town.
Dislikes: Sun burn, ambiguities, excuses, flat bike tires, half-cooked eggplant, people holding their knives like pencils, people who don't know the difference between dialogue and debate.
Hobbies: Mountain biking, hiking, surfing, beach cruisin', creating stuff, reading, helping people, volunteering.
Nicknames: Coltoff, Colt 45, C, fckn Millennial
Joe Callihan Joe Callahan: HMS: 18 Jun 08,
Tom Carlin: HMS: 9 Jul 08,
Steve Komlo Steve Komlo: HMS: 13 Sep 08,
Juan Pablo: HMS 30 Sep 09, International Honorary, Santiago, Chile. Co-Founder of the IBC affiliate beer club in Chile, established 13 Nov 09.
Carrie Lingo: Mbr #134, MS: 14 Sep 11, HMS 27 Jan 10, U.S. 2010 Women's Field Hockey Team,
Jessie Gey: HMS 27 Jan 10, U.S. 2010 Women's Field Hockey Team,
Lauren Crandall: HMS 27 Jan 10, U.S. 2010 Women's Field Hockey Team, CAPT U.S. 2012 Women's Olympic Field Hockey Team,
Sara Silvette: HMS 27 Jan 10, U.S. 2010 Women's Field Hockey Team,
Jean Collaton: HMS 18 Apr 12, DOPS: 23 Apr 17, Born in the mining town of Broken Hill, Australia in 1916. Retired school teacher. Moved to the "Rock" in 2011, so I could spend more time with my daughter, son in law (Brian Scott Mbr# 129) and grandson.
Likes: All the adventures that life has to offer on a daily basis. My favorite beer here is Coronado Golden Ale. (although a stiff gin and tonic can be substituted)
Dislikes: I Try not to think of them.
Worries: An empty keg with no backup plan. (Metaphorically speaking)
Hobbies: I love canvas painting, reading, travel, exercise and of course, a daily libation to help keep my cholesterol in check. That's my story, I'm sticking to it.
Nicknames: Aussie, Eveready Bunny
My Motto: Live each day to its fullest, with excitement as to what the next day offers. It's almost always afternoon in either Australia or the US.

Aubrie Hill: HMS 16 May 12, Student at the University of Oklahoma studying Mechanical Engineering.
Likes: Good beer and good company, my family, my Sooners, the Thunder and of course Coronado.
Dislikes: Warm beer
Hobbies: Photography, Lacrosse and reading.
Nicknames: Aub, Aubs, Aubdawg
Ed Quigley: HMS 4 Jul 12,
Susan Wilkens: HMS 5 Jun 19,
Van Phillips: In Memorium,
Mike Sullivan: In Memorium
  Bob Lewis: In Memorium
  Rich Diabeti: In Memorium
  John Quigley: In Memorium
Seth Morton

Seth Morton: Apprentice, AS: 28 Jun 06, Grandson, Son, Da-Da, Ma-Ma.
Likes: All beer, snacks and candy provided by the IBC. (Don't tell my Mom).
Dislikes: Slow diaper changes after IBC meetings, baby food.
Nicknames: Sumo Seth, Bug

Walker Muncy: Apprentice, AS: 6 Aug 08.
John Muncy: Apprentice, AS: 6 Aug 08.
Parker Moxley Dawson: Apprentice, AS: 21 May 14, Son of Derek Dawson. Born on 04/14/2014 at 4:14pm.
Sponsor: Derek Dawson #54
Likes: Milk, Sleep, Music, and that shiny glass in my Dad's hand.
Dislikes: The Oakland Raiders
Hobbies: Breast feeding, sleeping, crying a little.
Nicknames: The Mox, P Mox, Parkie
Casey: DOPS: 12-Feb-09, Mascot, Nine yr old chocolate lab, diabetic, attended every IBC meeting.
Likes: food, more food, and even more food; people
Dislikes: other dogs, cats, Coors Light
Nicknames: Cujo, Casadia
Lilly: Mascot, MCS: 24 Aug 05, six yrs old (Pat's best guess) and going on sixty yrs of experiance.
Likes: People, especially those that feed and pet me.
Dislikes: Dogs and, of course, cats.
Nickname: Pat calls me Silly Lilly
Duchess: Mascot, MCS: 1 Apr 09, Tall and leggy (Harlequin Great Dane)
Likes: Peanut butter-filled pretzels, long walks with Sarah, romance novels
Dislikes: Being ignored, competitive ballroom dancing
Hobbies: macramé, corresponding with inmates
Nicknames: The Dutch (in honor of Ronald Reagan)
Other Category (favorite quote): “A man in the house is worth two in the street.” – Mae West
Charlie: Mascot, MCS: 1 Apr 09, Short and Scrappy (Terrier mix)
Likes: Tummy rubs, lying on the front porch, eating spent brewing grains
Dislikes: Toddlers, Coors Light
Hobbies: Offshore gambling, Mexican Cock Fighting
Nicknames: The Chunk
Other Category (favorite quote): I never trust a man that doesn’t drink.” – John Wayne
Tuesday: Mascot, MCS: 7 Feb 10,
Gordy: Mascot, MCS: 13 Jun 10,

Baxter: Mascot, MCS: 1 Dec 10, Little chihuahua boy, loves football & beer.
Likes: Chasing leaves, rawhide, puppy treats, bacon, beer, Chargers & Padres.
Dislikes: cats.
Hobbies: Chasing leaves, long walks, bike rides.
Nicknames: Bax, Bax-tard, Baxinator, LeBax, Pupper.

Bailey: Mascot, MCS: 18 May 17, One year old chocolate lab who loves to clean up various pretzels, peanuts, and other snacks dropped by the patrons of IBC.
Sponsor: Rod Neilson
Likes: Beach swims, chasing other dogs, raw hide cheweys, sliding between peoples legs.
Dislikes: Mean dogs, rainy days, visits to the vet.
Hobbies: Chasing balls at the beach and visiting everyone at IBC
Nicknames: Bailey
Other Category: Mascot